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  1. Actar

    Macross figures

    I am so displaying them together with my K-ON! figures!
  2. Actar

    Macross figures

    I think the term "scale figures" commonly refers to non-poseable completed PVC statues ala the ones from Megahouse, Alter, Kotobukiya, Wave, GSC, etc...
  3. Actar

    Macross figures

    FINALLY! I can replace my trading figure versions! Here's hoping they release more pilot figures like Isamu and Guld, though that's highly unlikely...
  4. I'd like to sell today my Arcadia YF-19. While I'd love to hang on to this guy, I just don't have the space for him anymore. Used primarily for display in fighter mode, the figure is in excellent condition with hardly any wear. All accessories included and the sticker sheet is unused. Price: $200 Worldwide shipping available at $50 due to the size and weight. Tracking number will be included! Don't hesitate to send me a message if you're interested!
  5. Thanks a ton!
  6. Looks like the 1D is still available on P-Bandai? What's the cheapest way to get one?
  7. Is there any way to get the head in closer to the underside of the plane? Unlike the 1J, those head lasers seem to stick out much further.
  8. Does anyone feel like the Skull Squadron emblem on the heatshield is slightly off center? Is it supposed to be like this?
  9. Phew! Arrived safe and sound from Okini!
  10. Thanks so much for all the replies, guys. I placed my order on the 30th of November and Okini still hasn't shipped out my VF-1S yet... Is it because I chose DHL?
  11. Does anyone know how long Okini Land takes to ship?
  12. I'm actually considering selling off my 1J to kinda offset the cost. Anyone interested? (^.^')
  13. Meh, just said screw it and went for it. Good to just get it out of the way and not have to think about it. Especially if it will double in price later on down the line.
  14. Oh wow. Fighting and crying over preorders feel like only yesterday... is there any way I can get this now for a decent price?
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