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  1. Are you still looking for an SDF-1? I have a like new Matchbox version I was thinking about listing.
  2. Everything they've done with super parts in the past (the vf-25 and 31) would indicate regular release standalone toys with TWE super parts.
  3. I didn't mean to imply they're vaporware like the Figma releases. I just don't recall hearing about a release date so we're probably a way out. The supply chain is completely screwy right now so a lot of companies are being forced to sideline projects and wait for things to simmer down. To be clear, I don't talk to B2Five, but I see this elsewhere. If you have a project that you weren't certain was going to be hugely successful, then any attempt to gouge you by your shipper or manufacturing company would get you to put a project on hold. There's a lot of inertia out there so when 2020 slammed
  4. In an effort to move the conversation about the PO thread back to the PO thread, with Golden Week coming up and a possible lull in new listings, let's examine how well this worked out? The experiment was to try to remove all the talk about buying a toy from the thread dedicated to the toy. This is super helpful if you're ever trying to hunt down an individual post a month later because, as this thread proves, PO night immediately adds MANY pages of fun ordering comments and the occasional later listings cause additional flurries of activity. So the big Pro is that the toy thread is usually hel
  5. It doesn't seem close.
  6. It's unclear. The only reason we currently don't get SDF Macross merch repackaged as Robotech (or still as Macross but licensed by HG) is because BigWest doesn't allow its licensees to make any payment to HG. If things are status quo for 1987 and prior, BW may still stop its licensees from teaming up with HG.
  7. Kakizaki came with stickers! Anything is possible. The DYRL cockpit is also removable so maybe they could even do swap out cockpits with both types of pilots.
  8. My tier 1 stores are: HLJ, Amiami, PlazaJapan, OkiniLand, HobbySearch, Anime Export, Amazon Japan, Big in Japan, and CDJapan. I've seen HLJ and Anime Export now cancel preorders that seemed successful, and Anime Export has poor customer service, but they're all legit operations and I'm not concerned with sending them my money. Tier 2 would be Nin-Nin Game, Kurama Toys, and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. It's not that I'm worried I'll be scammed by them, more worried that I'll buy something that they won't have in stock and it will be a hassle to get a refund or I'll buy an in dem
  9. They should do a TV or DYRL version and make the other a TWE but as part of the same production run with just a different head and markings. Seems like an economical way to get both variants done.
  10. Well you didn't specify 1/48!
  11. You misremember, Yamato did release a DYRL VF-1A Cannon Fodder during the 30th anniversary.
  12. We don't expect Scorpion to look like a Scorpion. I'm not steeped in the lore but since the basis of the characters is a pallet swap, a story that made Scorpion/Sub-Zero, and Reptile all being humans competitive with each other with something that related them would be fine by me. If their stories progressed it would be easy to have something happen to Reptile that indeed did make him more reptilian... ie. he's killed and brought back in a more deadly form. EDIT - they should have gone full Mortal Kombat extended universe. Give us a first movie about that trio and then sequels about the
  13. I wondered after the fact if I could have chosen a different currency and avoided those fees. Since i was on the first round pricing though I just tried to click through as quick as possible
  14. I went with two stores I never preorder from, Nin-Nin and LunaPark. I only want one but I got a second order in since I don't know that I trust either store a ton... kind of an insurance policy.
  15. So are those "Next item" pages just baseless speculation? 'Cause I love all of those ideas
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