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  1. Got this from Aliexpress. I was purchasing some rechargeables and they advertised „no shipping fees“ if I purchased something else for at least 2€. was a quick Build. faster than I thought . fully poseable
  2. Do you plan on re-releasing the files somewhere else?
  3. https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-171ex-armored-nightmare-plus-alto-s-wavmc-076
  4. It‘s a slight orange red tone.
  5. Yeah, the decals are rather allergic to tamiya mark setter strong. :S Not sure if I have the right red tone to fix it or the muse to actually fix it haha
  6. Finished Plamax VF-1 fighter and Battroid.
  7. It‘s a clear part. There is a decal for the blue on the decal sheet, but I painted it with revell clear blue. edit: and done
  8. @Big s yeah! Just look at the pics below. I think the kit is satisfying to build. Stuff just fits, sometimes a bit loose but nothing that would make one angry. @MechTech oh you have no idea… so many parts… I‘m not done yet. Option parts as well. Panels, hands … picture time! First time for me to use PLAMAX decals. They get loosened really quickly, even in cold water. And with a little mark setter they wrap around any shape. the red dome is done by a decal wrapped around the dome. the other leg and the gun pod will be taken care off tomorrow. Really a nice kit so far.
  9. Workbench time! the kid and I are building the plamax VF-1J today. it‘ll be a GUNPLA style build. Little color, heavy panel lining maximum fun
  10. Muhahaha got mine today. I like that they have Hasegawa format
  11. 14 years later ... hahahaha, but good thing you didn't quit on it, like I did with my SV-51 Nora, after I lost a piece while moving.
  12. I have so much glue ... I plan to GUNPLA this thing. Dissolving some sprues in tamiya glue to fill gaps and then sand the thing and then only decals and panel lining The only thing to receive color will be the clear parts.
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