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  2. Agreed it should be re-issued. Master Made is still around, it's just they have moved completely into TF territory after making Makuros.
  3. A little fun fact, this is the toy that I get the most frequent inquiries about through my website. If Master Made is still around, they really should do another print.
  4. Love this interview as well, since it also segues into thinking & decisions behind the scenes for current DX, HMR & HG kits. Most of what Kawamori saying has probably been covered in older interviews before, but nonetheless refreshing to read again with some small new details. What's new for me is that one reason YF-19 was intentionally different from VF-1 was to have the cockpit in a more logical position in battroid (yet the YF-21 has the cockpit in the same position lol) and Basara's ride was almost a variant of the VF-11. Should we be worried(?) when he says of the HG kits: In the past, plastic models were also tackled as complete transformations, but I think the decision to abandon them and incorporate replacement transformations was wonderful. As long as it is a plastic model, the element of "wanting to assemble as many aircraft as you want" is an important factor. By doing so, it is possible to distinguish it from DX Chogokin. It was also an opportunity for me to think that if it is possible to increase mobility to this level, I should be able to do it so far for the next aircraft I will work on. I hope that doesn't mean that he will make future VF designs to have more anime-magic porportions, seeing how anime magic can now be tackled by the shortcut transformation aspect of the HG kit. How about the toys then? lol..2 Since Mac Plus & Mac 7 were pretty successful, I wonder what's preventing them to do something similar again - developing 2 sequels concurrently for different audiences?
  5. It's 1:100 scale. There are no cannons on the scout pod. That one thing you see is some sort of antenna or something. I still have a few more places to paint, I now realize. I'll post better pictures when I'm done.
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  7. Not saying it wasn’t a bit funny, but it’s more funny that the cast members can’t keep from laughing at their own jokes
  8. I am listing the duplicates in the sale section, I will post a link once I do so. Grey one went fast, I have this cross posted other places. All proceeds goto me getting a set of the V2 watches.. 😁 Sale thread..
  9. I've played most of the Fallout games since Fallout 3, and it captures the look and feel of those game very well. Kudos to the location scouts for finding so many real-world derelict and dilapidated places to film. In Fallout, the environment is as important to the game as any other element, and they did an exceptional job of capturing those areas and set pieces in the show to resemble game environments. Ella Purnell does a great job as a cheeky adorable Vault dweller who leaves the safety and naivete of her vault on a quest. Aaron Moten, in turn, gives an enjoyable performance as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel with his own issues. Not to be outdone, Walton Goggins chews the scenery in both his pre-bomb life as a popular actor, and post bomb life as a ghoul bounty hunter. Moreover, just like in the games, the Vaults hold secrets and surprises. My wife and I watched the first six eps today, and we're planning on finishing it off tomorrow. My wife has never played the games, so I give her a little bit of backstory as we go along, but she's into the show regardless due to the strengths of the storytelling, the incredible visuals, and well-acted roles across the board. Def hope this gets another season or two. It's fun to visit the Fallout universe in this format.
  10. They are back!?!? Everything instock too! https://jasmodel.shop/collections/photo-etched-parts-for-assemble-model
  11. Not a fan of the games and have very little knowledge other than a few commercials. That being said, I’m loving the show. I’m about halfway through and it’s definitely my favorite show of the year. I thought Shogun would be my number one, but I had a feeling it was too early to call. So far it’s a better year for streaming so far and hopefully there’s more good shows up and coming. As an odd side, I really want to see that Warhammer project after seeing the way armor was handled here
  12. I'm going to be start working on this big guy tomorrow. Wish me good luck.
  13. Red, blue, or black? Money on red!
  14. Please count me in if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it. The markup Luna park has going on is kind of awful on the wallet. I think Shawn's made a good point, it might look better in other modes like Battroid. I didn't know this was tied to an old model kit that must have been breathtaking for its time.
  15. If we find out it will be sold there, I will definitely hit you up!
  16. Spark-O-Matic

    Hi-Metal R

    Never say never! She is a Piloted Fembot, those are all the rage right now Lol. In all seriousness Bandai needs to allow crowd funding like Hasbro has done. as long as they know they are covered with funding then a Tomahawk or the Regult Scout should be no problem. I know your pain, I'm praying for a once in a lifetime anniversary G1 Jetfire this year or next . when pigs fly.
  17. You gonna have to buy all that detail from 3rd parties via resin, etch or prints! lol But, man would it build like a dream. If your going for detail in 1/48 nobody is topping Minibase their recent Flankers are a step above! The only Fujimi kit I've had the pleasure was the Datsun Z/S30 in the mid 2000's. I don't have any fond memories of it as it was quite a curve ball for a beginner snapfit gunpla builder 19 years ago... even more of a suprise finding out it was just a repackage of their older 90's kit with cartograph decals!
  18. A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics remains an... unconventional choice. For a comedy, it's somewhat odd that it takes the time to address the realistic struggles of homelessness in Japan. Not gonna lie, I am legitimately enjoying this one... in no small part because Sousuke and Sara's rapport is just good. The writing definitely brings across that these two weirdos are genuinely having fun and enjoying each other's company, and it's easy to get swept up in that as a viewer too. A Condition Called Love is one I'm still torn on... mostly because the main guy is still giving of serious stalker vibes. All in all, I hope this series will develop in a less creepy direction... it could be a cute romance if Hananoi stopped giving off such intense stalker vibes.
  19. I just finished the series. Truthfully I'm not a big fallout player or anything, I got bored of it pretty quickly so I had to watch some youtube stuff to get a general idea of the lore and I gotta say, showrunners from Halo should take notes.
  20. Were you planning to keep all of them or sell any duplicates? I'd be interested in the grey one
  21. Said it elsewhere, so probably should here: If anyone needs someone to try and pick up a copy for them at Tamashii NYC, I would try. I just don't know if purchase limits will be imposed for this like they were at the Tamashii popup at Grand Central for the Max VF-0S.
  22. found another catalog with a poor quality pic https://www.ebay.com/itm/235435203678 lol I want one
  23. Are you asking if Discovery's fifth and final season is worth watching? No, it's not. It's less aggressively awful than Discovery's first three seasons, but IMO it's worse than Season 4. It's trying really hard to take the Picard Season 3 way out by massively increasing the density of references to previous Trek shows, but it's much less effective because none of the characters have any personal link to those shows. Just seven more episodes and this dreary mess of a series is done.
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