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  1. The older Bandai 1/72 kits do need work. The new Bandai 1/72 kits... good grief.
  2. Please, by all means! That original stand is nobody's friend, and it's hella weak! o.o And admittedly, I got the stand idea from you when you mounted the E-A on that board! So, let me return the favor! Here is the graphic I used, in case you need it; I also did the "A" version in case you need it for the other one:
  3. Well, BW now being able to do the release would be (at least IMO) impetus for them to consider doing a new animated series for SFDM. Update the story a little bit (tech, terms and whatnot, maybe push the timeline a bit into the future like 2099 instead of 1999 for the launch of the SDF-1) and tailor the dialogue so english and Japanese dubs would work.
  4. UPDATE: Got the stand built for the 1/537 Refit- The stand is a solid metal rod that runs from the bottom of the base (wooden board), all the way to the upper inside of the impulse crystal on the saucer. The rod is fixed in place on the board with a generous helping of Plastic Welder, covered with a styrene tube to disguise it as well as reinforce the connection. Also too the opportunity to make the stand into a "display" (just need some acetate for the "screen": The stand is strong enough that I can safely set a full Pepsi can on the saucer, bump the table, and the
  5. There was a "co-ed" locker room scene in Robocop near the beginning, when Murphy is gearing up and Sgt. Reid has to come take down Fredrickson's name tag from the locker (around 1:23 to 1:28): (note: video not particularly safe for work; put it into spoiler)-
  6. Well, if you think about it: gravity would be pulling on those guns and the actuators/ motors to aim them would be under constant strain to keep them pointed forward. Perhaps the artist felt that the captain would order them pointing down to relieve undue stress on those motors.
  7. Okay...don't say I didn't warn you guys; There you go.
  8. looks like the "blah" is working fine so far, Shawn!
  9. First post in the Workbench since the migration!
  10. You may want to replace those pegs with either a stronger styrene or possibly ABS.
  11. *raises hand sheepishly* To be honest though, if MK:A had a better Shao Khan, it might not have sucked quite so badly...
  12. Now I have to do a base for my ship; thanks derex!
  13. Too bad Hasegawa wouldn't consider doing some models from Macross II; I think either of the VF-2 versions, the Metal Siren, and definitely some of the enemy mecha along with ships from both sides.
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