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  1. Actually all Tamashi Stage Act stands are compatible with HMR as they all use the same size pegs. But the particular one you linked is basically the same mold used in the stands included sometimes with the HMR releases
  2. Not trying to start anything and I could be wrong, but I seem to recall you telling me several years ago that if I was able to afford the Yamato/Arcadia, then I cannot call it overpriced. I think I was comparing Bandai vs Yamato/Arcadia prices back then, and I was complaining about the Yamato/Arcadia being overpriced. Anyway, it's all water under the bridge but hearing you bring up overpricing did bring up that memory. I do agree that $160 for HMR VF-0S is way overpriced. Good thing I didn't have to pay nearly that much for mine.
  3. It doesn't need it. But I used them because I plan to leave it like that long term (like years) and I don't want to stress the joints any more than necessary during that entire time.
  4. Oh sorry, I was only referring to how they looked on the outside when I said they were pretty much identical aside from the gatling panel. I didn't try switching the armored sets around. But the winglet armor of the 31AX might not fit securely of the smaller winglet of the 31 since the clip that holds on to the wing is a pretty precise fit. I assume that it'll be loose if you tried placing it on the old 31.
  5. Has anyone gotten their Hayate 31AX Armored set yet? I got mine today and put them on. They fit well enough, although I've only kept it in gerwalk mode so far. The parts are identical to Arad's armored set as far as I can tell, except that the gatling guns on the arms no longer have that extra flip out panel on Hayate's version. One thing I wanted to ask though is if anyone tried inserting the support piece for gerwalk/battroid that goes at the base of the weapons pod. It seems like it might scratch the decal off, so I didn't try pushing it in. Has anyone had experience with it?
  6. I think I got the last one at AE. It was weird though because just adding it to my cart made it show up as "Not in Stock" immediately afterwards, even though I hadn't completed the checkout process yet. I guess it's their way to prevent cart snatching.
  7. I received my YF-29 yesterday. Not sure if it's just my copy, but both of the wing hinges were super duper tight. They wouldn't budge even after applying enough force to make the plastic flex a lot. I was actually scared that the wings would snap before the hinges would move. But after several tries, I was able to move them enough to just barely swing the shoulders out. But the hinges still remain super tight and moving them around takes a lot of force and still flexes the plastic. Therefore I haven't tried to transform it. I also have the warped gunpod like some people have reported. Otherwise, I really like the color scheme.
  8. Hmm, my fighter mode has no gap. Maybe you need to adjust something with the hip bar?
  9. Premium Finish version coming soon? Oh wait, that's an Arcadia only thing... Still it's amazing how much detail can be brought out with just panel lining. I didn't even notice most of these grooves when I was handling my copy.
  10. It really does look nice in gerwalk. I am starting to think this is the best mode for it.
  11. Just got mine today. It honestly feels like a scaled down Arcadia, with some optional parts swapping for better accuracy. Nails the look in all modes. Now just hoping we can get the reactive armor for it too. Not sure if they can make an Sv-51 at this scale, but would also like that
  12. If you offered a service to turn yellowed plastic toys back to white again, I'd pay you to work on mine!
  13. It can stand without a display stand even with the left legs issue. It's not that noticeable in fighter mode. If you're not OC and won't be bothered with the knowledge that you own a copy with a manufacturing issue, or don't plan on reselling it, then you should go for the cheaper Arcadia you found IMO. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the joints were tighter on the Arcadia vs the Yamato, especially on the wings.
  14. On my copy, the nose is flush. I just need to make sure that the double hinge is positioned properly. If it's not exactly at the right position, it can prevent the nose from aligning perfectly when you fold it up.
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