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  2. My wish list for Sentinel: A) release Houquet so you all have a completed set of these new Ride Armor designs. B) Make the original TV series Ride Armors in 1/12, you get my $$$ in a heartbeat. @no3Ljm Somewhere in this Mospeada thread is a process to fix the fabric for Stick, looks like a pretty easy fix OR is your fabric literally falling apart?
  3. ...okay, let's be clear, it's NOT a reissue of the VF-31A Kairos, it's a preorder for the VF-31AX... Kairos Custom? Siegfried?
  4. It's ok. I already put that behind me now.
  5. oh dear. My apologies....keep forgetting not bring NY up again. SHHHHH Not in this thread but in its dedicated thread anyway.
  6. Hahaha! I'm done with them. They already took atleast $200 from me.
  7. šŸ™ƒ give N-Y a 2nd chance.....to make more money šŸ¤‘
  8. Yep.. Re-issue of the DX 31a
  9. Yes! Too bad my Stick's garment is already a mess. If only there's some member here who's going to do some custom cloth for it, I'm in.
  10. Wait. what are referring to. šŸ˜
  11. So tonight's the night.
  12. Thank you, sir...your spot on poses makes them all possible! Keep 'em coming!
  13. Today
  14. @Mac - Hopefully that if you put in an order at HLJ, make sure that they don't chop your order out as they did for Chucky's 31e when it was up (they had very limited amounts of the DX 31e). They might have changed it after that.
  15. Yup... the painful irony being that they had several better designs already, from Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy, the Macross Delta modeling books, and Variable Fighter Master File: VF-31 Siegfried:
  16. Hmmm perhaps...i thk chad in one of the podcasts/youtube mentioned something abt a canopy and front nose redesign....maybe thats what is putting the front nose droop in my head...
  17. I think its due to the angle of the photographer taking the product for advertising media @seti88.
  18. Silly jokes aside Iā€™m a little puzzled about the choice of aesthetic for this new container. There are a lot of of way cooler/more interesting designs they could have done for this.
  19. Sometimes i wish bandai would just release all of the variants at once and let us pick which to order...hahahaha.. pesky waiting around....
  20. Does the front nose droop seem steeper as well?
  21. I'm still debating if I should just go for it with Luna now or wait. I really don't want to be up at 1 am tonight.
  22. IMO, this angle kind of exaggerates the actual increase in bulk... it's mostly in the wings. The inner wing surface appears to have been bulked up a bit to make room for the larger arms. The ordnance container on this version also looks a lot larger because the Kairos Plus's beam gunpod is lot larger than the standard issue one, being nearly as big as the pod itself.
  23. "Messer! The punchable surface at the top of your neck is back!"
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