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  2. I already have the individual releases of the Valk and Sound Booster so I think I'm getting this mainly for the little figures.
  3. I'm not sure that's on the audience so much as the new showrunners. After Enterprise was cancelled and the relaunch novelverse shouldered the role of moving the Star Trek story forward, new storylines that featured Section 31 consistently made the organization out to be unrepentantly villainous and utterly repellant to any principled character. The closest they get to not being completely abhorrent are one storyline in the ENT relaunch and one in the TNG/DS9 relaunch where a main character joins the organization to prevent game-changing technology from falling into the hands of an enemy power. In even those cases, that cooperation is in the name of infiltrating the organization for the protagonists to obtain enough information to dismantle the organization... something that they technically succeed in doing the second time.) It wasn't until Discovery that the story started reinventing Section 31 as heroic or antiheroes instead of well-intentioned extremists and dangerous villains. Apparently the idea was just too much for edgelords like Kurtzman to resist.
  4. YF-19 PF paid for. I'll wait more preordered items to be in stock to ship everything together.
  5. Looks like my 1989 Batman shipped and will be coming in this week. I had to check the Fedex site on my own to find out as the Mezco site isn't even updated with it being shipped.
  6. TVC Tusken Raiders and TBS Pyke Soldier available to preorder tomorrow at 1 PM ET.
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  8. I really love the color palette especially the contrast between the green eye and the chest of the body, it makes your eyes drawn to the center and upper torso. Also what did you make the head peice out of?
  9. https://collider.com/ballerina-john-wick-spinoff-timeline-keanu-reeves-comments/ The movie takes place between Chapter 3 and 4 and will be released in 2024.
  10. https://comicbook.com/startrek/news/star-trek-picard-season-3-episode-6-ships-starfleet-museum-defiant-new-jersey-enterprise-voyager-bounty/ All ships in the Fleet Museum.
  11. The brightness can be slightly controlled on the remote, but in all honesty it's quite bright even at the lowest setting. The higher settings just get even brighter, haha. I don't leave it on all the time, as I have it attached to a smart plug controlled by a separate lighting system, but my kids like to turn it on randomly or when they're reading in the living room. You can also have it on a "standby" mode where only the eyes are lit up (in fact, when you plug this into an outlet, the on/off button on the remote only turns off the funnel LEDs, but not the eyes).
  12. Looks like I paid for cheaper shipping for the VF-1S GOF and Advanced Rick Hunter. Both will be arriving in a couple of months but it's all good.
  13. My 2¥... If you want all the cool accessories and features, go Bandai. If you want accuracy and ease of transformation, but doing your own decals or want to customize (unless you go premium) go Arcadia. I feel like Arcadia is much more picky about quality than Bandai. I only have one Arcadia, the VF-1J GBP, and it's a beauty, but imho, it's all plastic. I know Bandai puts metal weights in things to make it feel better, but it must be effective because it just feels sturdier to me. Like I said tho, and as others have pointed out, expect some quality issues with the Bandai if you get it. You can find replacement head lasers on shapeways iirc if you get a broken one (I did). I also had to loosen the hips which requires taking out a couple of easily accessible screws, a pretty simple easy job. My arm cannon fell apart and had to be glued back together too. The Bandai is fiddly to transform, but I sorta like that personally as long as it's solid when done and well engineered, and the Bandai is indeed solid imho. That said, after seeing the Anymoon review of the Yamato YF-21 and knowing Bandai may never even release theirs, not to mention I wasn't a fan of the appearance, I decided to buy the old Yamato (which became Arcadia if you're new to this). I liked it better than the DX if I'm being honest. Oh, and you'll definitely want to grab that X-9 Ghost that's in the for sale section to complete the set!
  14. Thanks! Yeah, its time to get this one done, hopefully soon. @pengbuzz Your factory and Valk are looking great! I'm glad you can tackle the cannon fodder scheme. Too much masking for me!😁 - MT
  15. Since Arcadia releases are somewhat made to order (mainly on the retail shop end), there is no preorder madness and depending on the release, there can often be remaining stock after the initial release date. Discounts will depend on the retailer and how quickly they want to clear their space. HOWEVER, due to the niche appeal, overall numbers for Macross products is relatively very low compared to something like Gundam so once the initial stock is sold out, prices are almost always sure to go up. Especially in the cases of "shelf-warmers", their initial numbers were probably even lower to begin with, making them the most rare items in the long run, leading to the highest prices in the long run. Happens pretty much consistently through the history of Macross toys.
  16. This came in along with my FP set that was for my VF-1S TV Rick. I'll take it out at some point, initial overall impressions are not bad I do wanna see more SDFM figures get released.
  17. I was looking through the beginning of this thread and I noticed quite a few posts about how the earlier releases of these were shelf warmers. They were being heavily discounted and then, fast forward to recently, the prices for these on the secondary market were very high. Seems like we might see the same thing this time around? I mean, if I wait, will I get a better price? I only mention it because I see some people saying they'll pass on this release. I guess I'll never understand how the market works on these.
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