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  1. I suspect somehow that that "lemon" was actually malicious compliance on Starfleet's part, after Kirk practically got off scott-free from disobeying orders and stealing the original Refit-E.
  2. I would imagine at some point, the size of ships even in space are going to start presenting structural integrity issues; I wonder if any of the energy is being shunted to an SIF/IDF system? I would think that firing all 8 of them at once would probably be fairly detrimental to all parties involved. I would think that this would make it a bit harder to "kill" those ships, as a "lucky shot" isn't as likely to take out a key system ship-wide.
  3. I know I've been quiet here since I finished my last couple of projects; let me show you what's currently going on... I've been working on the 1/72 Hasegawa Armored Valkyrie kit, and while working, got an idea for a concept I'm not sure anyone has done before. Introducing the GBP-1LDU (Lunar Defense Unit); code name: Major Tom- This unit is intended to operate from the lunar surface/ medium lunar orbit. In addition to the standard loadout, it also comes equipped with dual-phase flat plane vernier thrusters (for added maneuverability), thermal coating and heat ablative blanketing in sensitive areas (operating in direct sun for extended periods), UV/ solar glare reflective gold tint coating on optics and canopy (to prevent burnout of targeting optics/ scanners and blinding of operator), two "Artemis' Hammer" reaction-warhead missiles and two RMS-1 Heavy Reaction Missiles (both rail- mounted to propulsion units on back). Note: this is a work in progress (WIP), and as such, is still somewhat rough and missing some details. More to be added as I go. Stay tuned...
  4. All three sound like utter crap mode to me. Definitely a glaring hole, and on a planet that makes that term rather unfortunate... So they were basically driving the mecha version of a Ford Pinto around on space-age Siberia... Perhaps instead of those idiotic winged helmets, they should have simple dunce caps. The Logan: a heartfelt memorial to the long-distant memory of mankind's past...where being an absolute piece of $#!t could still make you famous. Okay Seto...back away from the man-sized microwave slowly...
  5. Checking my notes, the info apparently comes from Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise ( Also mentions Ti-Ho). Last I checked, memory alpha says it's official, but not sure now just how canon much of it is. *goes into corner and sips chocolate shake*
  6. Actually, Fletcher commanded Yorktown and Task Force 17; Spruance commanded Task Force 16, which had Enterprise and Hornet. And while Fletcher may have nominally been in charge overall due to seniority, when Yorktown was struck at Midway, he transferred his flag to the cruiser Astoria and Spruance became tactically in charge of the US Naval forces at Midway. Now as to TOS Trek: for Enterprise in the TOS, she was never considered a "flagship"; her fame (as preciously pointed out), came when she alone survived out of the original 12 Connies that were launched. It was after the exploits of Kirk that Starfleet (and the Federation) began putting emphasis on the name Enterprise as the pride of the fleet.
  7. That would have been Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance; normally, it would have been Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, but he had a severe health issue and Spruance was picked to replace him. In WWII, Enterprise's reputation preceded her and she was known as "The Grey Ghost" (due to the fact that on three separate occasions during the war, the Japanese announced that she had been sunk in battle, only to find out the hard way later on that she wasn't).
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