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  1. I dunno - I have sausage fingers as well and build four VF-1s from Hasegawa already. They were a pleasure to build. Only thing I noticed is the mold degration over time. My First VF-1 was build somewhen 2003-2004ish (but originally purchased in 2001) when the molds were still new. My latest build was from a VF-1A/J/S (2005 rebox, purchased in 2013) around 2016ish. The parts were a bit distorted, the panel lines less accentuated and I had to sand a bit more here and there compared to my 2001 VF-1 purchase. Do you remember (love?) when your kit was issued/purchased? Maybe you got one of the bad
  2. Oooh Nice! What kind of chassis is that? Looks like one of those fancy TT-02 custom chassis with cambelt transmission for 4WD.
  3. This was on my workbench today. Cheap PMM TT-01E clone off eBay. But man - this thing is great! Speed test showed it was going 41.2km/h.
  4. yeah .. the good honey haha. WELL ... I put together the F14 cockpit and the F-5B. So kinda the truth there. To test if everything fits, I use UHU Patafix. That is the white stuff squeezing out through the seems. I also use it fix the parts to little wood sticks for airbrushing. That stuff comes in really handy. Doesn't work so much for posters, but for modelkits.
  5. Hey, nice work! What's the 3D program you use?
  6. I thought about having a bit fun, so I digged up this kit my older brother gave me a while ago: He got that one of the bargain bin from one of the many hobby stores years ago. A whopping € 2.99! Please be aware, that a simple kebap is more expensive than this. Anyway. The kit is really simple, based upon a mold that was created by revell somewhen in the 1970s. This kit is terrible. It has rised and engraved panel lines and the detail in general is horrible. BUT! it kinda fits well. On a scale from 1 to 10 the whole kit would be a 2/10. What's the plan?
  7. I haven't seen anything, only the plamax updates. But in the original announcement pictures it says "2021", so there might be news around the year.
  8. okay .... not going to buy this set then haha
  9. I did some experimenting today on casting. With all the stuff I have at home - how can I use that to clone pilot figures. Here is my first attempt at making a mold and producing a recast. For the mold, I used FIMO. For the cast, I used some Ponal dual component putty. Step one: Produce the mold Step two: bake the mold Step three: casting (no picture available). Step four: trying to free the cast from the mold and accidently breaking the mold. It kinda worked, but the mold is lost. Thinking about how much power it ta
  10. Ah ... good advise. Will get some as well.
  11. Thanks a lot man! Time to make some clones edit: just checked the trollfactory site: https://trollfactory.de/anwendungen/modellbau/tabletop-spiele/7042/tfc-troll-factory-silikon-kautschuk-typ-2-abformsilikon-mittelhart-1-1-rtv-nv?number= Their products are much cheaper compared to amazon. 22,90€ compared to 28,90€.
  12. Whoa! Awesome! I need one of those for my newest member on my modelkit stack of shame. I will probably take the Hasegawa F-14 pilots as well. Thanks for the idea! PS: What do you use for the molds and what kind of resin are you using for casting?
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