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  2. Left, Thunder Bot B/O Robot and Black Thunder, has the lower portions of the legs and modified feet. Center, F-14 Laser Fighter, has all landing gear, highly modified nose, portions of the legs as the rear leg housings, and highly modified wings, and gears. Right, Robotic Aeroplane, has arms, back plate, inner back plate, overly modified wings, front landing gear, and gears. These are an interesting add for any 1/55 collection.
  3. I got my shipping confirmation from moehime!
  4. Yay new cavil superman. Still no Keaton Batman...
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  6. The regult is a fun one, lots of surprising mobility in the joints.
  7. Ditto. Definitely lots of cheesy scenes and cheesy acting. Sensei Johnny saying and doing dumb s*** used to be really funny but now it's gotten old. I think the only reason I'm still watching this is coz of nostalgia and to catch a glimpse of Mrs. LaRusso
  8. Listening to Kenji Kawai's "IXTL" while modeling is the greatest experience. @MechTech that's Kaiyodo's 1/35 ARTPLA kit. I'm really glad I waited 25 years before building a Reactive Armor Ingram.
  9. That’s true, but nobody stopped by to check on her. Not even the adults. They know she lives on her own due to this happening
  10. I have no doubt they’ll make the stuff, but that still doesn’t make it worthy of being a toy. They’ll probably just be joining Reva in the discount bin along with Rose. I’m honestly surprised that Rose is still easily found in stores. They must’ve really gone hardcore printing that one out
  11. I’d like to see more pictures of her, I kinda expected they’d go more with the main cast. I am hoping for some more bad guys personally. One day they’ll probably get to Ice Man, but he’s unfortunately in the less popular category these days. I’d also like to see a lot more of the comic style dc characters, rather than their movie types
  12. あの「エヴァンゲリオン初号機」が、『アフロサムライ』などで知られるイラストレーター 岡崎能士氏による“鎧武者アレンジ”でアクションフィギュア化! 『RIOBOT 汎用人型合戦兵器 武者初号機』2024年7月26日(金)に受注開始! The famous "Evangelion Unit 01" has been turned into an action figure in an "Armored Samurai" arrangement by illustrator Noriyoshi Okazaki, who is known for "Afro Samurai" and other works! RIOBOT General-Purpose Humanoid Combat Weapon Musha Unit-01" will be available for pre-order from Friday, July 26, 2024!
  13. あの「エヴァンゲリオン初号機」が、『アフロサムライ』などで知られるイラストレーター 岡崎能士氏による“鎧武者アレンジ”でアクションフィギュア化! 『RIOBOT 汎用人型合戦兵器 武者初号機』2024年7月26日(金)に受注開始! The famous "Evangelion Unit 01" has been turned into an action figure in an "Armored Samurai" arrangement by illustrator Noriyoshi Okazaki, who is known for "Afro Samurai" and other works! RIOBOT General-Purpose Humanoid Combat Weapon Musha Unit-01" will be available for pre-order from Friday, July 26, 2024!
  14. Jubilee is disappointing. I don't want to wait even longer for an iceman.
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinereid/2024/04/14/disneys-star-wars-box-office-profits-fail-to-cover-cost-of-lucasfilm/ The presentation gives the impression that Disney's Star Wars trilogy generated a 2.9 times return on the purchase of Lucasfilm as that figure is presented next to a timeline of key events in the production company's history. However, buried in the fine print is the revelation that the purchase price of Lucasfilm isn't even included in the ROI calculation. Instead, it is purely based on the box office performance of Disney's Star Wars trilogy, its two spinoff movies, merchandise, DVD and Blu Ray sales. As revealed, the methodology is questionable as Disney based the ROI on the revenue generated by the movies, merchandise, DVDs and Blu Rays rather than the profit they made as it should have done. Using the revenue rather than the profit artificially inflates the result as it doesn't factor in the costs that Disney had to pay out.
