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  1. After: The new Armory/ Practice facility: Just need a second lift/ elevator so they can actually get to the landing pad above it! All the Autobots I have at this point : And progress on Skywarp: Stay tuned, folks...
  2. Nothing like made-to order work to suit your projects.
  3. Or it's an actual thermometer designed to measure the pizza's optimum temperature for delivery.
  4. Understood; just wanted to postulate a few possibilities I was thinking of in the meantime. Could also be the proprietor of the fast-food restaurant aboard the parent ship.
  5. I've been thinking about this one since I ran into his name being used on a VF; been doing some thinking on that. Parmenides had a few views that the makers of this fighter could have seized upon: 1) That Parmenides believed there was a difference between appearance and reality, and that we were mistaken about "the everyday perception of the real world". 2) That he postulated "the void" could not exist, since it was nothing and nothing cannot exist. 3) That (as you previously mentioned), something cannot come from nothing. Being that this is Macross, to attach that name onto a VF tells me that there is something about this particular VF variant that either: 1) Appears differently than it actually is; 2) Has a weapon/ feature that functions somehow based upon a theory that there is something in space and it uses it in some way to either power said weapon/ feature or employ it somehow using it; 3) Prevents craft/ vessels from folding/ interferes with anything using a fold system (fold reheat, fold carbon, etc.), i.e. "something cannot come from nothing" (a craft coming out of fold would be "coming from nothing" in one sense). Those are my guesses; I'm probably way off the mark here, but given the use of this name, i did a little digging around (yes, Wikipedia was involved as well as Pepsi :D).
  6. Yeah, this guy pretty much cut the rope that was his very lifeline when he tried to defend vermin. Moral of this story: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  7. Not just yet: permatex plastic welder can repair it and put Voltron back in the game.
  8. I just hope there's no "stoner humor" in it...
  9. *waits quietly for 3d printed cheeseburger from scan*
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