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  1. Just got mine for Okini, ordered on 21st.. paid a little more as I missed ore orders.. but I must say the shipping was super fast by fedex. Now all I need is the kakizaki to complete my dx collection.
  2. Quick update on my Vf-1dx loose foot issue. The Kiki solution worked and the hinge works well. Hopefully it will stay on thanks @no3Ljm, @Slave IV, @Angesdad and @Sanity is Optional for your help.
  3. Thanks @Slave IV and @Angesdad, I will be getting the Kiki thing by Sunday, will try it out then. Hopefully it works out.
  4. Good to know @Angesdad, I have the same issue on my Hikaru 1S's right foot as well and now that you mention it, there is a very minor play from side to side too. I will give the the future polish (which seems to have a new name "Pledge floor gloss")as mentioned by @Slave IV (TYVM for the suggestion) as well as the kiki when I gets shipped to me.
  5. Thanks @Sanity is Optional I didn't even know these options exist. Super Glue: I looked up some videos on the 'Super Glue' technique and because the access to the joint is so narrow I am worried that I might screw it up while applying the glue. Kiki's joint: I found it on Amazon and the reviews seem to be good. I also found @sqidds thread on it and looks promising as well. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with metal joints. All reviews on amazon seem to be for Transformer/Gijoe toys that to me look like they have plastic joints. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for your reply @no3Ljm. To your question, I did get this used recently. When the feet are opened all the way in Gerwalk/battroid modes, the foot locks perfectly without any issues, but it goes back to becoming super loose when they are retracted in the Fighter mode . I have been trying to find any internal structure pics/blueprint or any disassembly guide over the internet but have had no luck. I would like to see what is inside before I attempt a foot surgery for the VF-1. But no one seems to have issues with their VF-1 DX's.
  7. I second that, I have recently discovered Macross toys and I binged through all of his videos specially on the DX line. Great comparisons on the various scales in the market plus he goes in detail on this issues with every toy.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a rather unusual issue with my recently acquired VF-1 DX toy. One of the foot is loose, does not hold its position. It drops a when its in it is in closed position in fighter mode. Has anyone ever had this issue? Any thoughts or any ways to fix it are appreciated as I have not seen any posts with a DX toy having this trouble. PS: I tried to look through options if I could somehow open the foot area and tighten it but everything seems to be glued on and I dont see any screws. Does anyone know if something needs to be tightened or how I can go about it?. Thank you.
  9. Thank you @no3Ljm.. I don't know how I missed this thread. Back to the DX conversation GBP conversation, I just noticed that the Armored Valk has 2 pilots, does anyone know why that is? Are they just giving an extra pilot or have I missed something from the show.
  10. Thank you for your reply.. , Lately I have been looking at buyee for yahoo auctions for DX's I have missed and it just seems like a convoluted process. At no point do I get a sense of a final total before buying, which makes me nervous of the hidden costs they might add in the end
  11. Hi Everyone, I have just recently discovered this wonderful community and I am new to collecting and certainly very late to the PO game for the the DX line. I have also been reading through several PO, buy/sale etc threads and this is what I have understood on how this works for fans who do not live in Japan, please do correct me if I am way-off on my understanding on how this works. 1. The DX line is available on the Tamashi website or through the many Japanese retailers like amiami, Luna Park etc. None of the US retailers like BBTS carry them. 2. To get the MSRP on any of the DX line one needs to be sure that they get in a PO on "PO day" through one of the retailers (because Tamashi does not ship to US addresses) else you are out of luck of getting it in the MSRP price. 3. On launch date some retailers may have this available for purchase at MSRP but realistically one must expect the prices to be above MSRP for the most part. 4. Based on the demand there may be times when we cannot find it through any of the regular Japanese retailers and the only option would be to look secondary market and some fellow forum members who might have an extra and be willing to help. Since I do not have the first edition VF-1J Hikaru yet I was hoping to get it along with the VF-1J + GBP set and what would be my best option come September? I do understand that buying is kinda a gamble, but I was hoping to get you experienced folks view on which way to go. Also, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong thread, but I posted it here as it is a GBP related question. Thanks for your time
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