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  1. Not to mention that being composed of trillions and trillions of more cells than a miclone, there are more cell walls to deal with that add to the overall durability of a Zentraedi soldier. Combine that with the increased durability and they are a considerable threat to a Battroid.
  2. Sure...just as soon as I can afford something other than a cheap point and shoot digicam from the thrift store for 5 bucks (about 1MP). Also working with photoshop from the 1990's, so I'm lucky I can get it to do what it does now. Anyways; since the pic apparently doesn't meet your criteria, it has been deleted from both my psot and my pc. I won't be putting any artwork back up soon. And since this topic is yours, perhaps I should just avoid it from now on...
  3. While I'm not a mod, I would recommend at least putting a couple of spoiler tags on it with some advance warning, like "WARNING: NSFW. VIEWER'S DISCRETION ADVISED".
  4. Okay... And the second one: Well... On another note: I can relate to the "emergency home repairs" thing: about 2-3 weeks ago, a pipe for pour upstairs neighbor started leaking like crazy through the ceiling into the bathroom and also into my closet. Several scratchbuilt models were lost; no insurance and landlord/property manager could care less. Irreplaceable stuff, one of a kind built by me. As for the audio on the movie: sounds like they ran out of "give a crap" about the audio.
  5. Hmmm... Hayao Kakizaki would fly circles around this bunch. Seto... they don't make a geiger counter that could measure that kind of radiation without melting....
  6. Good point; I hadn't considered that the arms block the wing root in GERWALK mode.
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