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ThreeZero ROBOTECH (Macross) Toys


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It seems like the well known figure/toy company acquired the Robotech (Macross) license via Harmony Gold/Funimation.

While I don't want to give any money to HG, Threezero is established toy company making a bunch of Transformer figures and other Anime figures.

Something to keep an eye out for....

Probably it's gonna be non-transform action figure type



Their website

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18 hours ago, CoryHolmes said:

So this means that KidzConcept are no longer producing toys?  Or do these guys do different types of toys?

Last I was told was that they were in the middle of trying to secure their own manufacturing facility...I guess they have been having a hard time securing commitments from the manufacturers they have been using....as a result, most, if not all, planned releases have been pushed back....not sure if anything has changed, this is info I was told about 2 months ago when I was inquiring about the GBP Armor release for December and whether they had made any progress on their SDF-1 TV.....things are basically on hold for now....I hope they can make it through these disruptions because they were on their way to some decent improvements on their 1/72 VF-1 line and some cool figure releases

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I hope it's the whole Robotech they work on and not just Macross. Let them not do what other companies do and we barely get any thing from the other two series. I've never purchased anything from ThreeZero but I've seen their products. So I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Robotech. But like I've mentioned around here, I prefer Southern Cross and New Generation over Macross Saga.

I also hope that whatever or whoever caused Prime 1 to make barely passable Robotech statues doesn't influence ThreeZero.

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they make good non transforming toys....so why not ZENTRAN and ZENTRAN/MELTRAN mecaha?!!  err.... Zentradi soldiers and mechs in Robotech speak!  looks like they will do a Vf-1J first?  could be cool but man.....if you make non transforming toys, make a model that doesn' t need to transform!!  i for one think a 1/60 battlepod or glaug would ROCK and ALSO be compatible with arcadia stuff.  hell go all out and makea  1/49 glaug to pair with  a bandai DX Chogokin Vf-1J for that iconic battle.  i mean sure a 1/36 or so sized Vf-1J is cool but i'll always wish it could transform.

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I would have preferred them sticking with/doing a non-transformable figure. Though this might be a good work around for people that can't get Bandai DX figures. I agree with the above posts that doing Zentraeadi figures would have been a better decision. A 1/72 Regult with Threezero's paint work would be amazing to see.

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From ThreeZero:



For most kids who grew up in the 80s, “Robotech” was a household name. The story starts with an alien battle fortress that has crashed on an island in the South Pacific. Mankind repairs and refits it by using the advanced “Robotechnology.” Once the repaired fortress is ready to launch, the aliens who seek it discover its location. Hence, a series of wars between mankind and alien invaders is about to begin…  

Long under development with Funimation and announced last month at the SDCC 2021 Special Edition Harmony Gold panel, threezero is thrilled to reveal more information about the upcoming ROBO-DOU series of projects based on mecha from the classic “Robotech” anime series, which is now available on Blu-ray and to stream from Funimation.  

threezero’s ROBO-DOU series has redefined robot and mecha action figures with its advanced die-cast zinc alloy interior structure and high-value materials to offer a product with high range of articulation, satisfying weight, and tactile playability!  

The first release in our Robotech series will be Rick Hunter’s classic white 1:72 VF-1J Veritech! The highly-detailed design will capture the appearance as seen in the original television anime series with an extremely high attention to detail that threezero is known for. The ROBO-DOU VF-1J stands approximately 20cm (7.8”) tall and can be fully transformed between the three modes: Fighter mode, Battloid mode, and Guardian mode. Accessories will include multiple interchangeable hands as well as a GunPod and missiles.  

With our specialized engineering, ROBO-DOU Robotech figures will be presented with the same ultra-rigid structure that ensures stable posing experience and our signature detailed paint application that threezero is known for.  

This collectible is a must-have display for all Robotech fans!  

*Product is available worldwide – excluding: Japan and the Crimea Region of Ukraine


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I love the original SDFM TV series and the old school anime/art, but I hope they are not being literal in this statement....

"The highly-detailed design will capture the appearance as seen in the original television anime series"

I do not really care much for "highly stylized" toy/model representations of the VF-1....like some of the Kids Logic, Toynami, etc. stuff 






Additionally....I will probably get the first version and then decide what is better between it and the Kitz Concept 1/72 VF-1....cost will probably play an important factor....guessing this will probably be more expensive than the Kitz Concept 1/72 VF-1

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The ThreeZero 1/72 VF-1 must have all of the gimmicks the Kitz Concept 1/72 VF-1 has...as a starting point...

In particular, it should have the same amount of articulation, which essentially is that of a Bandai DX...to be honest, it really should go further, otherwise, what's the point? 

Personally, I think they missed an opportunity to simply go bigger....they should have went with the Bandai 1/35 scaled VF-1 that teased a few years back...if not larger...at that scale it could have easily housed the "magic hands" and other never-before-attempted gimmicks at the standard scales we are used to...or maybe they should have just made a fully transformable 1/3000 TV SDF-1...

Still, I'm looking forward to the first pics and just see where it goes...

At least we can safely say the sculpt can't be any worse than a vintage Takatoku Henkei or vinyl toy....although based on some of the anime sequences these can be considered more "anime" accurate!






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Yeah sculpt-wise, after years of iteration, Yamcadia v2 and Bandai's Chogokin are already pretty much perfect for both fighter & battroid mode. A more stylized interpretation on either one mode now, means the other mode will suffer. At this, point improvements can only be made on gimmicks, details and durability.

It's great that a transforming VF-1 toy is now available in many scales. Personally, the appeal of 1/72 VF-1 or other Macross jets, is that this is the prominent scale for real world fighter aircraft models, & I like the idea of mixing both real world and real world-derived fantasy jets together. Otherwise, if its just Macross stuff alone, the other scales already suffice. 

I like ThreeZero Robo-Dou stuff. From their couple of Patlabor figures I have, they are well built items, somewhat equivalent to Bandai Metal Builds but at a lower price point: great value. 

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