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  1. Thanks, I was going to consult my Mospeada Design Works book when I got home.
  2. Not a drone, it's a precursor to the Legioss, I forget the name of it.
  3. I think it's all the same color, just different lighting and camera. The promotional pics look a little overexposed whereas the video at the event leans the opposite direction.
  4. Graydon is the perfect example that the writing was subpar. He could have been interesting as the betrothed... but never was. They didn't work that whole betrothed angle at all, it was immediately forgotten. It seemed like they were setting him up to turn against the team by giving hints to a dark past.... but that went no where. Then they let him languish in this puppy love state for a while which made zero sense since he was part of a team working to reunite the girl with her love. He could have been interesting as a fledgling magician... but he wasn't until like the last two episodes and then it was introduced with absolutely no lead up... like one day they were like "this guy sucks as a character, we should do something to make him interesting." Turning the bonereavers into sympathetic good guys was also... bizarre and handled so weakly... like "hey, let's drop a reveal, and then they're all friends" ignoring all the history and repercussions that go along with that. So yeah, count me in the group that says poor writing really hindered this show.
  5. I loved him in Fringe (and everything since).
  6. They need to figure out less expensive ways to make the shows so it's easier to keep them going.
  7. Did Yeti sell his files?
  8. There was buzz about how it wouldn't be renewed before the finale aired so I would have been much more surprised if it did go on. I don't think I could have convinced my wife to give a second season a chance.
  9. I might be up for something like that. I was thinking I should get a booth with the vendors and sell all the Transformers I never got around to opening.
  10. All true... Except they're avoiding hot sellers and giving us the B and C tier paint schemes.
  11. Live action would make so much more sense if they were going to change the tone and make it much darker... they won't do that because, if they were, they would be wiser to not associate it with the fun cartoons. I think all the live action remakes of animation are a very interesting study as film makers wrangle with how the medium impacts the story telling. My kids LOVE the Train Your Dragon story so I'm certian to be watching this.
  12. I would guess that a DYRL VF-1A Hikaru will come with the circle for his super parts, probably just thrown in the bag with the instructions. They will then do a standard reissue of the super/strike parts. Of course, Bandai has thrown us some curveballs in the past, so we'll see. Why did we get AngelBirds and Hayao before Hikaru's 1A? Crazy.
  13. Is there currently no DX VF-1 toys on the horizon? I feel like they should always have us looking forward to something.
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