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  1. Seriously, Frontier was scored by Kanno (and lyrics as Seto mentioned), and Delta wasn't a slouch either. Not to mention that while Kanno has had quite the impact on the OST's shes done, she's not the only game in town.
  2. Thanks! BTW, you mean this: Or this: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7tmbf3
  3. ROFL!!! LOVE THIS!!! BTW: anyone see the VF-1A "Angel Bird" eating ramen at 1:57?
  4. Not going to bother with the rest of these; whoever wrote them needs to lose their job(s).
  5. I see what you mean (after looking at a few other things); I still think maybe the visor is the wrong size too. But that head is definitely off.
  6. 1) I think the visor is too small compared to the rest of the head. Also, there's too much space between the visor and the "mouth" area, which is throwing it off for me. 2) Yeah; they're about 10% too big. 3) Yeah...that's gotta suck. 4) Agreed; that could be remedied by an alcohol "wipe", but why should you have to risk the paint job just to compensate for their idiocy? 5) Right? I particularly notice the ones at the top of the chest; no call for that being so unweildly. 6) Well, if ya toss the box and just tell folks it's Macross, I'm sure you, I and the mech won't say a word! And yeah: it does make me wonder what they'll do with the 1S.
  7. I'm finally calling this one finished. I got the replacement plane painted and glued in; time to move on...
  8. Smart call; why pay more to get a set of strike/ super armor when you can get the entire package for one price?
  9. This is why I end up rebuilding stuff like the Matchbox SDF-1; if I actually want to own it before I'm in a nursing home, I'll have to make it myself. As for this one they claim they're going to come out with; I think we'll be sitting here saying the same things this time next year as well.
  10. They must do a detailed study of the most unpopular features of the VF-1 model kits from the past, and then incorporate all the worst ideas.
  11. *Takes notes* Thank you gentlemen; this really helps!
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