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Found 2 results

  1. Bringing back this thread with the. . . Greatest. R&B Love Song. Ever. (There's also an actual video for the song too, but youtube won't allow it to be embedded.)
  2. INTERVEW WITH fripSide AT ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2012 This is the first time the group fripSide has been invited to perform, in Singapore, so our fellow Macross member, Rei with Kent (from Anime Shrine) caught up with them on the 9th November 2012, at Changi Village Hotel and below is what transpired in the interview. Note: As the interview answers were conveyed through a translator thus certain replies may be lost in translation. Q : Firstly, congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Album [Decade]. Happy Belated Birthday, Sat-san and Nanjou-san, congratulations on launching your solo debut on December. Other than the album in being the group's 10th anniversary after founding, what is the message that you wish to send in [Decade]? NANJOU: [Decade] is fripSide's 10th anniversary album, we would want the listeners to think back on what they were doing in these 10 years back. I would want the listeners to understand that time is a precious thing and we should not do things that would make us regret in the future. We should think wisely before we make any actions. SAT: For me, this album is actually for the 10th anniversary, and I'm very happy to be able to produce it. This album comprises of songs from the past albums & singles as well. I really hope the listeners would take note while listening to the album, would there be any different feelings or memories that came up to their mind while listening to this new album. I hope that everybody understands that fripSide's music are made for everyone & this 10th anniversary marks our step into globalizing our music in Asia. Q : How did the group name "fripSide" came about? SAT: The name was originally suppose to be "flip-side" with an "L" instead of an "R", which came from the flip-side (B side) of the old vinyl records but now it's all in CDs. The message in the name is that we are putting in efforts for both, the A side and also in the B side as well. We want the listeners to listen both cover sides equally. The capitalized "S" in fripSide represents me (Sat-san) with the impression to have a playful side to the name. Q : You have done many collaboration works with various artistes, which work was the one you would say is your best? SAT: I've worked with some artistes that appeared in AFA such as KOTOKO-san, m.o.v.e.'s Motsu-san, and Kurosaki Maon-san. I find that our style of music and the music that we pursue have very similar. Also the creative sides are also similar. We can compliment each others music really well, so I really hope that we are able to do more collaborations in the future. Q : Nanjou-san is a seiyuu who debuted in 2006 before being selected as fripSide's vocalist. How was she selected? NANJOU: When the 2nd generation vocal for fripSide was going to be produced, it was just the time when the original vocal, Nao-san was about to graduate from fripSide. Sat-san has heard my voice through my works as a seiyuu and my voice suits his style of music so he said that we should form fripSide together. Q : How did your individual names came about? SAT: My given name, Satoshi was too long, so to short things up, Sat. That's all~ NANJOU: Well, Nangiorno is a nickname from a close friend from my original label company out of the blue. Q : Currently Nanjou-san is voice acting "Senomiya Akiho" in "Robotics;Notes". What do you think of this character you're playing? NANJOU: Akiho is a very optimistic girl. She's always very bubbly & cheerful. Her straight-forwardness is one of her good points. I hope that I can bring out Akiho's good points through my "genki" voice-acting. Special Thanks goes to Lim Wee Ling, Stephanie Seah, Michelle Tong of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd and Shawn Chin of Anime Festival Asia for arranging and assistance for the interview.
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