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  2. Nice review, Mike. I was glad the gut gun was included, but rather dismayed that, unlike the original toy, it didn't integrate into the beast mode. In a lot of ways, the original toys had better engineering, but the sculpts were a little wonky, as they generally favored the robot modes and looked disproportionate or oddly shaped in beast mode. Most of those wonky proportions got cleaned up by the animation, which like G1, cheated a lot to make the beast modes look natural. Hasbro's trying to strike a better balance, but they still favor the bot mode over the beast in pretty much every case; I appreciate their making the characters look more like their onscreen incarnations, but it still sucks when a beast mode is shortchanged, especially in articulation, to benefit the bot mode. Still, I am glad that, like with MP, Hasbro chose to make Tigatron, rightly, a larger figure. Being a voyager, there are some improvements over the similar Cheetor mold, especially the way the tiger's legs fold up flush in bot mode, better bot feet, the little flap in the calves, and fully hidden hands in beast mode. I also wish they'd found a better solution for the tail, and I really wish they'd found a way to integrate that gut gun into the tiger mode instead of pegging it on to his stomach like a giant tumor. It's a nice fig, but as usual with Hasbro's stuff, there's room for improvement.
  3. Well, still wondering about Jupiter Base uniform even though it will be a fan art. I mean I managed to thought up first liberation uniforms due to uniforms from old soldiers, but not much for JB other than Houqet/Rook armor (assuming if she didn't give a new paint or originally intended to be like Stig, except from Jupiter).
  4. You can get these 0.96 RGB LCD screens for Arduino for just a few bucks. However, I have not found an easy tutorial on how to load videos on these, but it is something I really want to figure out for my projects. These are what the Japanese modeler 6jirosdc, who is customizing the Hachette and the MaxFaxtory valks, is using for his screens (I actually recommended him to switch to these RGBs from B&W screens he was using, and unlike me he actually knows how to code).
  5. I only just started buying Iron Factory stuff last year. So far I have Kagami Shishimaru, Power Falcon (Powerglide), and Bayrazor (Beachcomber). I've never owned a Lio Convoy, and I liked the Eva 01-esque color scheme of Kagami Shishimaru. It's a fiddly fig, and there's really not much of a transformation, but I do like how the fig itself looks. I just don't really mess with it. I do like Power Falcon and Bayrazor, though. Both are a bit of a pain to transform due to how small they are and some close tolerances between moving parts, but I like their bot and alt modes, so I do take them down and mess with them a little more. I currently have their Seaspray and Huffer POed, and I hope they're a little more forgiving. However, also having a few figs by both Magic Square and New Age, I have to say that both companies are putting out a more refined and enjoyable class of transformable figure at legends scale. I think IF retain their popularity by taking a very stylistic approach to the figs, and therein lies the allure. It's why I decided to pick a few of them up. However, in the handling, I find them more limited in articulation, and more difficult to transform than MS or NA.
  6. Not only did they not improve it got worse as time went by. Not really a fan of the Magic Square MO but NewAge is putting out solid figures. I hold their releases in high regards Eeven after I found out that their Nemesis Prime is a remold of the Ultra Magnus and not a repaint of Optimus Prime.
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  8. Haha, without saying it, the article is basically criticizing Disney for make up Woke Boba…. the kinder, gentler Boba who uses diplomacy to be CEO Boba, instead of slaughtering his ways through his enemies. And using his rocket packet only when absolutely necessary. Feels like I am watching JL Picard. Book of Boba could have been about the things that made him so feared, the history of Boba pre Sarlacc. But…. Let’s ruin him by turning him decent, it would be like how the writers today might retcon a stand alone Darth Vader series and not make him a total a-hole after blowing through the Jedi temple, all the while moaning Padme in his head.
  9. Yeah, the article pretty much hits the nail on the head. The other issue, that I’ve mentioned before, is that the show is stuck in one place. Yeah, you have different locations in Tatooine, but the show’s stuck on this one planet.
  10. Becaaause I’m Batman. Becaaaause I’m Batman. Mysterious video, Because I’m Batman. love it! Chris
  11. @pengbuzz I'm sorry and I understand! Alright guys, don't kick my butt! I just saw these advertised on MicroMark. The TV, arcade and handheld game all play videos/audio from a micro SD card. If you wanted a tiny screen and audio for a project, this might be a good idea! I also saw they have similar elsewhere. This might be a good way to bring that large scale cockpit or bridge to the next level! - MT https://www.micromark.com/search?keywords=tiny kit
  12. Mine at least now says "shipment information received" on the DHL site.
  13. I feel like, based on the handful of figures I've picked up from DX9, IF, NA, and MS, that Iron Factory built up their reputation for putting out a really solid product by being better than DX9 in the early days of 3P Legends, but they haven't really evolved. Now that NewAge and Magic Square a kind of pushing the boundaries of what can be done in a Legends-sized figure IF's stuff feels kind of clunky and dated.
  14. Or, more likely, the plan was always to bring back a character or two as a season cameo.
  15. That's what they said when they give me my tracking ID. But when even after more than 1 week i still can't search them. When i asked them about it they say the tracking should be valid today (when they replied my email) or 3 day later. The status on japan post is showing "Posting/Collection" the next day. So... my take on this is they probably havent shipped the order even after they give us tracking id. Keep ask them about it, on other site the tracking ID is usually valid on the next day.
  16. I am a huge fan of the song. When I heard Mari Iijima sing it in person, there were tears streamin.....
  17. Yeah, it’s clearly larger than the original Titan but not XL scale like the Cerritos. Weird. Here are some comparison shots at similar angles: biggest difference I see besides scale and coloring is the different Bussard collector shroud. I can see some other details and refinements but that is the biggest difference. I want to get this but I also don’t want them to just turn around and immediately release an XL like they are doing with the Roccinante. Chris
  18. Well, I see the desperation factor is increasing: they recruited Whoopi Goldberg to return. I guess they have a list of cast members to run through/over in order to make this lead brick try to float...
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