  16. my orders just arrived at yoya
  17. This makes the last to complete a collection of at least one of each number that I can/care to procure and consider cannon in 1:60 scale. This one's a very nice addition, probably second only to the SV-262 imho. I don't usually like panel lining, but this looks... crisp. 👌
  18. I think you may be conflating two different topics there, TBH. As noted a few posts back, the industry is collectively still trying to figure out what metrics to use to define "success" in the direct-to-streaming market. Increases in subscribers was a metric tossed around early on, but that proved to be a bit useless since it assumed the potential for infinite growth and that people would buy into a service for one series only. Total hours viewed is one popular metric, but most services keep those numbers to themselves and third-party analysis is dependent on self-reporting or data reported to those third-party services. "Engagement", which ScreenRant talked about in several of their articles about The Acolyte's performance relative to other Star Wars shows, tries to measure success via social media interaction. Its usefulness is debatable at best because filtering out bot activity (both malicious and otherwise) is not an exact science and because it treats negative attention engagement (people getting online to talk about how a series sucks) as being the same as positive engagement. Financial performance... well... that's objectively trackable because the companies that produce and release these shows and the merchandise for them are publicly traded and therefore issue regular (quarterly) earnings reports to shareholders disclosing the financial condition of the company and its various operating divisions. Disney's chalked up a billion dollars in profit from the Star Wars movies they've made and that's just the ticket sales, that number doesn't home video, merchandise, attractions, etc. As of March last, they were reporting total Star Wars revenues of about $12 billion since acquiring the franchise, excl. certain separated income streams like attractions. Hasbro has similarly indicated that Disney Star Wars has been doing quite well, and even credited it with getting them through several years of otherwise slow business. Star Wars demonstrably continues to be quite profitable despite the discontent of some long-time fans. A 290% ROI on an acquisition like that is nothing to sneeze at. If they had not bungled the sequel trilogy it probably could've been a lot more, but it's still making huge amounts of money. If they're still posting a profit on what they do make and sell, it's still making money. And as discussed some weeks back, quite a bit of this has more mundane explanations like overzealous ordering and market saturation. (And of course, a number of these titles are being marketed to the more mature audience anyway which isn't going to drive toy sales to kids.) Doesn't seem to have stopped them from developing merchandise... I can see preorders for "Retro Collection" and "Black Series" figures of the characters, a replica of Smilo Ren's helmet, character lightsabers, funko pops, spinoff comics, posters, apparel, etc.
  19. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    I see 1/55 styled shins and feet on the left black robot, and on the right silver robot, 1/55 styled arms and what looks like exact 1/55 front landing gear, with the nail buster release switch and spring. For the center f-14 I just see the tail fins can collapse (to the outside, not over each other), but I'd call that a strong derivative. Anything else these old eyes aren't catching? Cool find!!
  20. Number 7 in the books! So the 1/72 Queadlunn Rau is wrapping up. This model is HUGE! I thought it being a 1/72 would put it closer to Hasegawa Battroid size, but this thing towers over it. This kit is such a huge upgrade from the earlier Hasegawa VF-1A Super Battroid Valkyrie it’s not even close. Parts align with little effort or modification needed. Color separation was nice and I didn’t mask anything. I avoided using many of the black marking decals and went with hand painting black enamel instead and reverse washed to clean up the lines. I think that’s what the technique is called? Most of this kit is snap fit and very little glue was need aside from a few major seam lines and the optional pilot “Miria” This kit went together very fast and I only needed to spend a few days working on it. I’ll probably go over it with a couple more gloss coats once decals are all dry and then possibly polish it up. I had fun blasting through this one and I have the Max version on its way. They will make for a nice set once both completed. Next up, Hasegawa Regult Standard Type! Very excited. ☺️
  21. I figured they were trying to "cannonize" their thicker hilts that they sell at the workshop at disney world with the larger lightsabers. I was at Disney awhile ago at the shop with one of my neopixel installed sabers with smooth swing. I was asked to leave. lol
  22. Couple more repaints. We're opening today with the Pulse (and friends, I guess?)-exclusive Gobots set. First up we have Small Foot. She's a repaint of Legacy United Gears, and she's actually got a new face with goggles and a chin strap that call back to her Hanna-Barbera design. Despite the new face, she is by and large the same figure, just with a new paint job. While there are a few minor deco differences, like the yellow on her chest or the slightly different placement of the Autobot insignias, by and large the biggest difference is just that the blue plastic on Gears has been replaced with a yellowy-orange plastic. But... in the cartoon, Small Foot was mostly red save for her silver face and thighs, and her blue torso. The thing is, I can't really fault Hasbro. All the figures in this set homage a 2004 eHobby set that reimagined a couple of G1 mini bots as Gobots- Hasbro is slavishly copying that eHobby set. I guess the real question is why Takara used such random decos, but it sounds like they were so worried about catching flak from Bandai, despite Bandai only owning the original Machine Robo designs and nothing related to the Gobots names or fiction, that they even dropped the character names from the final product. So... ...moving along, we have Pathfinder, who's