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  2. Thanks @Saburo! It's just one of those things one must do to shore up Bandai's lack of care. LA Gear! I haven't heard that spoken of since before Macross II was a thing! The fact that I know what that is makes me feel old...
  3. Got another Roy from HLJ's inexplicable restock a few weeks back. Couldn't pass up getting another at MSRP.
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  5. Well now...this early review has revealed some fun surprises that I wasn't expecting to see. The ratchets are nice. The bottom half of Slag's dino head has a clever transformation. The rear dino feet make sense now that I'm seeing how it all works together--they also don't look as out of proportion as they did in the leaked photos (maybe I'm just getting used to it). I'm liking all that line detail too...I guess I can live with the blocky look? But I'm still not a fan of how the gun completes the Triceratops tail. I mean, it works and all; I'm just not a fan of it. The top half of Slag's
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402827731241
  7. Zavvi had Nova and Quasar to preorder but for marked up prices. I think they are still available to preorder from Robotkingdom for higher prices and expensive shipping. Nova’s release date says 6/30 and Quasar’s release date says 9/30. Maybe Walgreens will list them soon. There’s a chance that Silver Surfer will show up online again too.
  8. Tanaka MPF-12 1/18 scale MP Sideswipe. NECA Good Guys Chucky. Jurassic Park Amber Collection John Raymond Arnold. Hot Wheels. GI Joe Retro Cobra Commander.
  9. I'm chomping at the bit for Nova. I'm not sure I'll find him. I haven't seen Surfer in store at all and Walgreens was already just sold out now. Only saw one Silver Centaurian, two Moon Knights and I can't name another Exclusive from last year off the top of my head right now. Mystique I only saw two of as well, and that was years ago. I had to get help with Dani Moonstar from elsewhere too. These are becoming Target-Level non-existent where I live now.
  10. I started a rough cut of this. Subtitles are going to be a little hard but not impossible. Hopefully I can render overnight. I probably will have video and audio done...than a cut again and add in subtitles.
  11. @BroTaku79 & @leeboo1211 Sorry, its not a Monster or Konig Monster.
  12. A big thank you @no3Ljm!! Just delivered yesterday, new but old additions to my collection. Anyone want to take a guess at what arrived? . @no3Ljm you are not allowed to guess.
  13. Something to play with while lying on the bed.......
  14. I can understand why some folks would be miffed or pissed about this retcon. Instead of happening during a nice quiet moment of rest, Kanan’s Order 66 moment now happens in the middle of a battle (technically, a lull in one, but still). Just like the majority of the Order 66 scenes we’ve seen already. I get why they did it here in Bad Batch, but it’s still kind of a bummer. I’m still attached to a lot of the events that happened at the end of Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars, but it’s kinda hard to tie all that with what’s been shown in Filoni’s last eps of Clone Wars. Wasn’t
  15. The MEPTOYS ones are going to be finished products (painted and all). COVID pushed the release of the scout/Iigaa and so apparently MEP is waiting to build and release the ligaa, shocktrooper/gurab, and the hellcat inorganic at the same time. Cap's stuff is DIY models which look fantastic but beyond my ability to make look that fantastic.
  16. Here is the figure that Hiya Toys used for reference.
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