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  2. Considering all the things that MS-02 gets right, I'm willing to overlook those shortcomings. Heck, I'm not even a fan of the hyper-toon look.. in fact that change in aesthetic direction is what made me quit collecting Masterpiece Transformers altogether (well, that's part of it but the rest isn't relevant here). What Magic Square has achieved with this latest iteration of Optimus Prime is just so impressive that I had to pick him up. He's amazing! Looks like a non-transformable figure like Hasbro's R.E.D. line or Super7's Ultimates and yet not only does he transform but they managed to streamline the process and make it fun instead of frustrating. One of the gripes I have about the push toward near-total cartoon accuracy is all of the compromises that need to be made to achieve that seamless, kibble-free look in both modes. Often times the result is the figures being heavily over-engineered which makes them more shelf queens than toys. I understand that we all have our preferences but I do like to play with my toys from time to time. Having a shelf full of expensive transforming "toys" that you're afraid to touch and require you to take a day off to transform isn't my idea of fun. It's just sad. Magic Square showed me that these are toys to be played with and that they can look incredible in the process. MS-02 Light of Peace is Sunbow Optimus Prime from my childhood. Looking at it takes me back to simpler times, devouring bowls of sugary breakfast cereal with my little brother while watching cartoons on our small (though we thought it was huge back then) TV. I'm grateful.
  3. I wanted to get at least the Frontier valks, but I had to prioritize some things this month to stay within my toy budget. There're just other things I wanted more these days. Hopefully they'll be available a month or 2 from now, and I'll pick them up then.
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  5. This actually looks far better than Sharnado. But it’s still a silly idea to make this movie based on the bear from the story. Sharknado was more like a bunch of drunks got together with no cash and started making a movie as they went. This movie seems more like one guy was watching YouTube and saw the story and told a friend and that person told a friend and then the whole story changed and eventually someone with slightly more cash than the sharknado movie decided to make their movie.
  6. I think the high cost is based more on the high risk of hoping collectors would be interested. It’s a very niche item and a large size totally designed for a collector rather than something every kid wants.
  7. This is a Toynami....HG licensed....not a Japanese BW licensed product....still....most toys are made in China anyways, but I doubt the price is having any major effect on the MSRP in a major way...
  8. Keep in mind a place like BBTS alreday has the shipping cost from JP to the US baked in. The shipping cost on a box for a 24" figure can't be cheap. I suspect that drives the "in your hands" price up considerably. That said, this thing should maybe be $250. $150 for shipping is not a realistic number.
  9. I'm waiting for the Chainsaw Bear adaptation from The Good Place.
  10. It looks like something similar to the hokum of Sharknado.
  11. He was the RIO Sundown in Top Gun who flew with Maverick after Goose died. He was following Maverick after a flight, saying 'we could have had him!' after Mav choked. I think he was in some police dramas as well. RIP!
  12. Sometimes, when we want a quick Star Wars fix, there are great fan films available.. (Apologies if these have been posted before)
  13. COCAINE BEAR is one of those meme movies that get super popular for no reason than being ridiculous and makes it go viral. I think it has to do with the limited amount of movies released since COVID. Interesting that Elizabeth Banks directed it tho.
  14. Interesting. Just wish to know if the AKIRA anime series announced back in 2019 is still in development or not? Probably killed or delayed by COVID, ugh.
  15. I don't really remember him beyond Die Hard and Top Gun but RIP. 66 is young.
  16. Lots of great talent and turmoil in that band. Lots of amazing songs too
  17. Even though I remember for smaller roles, they were in very memorable movies
  18. https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/29270-macross-magazines/?do=findComment&comment=959464 The Hobby Catalogue from the My Anime July 1983 issue is one of my favorite furoku from the SDFM era.... The back cover is actually from a Takatoku promo poster....
  19. Has anyone gotten their Hayate 31AX Armored set yet? I got mine today and put them on. They fit well enough, although I've only kept it in gerwalk mode so far. One thing I wanted to ask though is if anyone tried inserting the support piece for gerwalk/battroid that goes at the base of the weapons pod. It seems like it might scratch the decal off, so I didn't try pushing it in. Has anyone had experience with it?
  20. We're not gletting closer to a new Akira adaption, which is probably a good thing, but here's an interesting attempt to visualize live action Akira characters by AI art:
  21. From Yahoo News: Clarence Gilyard Jr., the action star known for his turns in Die Hard, Top Gun, and Walker, Texas Ranger, has died at 66. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ College of Fine Arts shared the news of his passing. With a 30-year acting career under his belt, the late Gilyard taught at the university as a film and theater professor. “His students were deeply inspired by him, as were all who knew him. He had many extraordinary talents and was extremely well-known in the university through his dedication to teaching and his professional accomplishments,” says UNLV Dean Nancy J. Uscher, per Deadline. “His generosity of spirit was boundless—he was always ready to contribute to projects and performances however possible. We remember Clarence with joy and gratitude for all he contributed to the College of Fine Arts, the UNLV community, and, through his impressive personal achievements, to the world.” (more): https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/r-p-clarence-gilyard-jr-161800212.html
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