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  1. Did I miss something? Why are people saying it's not perfect transformation?
  2. Yeah, I saw that in stock notification too. I ended up ordering a 2nd copy...
  3. This is the best side by side comparison shot I've seen so far. I know I have the unpopular opinion, but I much prefer the look of the Bandai one because the shade of blue looks nicer to me (I don't know if it's less screen accurate or not) and the tampo details really make it look more visually interesting and not as plain as the Yamato. I wonder if it's possible to do a similar shot but with their battroid modes?
  4. Well here's a picture of mine. It's clearly not level with the plane. You can see it when comparing the angle of their wings and fuselage.
  5. Thanks. But it really does stick up. It's due to exactly what you said, namely about the rear tabs not being long enough. Or the front tabs being too long. Anyway, once you get yours you can let me know if you have the same issue.
  6. I just got my copy. Does the ghost booster really point upwards and is not parallel to the plane when attached?
  7. Arcadia with competitve pricing?
  8. I wanted to see if they had corrected the "Sinsei Industry" tampo on the recent release. Seems like the typo is still present. If they had fixed it, I might have gotten this copy.
  9. This issue was only limited to the cannon fodder variant. The 171EX versions (of which this upcoming release is like) didn't have those issues with deteriorating plastic. I still have the original release of the 171EX Alto and it still holds up fine (although it has yellowed so bad). My cannon fodder though has broken at the hinge joint that connects the upper torso to the lower body. Gluing it back together didn't help much because it started to break at other points afterwards. So now it's stuck in fighter mode until the day I throw it in the trash. Funnily enough, the triangles on my cannon fodder are still intact.
  10. Slightly off topic, but the worst engineering design of Bandai that I ever encountered was the hip joint for the Chogokin Gipsy Danger. Now that was a sure fire time bomb, I can't imagine how it will not break itself over time, even with good materials. Basically I found that my Gipsy Danger's hips were both loose after keeping it boxed up for a few years. Turns out the reason they were loose was because the plastic peg/cap that holds the metal hips together had snapped. I wish I still had a picture of it, but basically they designed the hip to be made of 2 metal halves held together by a plastic cap and with a screw inside. Normally you wouldn't think this was a problem. But they had the idea that the best way to give friction to the metal hips was to sandwich a super high tension spring inside. This spring was so strong, I could barely squeeze it with my bare hands. So you can imagine that having so much force being exerted on a plastic piece will turn out. I wish they just used a screw with a bigger head or better yet, done away with the spring idea. I just thought I'd bring it up because hearing about the spring being used to create friction in the 171 reminded me of Gipsy Danger's exploding hips.
  11. You're not crazy. That Yamato YF-21 gerwalk looks damn ugly. I know some people keep mentioning the nose being too short. But if you compare that picture of the gerwalk with Bandai's YF-21, you'll notice that the nose length on Bandai's is actually closer to that picture. Yamato's YF-21 nose is too long. But I'll admit that the longer nose does make the fighter look sleeker.
  12. I just wish Arcadia would reissue their display stands (I want the simple stand). Actually they should always keep them available since their valks don't come with stands.
  13. ArchieNov

    Hi-Metal R

    I heard Mrs. Jenius likes to play with Jenius's Monster too, so you're not alone 😜 By the way, I just got a notification from Anime Export that the HMR VF-1A Kakizaki is now in stock, but nothing on the Max yet. I thought they had the same release date?
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