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  1. Well - for the VF-X they need to change the mold drastically. I mean, they need to update the panel line design, as the VF-X to VF-1 panel lines are super different. There need to be new molds as well, for the arms. The VF-X had no arms. VF-X VF-1
  2. @MechTechSo far it is non-scale. Just a little 3D VF-1 study to practice some modelling skills. Nothing specific planned yet. I still have to finish my 1/72 VF-9 Cutlass. That is still on my desk. Not sure if I was posting this here already but here you go. Some VF-9 renders.
  3. Did a little 4 hour practice today, and decided to do the VF-1. Yes - just another 3d modelled VF-1, but this time I did the VF-1P (which not to many people have done yet). I used line art from the Variable Master File for the VF-1 to make this. and a quick projection mapped render.
  4. I was building this over the past weeks, as a present for the fiancé of my wifes sister (not sure if there is a proper term for that relationship in a family). He really likes One Piece and didn’t want to purchase the 300 bucks Going Merry. So I got the bandai kit for cheap and smashed it together rather unprofessional. Still looks better than the 300 bucks version. priming the crew pre-shading the ship. first airbrush stage done heavy masking tape job for white parts. color was a bit to thin and went under the masking. Had to fix that later. the finished crew. My index finger next to them for size comparison. the finished ship. I liked the kit. It was fitting really well and was a pleasure to build. 100% recommended for any One Piece fan. wasn’t my best build though, as I was a bit under time pressure to get it done until his birthday.
  5. FA-37 Talon from the movie stealth (which was basically a Macross Plus Rip-Off)
  6. Yeah, no worries. I just wanted to have better pictures of the kit
  7. Pictures please, if you don't mind. I am interested how it looks
  8. Thanks - will take some year until I get to it. First, it'll move to the basement to my large model kit collection.
  9. Got something new in the mail box today
  10. Oh I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for the background information!
  11. Hey everyone, I was browsing the internet last night in search for news on Macross kits and found this: https://www.shop2000.com.tw/GK-M/product/p17157810 Looks like someone kitbashed and scratch build a YF-29 from the bandai VF-25 and VF-27 and made it a mostly resin kit.
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