a simple repaint of Velocitron Cosmos. Interesting, because Cosmos was so shortpacked in the US that Pathfinder might be some people's first experience with the mold. Anyway, nothing's been retooled here. The green plastic's been swapped with blue, the dark green paint as been replaced with dark blue, and the paint on the chest is a little different. As part of the Velocitron line, Cosmos' gun was molded such that he could hold the barrel and a checkered flag could be plugged into it. It wouldn't make sense to give Pathfinder a checkered flag, but it wouldn't make sense to toss the part, either. So Hasbro gave her a flag with the Guardians' symbol. That's right, Pathfinder's also a girl! It's interesting, looking back, how much more progressive Gobots was at the time. Transformers went over 50 episodes before briefly introducing some female characters, didn't have a female as part of the main cast until 1986, and didn't have girl toy until Beast Wars in the west (or Masterforce in Japan, I think). Meanwhile, Tonka dumps a pile of Gobots on someone's desk at Hanna-Barbera and says, "come up with a cartoon to sell these," and right from go that person randomly decides that some of them are girls. But I digress. Next up with have Treds, and Treds is all kinds of confusing. So, in the cartoon Treds is a Guardian, one of the good guys, right? But the original Treds toy back in the day was one of the very few Gobots that had anything like a faction symbol stickered on. And that inverted triangle with a lightning bolt indicated that he was a Renegade. When they did the eHobby set 20 years ago (holy crap am I old), Takara kind of ran with that and put a Decepticon sticker on him. And that sticker carried over to a tampoed Decepticon badge on this repaint of Kingdom Warpath, despite his instructions labeling him as an Autobot. I guess the official fiction is that when the Gobots came to the Transformers' dimension Treds joined up with the Decepticons because he figured the others were already gathering intel from the Autobots. Anyway, Treds is purely a repaint; any other physical differences between Treds and Warpath are due to the fact that I replaced Warpath's doofy shield with a Go Better kit. But a partsforming shield bothers me way less. As repaints go, Treds is really the only Gobot in the eHobby set that is actually colored like his Gobots toy. I have mixed feelings about the Gobots set. On the one hand, all three are made from pretty solid base molds. And, if you already picked up the Amazon-exclusive Golden Disc Road Ranger and Generations Selects Bugbite like I did this set is a nice complement that brings you that much closer to updated versions of the entire eHobby crew. On the other hand... we don't have the entire eHobby Gobots crew. We're still missing Bad Boy, who would be a repaint of Powerglide, which would likely necessitate a new updated Deluxe-class Powerglide in the first place (and while I'm at it, I wouldn't mind a newer Bugbite from the SS86 Bumblebee mold). And while I am strongly pro-Gobot, I'd kind of like to see more stuff like Crasher that directly reference the designs of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon rather than an obscure set of G1 repaints colored seemingly randomly. Ultimately I don't know if I should recommend it or not. It's an homage of an homage, and kind of niche, but like I said they're three pretty solid base molds. Not a Gobot, but I'm closing out today with Ferak, the first of Walmart's exclusive Star Raiders line. Ferak is actually a G1 character, but a super obscure one. In issue #17 of the Marvel G1 comic (the first appearance of Straxus, BTW), the first page features a trio of jets that look like this: One of those jets utters the line, "There's nowhwere you can hide from the power of Ferak!" Blaster shoots Ferak, who never transforms, Ferak crashes, and that's the last we hear of him for years... at least in the US. In the UK, issue #114 opened with a scene of Decepticon jets (none of which looked like Ferak) attacking the Autobots. One of them transformed into this unnamed robot: Are you following me so far? Now fast forward all the way to 2010. James Roberts is writing Last Stand of the Wreckers at IDW, and he decides that Ferak is part of Squadron X. Roberts also decided that the unnamed Decepticon from the Marvel UK story was also Ferak. Using that Decepticon as a template artist Nick Roche drew this panel: And although the horns are curved like the Marvel UK story and you can see the suggestion of a cockpit chest, someone else looked at that panel and though Ferak looked a bit like Cyclonus, and in 2014 Universe Cyclonus was repainted into Ferak for that year's Botcon set, the theme of which was Pirates vs Knights*. And Walmart's Star Raiders are supposed to be pirates, so... ...Star Raider Ferak is a retool of Kingdom Cyclonus. Interestingly, he does have a number of retooled parts, including his wings, face, shoulders, and chest, but rather than add details like the cockpit in Roche's Last Stand of the Wreckers art everything but the wings looks retooled to better resemble Cyclonus' G1 toy. Ferak comes with the same gun that Cyclonus did, but he also comes with two new accessories. These new guns can tab onto the ends of Ferak's wings, or they can be held in his hands. In alt mode, we can see that Ferak's nose is also retooled, to be shorter and to end in a rectangular nozzle. This nozzle is meant to be the nose gun Ferak is seen firing in his very first Marvel appearance. Likewise, the guns that plug into the ends of his wings and the little intakes or verniers on the leading edges of the wings are callbacks to that original Marvel art. I don't know about the rest of the Star Raiders line... Ferak is the only one that's shipped so far, though I have preorders for almost the entire line. Time will tell for the others, then, but Ferak seems like a safe recommend. I mean, Kingdom Cyclonus is just a really excellent mold, and it looks pretty striking in a mix of grays with bits of red to help it pop. Plus, even though he's a super obscure character, he is technically a G1 character. *Another Pirate in the 2014 Botcon Set was Cannonball, whom we'll eventually be seeing again.
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