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  1. Aww man, I didn’t mean to disencourage you. Feel free to post as much as you like. I started off with a 0.3MP cam and a super old photoshop version as well. I just wanted to give some advice. I apologise
  2. Hasegawa, Max Factory and Bandai have 1/72 VF-1s Wave and Bandai have 1/100 VF-1s Hasegawa and Bandai both have 1/72 VF-25s, VF-31s and SV-262s. What I am saying is, it depends on what the License holder would allow.
  3. Erm ... that is not how things work, else we wouldn't have that much 1/72 F-14s out there. You go to the license holder and request specifically what you want to do. So Bandai basically talked to big west about making a 1/100 YF-19 kit and big west said "okay, pay this and this much, and you are offically allowed to do it". When it comes to Bootleg kits, you can recreate the likeliness of something, but are not allowed to lable it with the franchise names etc., at least that is how I remember it being in the past. Specifically in Germany, they came up with a "3D Copyright", making it impossible for anyone in Germany to create kits like this.
  4. Nice! Just a small protip for photoshops. Make sure to adjust the background to the same pixel density and ISO before merging. Focus is also important. For example on this picture the bow is clearly out of focus, and the hulk is in focus. The stern is out of focus again, so anything in the background should be out of focus as well. Compositing shots is not easy, specifically with miniatures. You'd want to get a macro lens in case you use a DSLR or SLR. If not, you can take the picture from a bit farther away. You just need to make sure you digi cam has enough MP.
  5. @pengbuzz Oh man ... I am sorry for everything that happened to your collection there. Good luck with everything and let's hope this stupid inflation will regulate soon. In Germany, prices for food go up like crazy, but I haven't seen any price surges in the hobby sector yet. Just when importing stuff, things get expensive due to EUR vs USD. The EUR lost some value over the past months. So, importing stuff from Japan will be expensive for me. At least I still have an impressive stash to work through and several 3D modelling projects on my hands to keep me busy.
  6. While working on the VF-9 today, I found another issue that I have to deal with. That canopy is not rounded at the front, but has edges ... I am unhappy and need to rework this again, but I don't feel like doing that today.
  7. I am confused, you probably wanted to quote someone else
  8. If you are expecting a VF-9 test print, I don't have one. The test print is just a small rounded block, with panel lines and holes with varying hull thickness.
  9. A 1:1 VF-1 made from duct tape and cardboard?
  10. well, it might be due to perspective but the canopy aligns with line art. The render is not orthographic, but has perspective and is slightly tilted from up to down as well. only the nose needs a bit more tweaking here and there. Edit: forgot about the panel line thing. What do you mean with a V-shaped cross section? I think I understood what you mean, but the model is not going to be 1:1 scale, but specifically designed for 1/72. I did some test prints for panel lines with a friend, and doing them like an edged U has given the best results so far.
  11. @electric indigo Adjusted the nose and canopy. Does this look better? Let me hear your thoughts This time I joined the nose and the head piece into one mesh and will put the seperation as a baked panel line later on. I think it will give the model a smoother look in the end. First render: The old (new one from yesterday) nose Second render: The new one from today, no panel lines yet.
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