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  1. No, I have young kids so it's very tough for me to get to the theater these days. While I love Macross Frontier, I was really let down by the movies... I think my hopes were just way too high after enjoying the show and DYRL. I had visions of a DYRL approach to Frontier.
  2. Ugh, I was hoping to ship this before the new rates go in place... gonna be cutting it close!
  3. I broke down and finally asked LP when mine will ever ship. For a minute there, I thought they were going to be my go-to store. All these years in the hobby and I've never found a store to be my absolute go-to.
  4. Also, the first Macross Frontier movie is terrible. SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT! The second one is *kinda* saved by mech porn.
  5. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    But no integrated landing gear. PO CANCELED!!!
  6. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Whoa, WWM with UN Spacy Kite huh? Cool.
  7. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good studio going in the house I'm working out of while I build my new one. Even the photo situation is pretty bad. Still a few months out from moving again.
  8. You're buying into weak, easily abandoned canon in a genre known for abandoning canon way too much as a reason to dislike a drawing.
  9. In Robotech, stealth could just mean it doesn't have a big 'protoculture signature' like the very stealthy shadow fighter.
  10. I agree on the pricing. It's hard to argue it's a bargain but it certainly seems like a more complicated design than the DX VF-1 so the fact they're ballpark similar pricing while Sentinel is a much smaller company producing much fewer units, it seems like it's at least a 'fair' price. I guess the argument could be made that they should have made more parts out of metal and stepped up the price a little for a better experience but anyone involved in manufacture has to look at each part and figure out 'good enough' to make it do what its supposed to without being more expensive than it needs to be. In this case, there were a couple parts that may have been misjudged and/or a couple parts that are more prone to manufacturing issues. My Yellow broke similarly and just like this user... it never felt right so I think that part has QC issues on top of being subjected to a lot of force.
  11. Ooh I like what they did with the thrusters in the wheel.
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