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  1. Saw the original in 3d again and the visuals are still very impressive. There's a reason it kicked off a 3d craze.
  2. I agree. These look super fun to me without a crazy price for entry.
  3. I think you captured a lot of the positive energy that drew people to Minmay and the face looks to me like it could be straight from a DYRL cel. The layering of the summer spirit is well done in a thougthful way (and obviously very well researched). The image (to me) invokes the scene where Minmay and Hikaru are hopping around and changing outfits... almost like she hopped on the 'summer/spring nymph' costume and we're seeing her as she's enveloped in it.
  4. I think maybe the WWM releases have ruined things for scalpers so now we actually have a fighting chance... if we're up in the wee hours of the night and know what stores to go to!
  5. WWM release right? Should be kids of secondary opportunities if PO night doesn't go well.
  6. Can we hope for an armored Vf-25s bundle next?
  7. They should have gone with deception version of Jetfire... But they should wait until Jetfire is released so people can afford the splurge.
  8. Negative. No PF YF-21 or VF-22 from Yamato. Bandai originally released the YF-29 with their shiny plastic finish. They switched to a matte finish only on the most recent reissue of Alto which was well received.
  9. A car collectible company spent money on a Supra mold and is now grabbing lots of licenses to try to make money... I don't believe there's more to it than that.
  10. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Wasn't the recon regult originally teased as a gift set with the TV 1S? Bummer that never came out.
  11. They should have just included birth pilot figures.
  12. And Milia should come with chibi Max right?
  13. Giving off some serious steam punk vibes with those pin holes. I love the paint job, both the colors and the application.
  14. I'm 15 minutes in.. then fell asleep. Not an indictment necessarily, just tried to squeeze it into a long day. Anyway, pet peeve: any show that starts with a recap of what sounds like a super exciting show to watch. Why not have that be the show? "Once, there was a bad guy who rose up to power with the help of an evil sorcerer and swept across the lands nearly consuming everything before the elves fought them back. Today, nothing really is going on, but I'm convinced that evil sorcerer is still out there." I mean, if I had to pick between "evil army sweeping across the land" and "I'm convinced a bad guy is still out there" for a starting point, I like the first one better.
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