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  1. I skipped this since nobody mentioned any improvements and I have one of each of the first two releases. Please share if anyone notices a change somewhere.
  2. Thanks for posting those. I wanted to do a Hi-Metal R review but I checked my Dual Model review for reference and discovered that it was not complete and what was there wasn't 100% correct. So then I pulled out all of those toys and now I have a great review of a toy no one has been concerned with for decades and still no review for the relevant toy. Sigh. The HMR is still high on my 'to-do' list.
  3. Maybe the invoices are going out by order date, I still don't have one and I checked all my inboxes to be safe. W00t, it just arrived... but definitely confirm what you get. My billing address was in Hong Kong (which isn't correct) and my shipping address is probably the first address I ever registered on their site and hasn't been relevant for three years. The shipping address on the invoice wasn't even active when I placed my order so where they pulled it from is a real mystery. I emailed them and asked them to update it. I'll also see if I can expedite the shipping so I can get a review up sooner than later but that might be asking too much. I think KC should shut down their web store... it's in bad need of an update and not inspiring confidence.
  4. I didn't get an invoice for my battlepods... Should I be concerned? Shows as "processing" in my order history.
  5. Glad I wasn't alone there, I had to switch browsers to log into AE. I think we need to purge our cache or something after AE made a change to their site.
  6. It's TWE, if you placed an order it's likely from a retailer with a TWE account and you're in good shape. It remains to be seen if it will make it to other countries and, if it does, how.
  7. With the exchange rate and shipping times, it makes sense to grab from Japan when you can. If it's not SDF Macross or DYRL, it should be a worldwide release. It will be curious to see how the first WWM TWE item goes... (if it goes at all).
  8. BORING! Nah, after the VT-1 comes out I'll catch up on the DX VF-1 releases.
  9. All quiet on the bbts front, and I'm assuming it will be for a bit. I wonder if I'll get this up before the dx YF-21.
  10. It's a pale gray, would look white under bright photography lights.
  11. I got mine from bbts so I'm guessing I'll be waiting for a bit.
  12. Regular retail release. When I check the Tamashii link, I still see it listed as all regions though it looks like grogall is seeing something different.
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