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  1. THANK YOU! I used 3M Magic tape, but it did the trick! 😀
  2. Is there a place where I can grab it at the back? Can't seem to find any notches. I don't want to use a tool as I fear scratching the canopy or the paint.
  3. I have to commend Luna Park on their after sales Customer Service. The first VF-31AX I received from them had one of the elbow joints stuck in place and couldn't be moved. It almost seemed like it was accidentally glued into place at the factory. I also didn't want to try disassembling it because the joint uses one of those pins that aren't meant to be pulled out. I tried applying the most force as I was comfortable with knowing how thin the elbow is, and it wouldn't budge even in the slightest. And because this joint wouldn't move, the arm couldn't be put in the exact position needed to have it sit flush in fighter mode. Anyways, I informed Luna Park about the issue via their chat and asked if I could send it back and get a replacement. I am happy to say that they agreed. So after sending it back (I had to shoulder the shipping cost back to them), they were able to send me a replacement after a week. And I'm glad to say the new one I got no longer has the elbow joint issue. My only gripe now is I can't seem to get the canopy to open. It's difficult to get a grip on it to pull it up from the sides. The only part where I'm able to squeeze my nail in is at the very front tip, but I don't want to pull it up from there at the risk of snapping the canopy. I've tried wiggling the canopy side to side to see if that loosens the hinge and allows me to pull it up, but it won't budge either. Anyone here experience difficulty with the canopy too? If so, any tips you can share to get it open?
  4. Why would the first release stand alone be worth more? Just because it came out first and is no longer being sold?
  5. Anyone know how to disassemble the thigh piece for the Riobot Legioss? I think my copy has one of the rotation joints in the thighs stuck. It's the part at the very point where the gray hip joint piece connects to the white thigh. It allows you to swing the legs out for an A stance. Not sure if they accidentally glued it in the factory but it won't budge. I've tried applying force but it just flexes the plastic and I'm worried it will twist the peg off. I've tried removing the single screw in the inner thigh, but it still won't come apart. I also can't see the seam in front of the thigh, so not sure if there's an extra part that was glued on top of it that's holding it together. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. So this is a Tamashii Exclusive right? Not general release?
  7. Just to clarify, the preorders aren't going live yet on 4/22 right?
  8. Man, if I was Hikaru in the Bandai fan racer, I would've had a raging boner the entire time Minmay was sitting on my lap with how cramped that cockpit looks and the way she'd have to position herself to sit lol.
  9. You don't stick the stand into that hole when in soldier mode. There's another hole at the bottom of the hip section where the stand goes in. You have to use the included stand adapter (the small one).
  10. Actually what I don't understand is why the other companies weren't able to compress the legs more. I only own the Sentinel version, but I didn't notice anything particularly new or amazing in the mechanism to collapse the legs. It's all been done before. What was the limitation in the other toys?
  11. What's the purpose of the kneecaps being able to fold out upwards?
  12. Hi. I just wanted to say thanks again for your help and guidance here. I tried transforming it to armo-soldier mode just now to see if I could finally tilt those intakes. It was still a little scary because it felt like I would tear the entire shoulder assembly off, but your pics gave me the confidence to keep applying gentle pressure. Then I finally felt that click which let me know I had moved it into place. I can finally say I've completed the full transformation
  13. Can you explain in more detail how to tilt it? I've seen it in the instructions but when I try to tilt it, it doesn't seem to budge and I hear a lot of creaking plastic so I dare not force it. Do you have some pics of what it looks like before and after tilting? Thanks!
  14. Heh. I stop checking these forums regularly for around 2 weeks and seems that's all it took for the Focker type to be announced, made available for preorder, and completely miss the boat. Hopefully it's still possible to acquire one of these later down the road. Oddly enough, I don't feel that bummed by it.
  15. Looks like I saw it too early. It first showed up as Not Available but after I refreshed it less than a minute later it said Preorder available. It was 25,000 JPY and is still available as of now.
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