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  1. At the end of the day, it still has to be a toy. They want you to be able to put an actual pilot figure in the toy? Imagine how heavy that cockpit is going to be. with lights, doors, and equipment. HMR style joints aren't going to pull that off. I'm guessing they've greatly reduced the knee articulation and hopefully added a ratchet. EDIT - Is the pilot articulated or is it just something that stands next to the Battlepod and never goes in?
  2. This isn't the thread for that... that goes in the BL thread.
  3. Maybe the Ostrich has different behind the leg armors but Bandai is using some standard ones painted orange as a stand-in for these early displays.
  4. I wonder if they're going to fix the side of leg armors to cover the back of leg armor more completely.
  5. They showed them at a convention but so far, it just seems like something they did for fun. Someone said they're homages to 80s Motorcycle paint schemes.
  6. Frozen 2 makes zero sense but Frozen felt much more sequel friendly than Moana. I'm very skeptical of this.
  7. Not likely. There are a great many factories within China. Moving factories is a pain in the butt so I wish them well.
  8. As much as I'm looking forward to this, I am REALLY looking forward to the renewal version five years from now.
  9. Which UN Spacy livery? Got a pic of your inspiration?
  10. I'm with you! Attics are no good for storing toys... they cook and yellow quickly. We have members in places like Sweden and members with very nice finished attics so for some folks it's fine!
  11. My work vehicle is electric so I've been adapting to the new way of driving for a little bit now. I think fake engine noise and fake transmission shifts is akin to Henry Ford deciding that the Model T needed to sound like a horse and occasionally blast horse poop smell into the cabin. I love old school hot rods and will always have a soft spot for the notes of certain engines' exhaust but it's a different thing from an electric car. It doesn't make sense to make an electric car feel like something it's not. I hope there's always a vibrant hobbyist scene for combustion motors going forward but I don't see that crowd being swayed by artifice. That said, the whole world is grappling with a transition that many consumers are weary of so I understand and sympathize with manufacturers trying to figure out how to get through this transitional period that will likely last more than a decade. They have to try it all. For manufacturers whose core demographics are more into muscle cars and off-roading (MOPAR), this is very scary times. If I were them, I'd be leaning really hard into hybrid drivetrains right now. Muscle cars with "E-launch" and "E-cruise" that make them faster off the line and get more MPG. Maybe they've been doing that already, I haven't been keeping up. EDIT - I think that Daytona electric car looks really nice.
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