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  1. Interview with May’n – AFASG 2016 As the year drew to a close, one more prestigious event left: Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016! This was their 9th year running and growing stronger each year. May’n who was one of their 1st artist, have been returning every year to grace this event since the first AFA in 2008. We managed to catch up with her to find out what she has been doing in 2016. Here is an extract of our interview with the Galaxy Fairy :- Q : Can you tell us the concept for 20 for 7? And your upcoming Asia tour ‘Over & Easy’? May’n : ‘Twenty for Seven
  2. On 27th November 2015, three Macross fans, Vanpang, VF25-F and Rafe went to the Anime Festival Asia 2015 (AFA 2015). The event was the biggest ACG event in South East Asia and was held on the 27th to the 29th November at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore. This time the I Love Anisong theme is ‘REBOOT’. Meaning, the folks at AFA decided to revamp their artist line up with those that have never performed at AFASG before. Among those are BACK-ON, bless 4, nano, Lia, P’s Live!, ZAQ and Mika Kobayashi. The only ones that remained were GARNiDELia who debut in AFASG last year and the Galactic Fair
  3. May’n at Bangkok ComicCon X AFATH 2015 Anime Festival Asia Thailand (AFATH), the most prestigious Anime event in Asia has finally come to the ‘Land of Smiles’ – Thailand on 30 April 2015. As an added bonus, AFATH was held together with another prestigious event, the Bangkok Comic Con, held at Bangkok International Convention Center (BITEC) During the 4 days event, 30th April to 3rd May 2015, Macross fans vanpang, VF25-F and Rafe had a fantastic time going around the exhibitions booths that include ‘The Hungers Games’, HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, Star Wars, the upcoming movies San Andreas and
  4. May’n, the Galactic Fairy at AFA Singapore 2014 Macross fans Vincent Pang, James Wong, Peggy Woo and Chelcy Wong went down to Singapore for the Anime Festival Asia 2014 (AFA 2014) and managed to get an interview with the Galactic Fairy- May’n at AFA 2014 on the 7th December. We present here below our review of May'n concert and an extract of her interview on 7 December 2014. Review on May’n’s concert on 7 December 2014 Once again, it’s time for Asia’s premier anime event of the year held in December 5th to 7th at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore. The management has do
  5. On 12 May 2014, VF25-F and I were given the opportunity to get an interview with May'n, the Galactic Fairy in Singapore. We attach herewith the excerpts of our interview with May'n and a report on her "Dots and Lines" concert !!! Please see attached files below !!! Interview with May'n_12 May 2014.pdf Concert review_12 May 2014.pdf
  6. May’n, The Galactic Fairy at AFA 2013, Singapore. Once again May’n is part of the line- up of artistes from Japan that performed at the Premier anime event in the region – Anime Festival Asia 2013 at Suntec Convention Hall, in Singapore beginning on the 8th till 10th of November. The three of us, vanpang, VF25-F and Ming were there for the event. EVENT AT HORIPRO BOOTH - 8th November 2013 Just like the previous year 2012, HoriPro has set up a booth at AFA. As we walked towards it, we saw May’n has left a message for her fans who have come to Singapore. Her promotional video was playing
  7. Once again fellow Macross fans, James Wong, Vanpang & Wai Ming managed to catch up with May'n-san, during AFA 2013 on 7th September 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Centre. Due to the constraint of time and her busy schedule, we were given a limited number of questions to be put forward to her. All her answers were conveyed to the Media in English through a translator and as such some content maybe lost in translation. EXTRACT OF INTERVIEW WITH May'n AT AFAID 2013 (6TH - 8TH SEPT) This being May’n first time performing in Indonesia under AFA, we decided to catch up
  8. Hi all, Macross the First facebook page is looking questions for their coming interview with Mikimoto Sensei. If you have any questions you would like to ask Mikimoto Sensei regarding Macross the First manga, please post it in the facebook page below :- https://www.facebook.com/MacrosstheFirst/posts/570499822989367 Thanks
  9. I took the plunge, and order one !
  10. Late in February 2013, me amd three other Macross/May'n fans (i.e. Vf25-F, Darren WK and Pamela) managed to get ourselves some ticket to watch May'n's Mic-A-Mania concert on 2 March 2013. Here is a review of the concert written by VF25-F A Malaysian fan at MIC-A-MANIA concert, Budokan The four of us, Macross / May'n fans, VF25-F, Darren WK, Pamela and vanpang decided to make a trip to Japan late in February for some sightseeing and to attend May'n's Mic-A-Mania concert on 2nd March 2013. After much difficulties in trying to obtain tickets to the concert (thanks to all parties who tried to
  11. Hi all, Me and some friends will be heading down to Tokyo end of this month. We are looking for Macross toys and figurines especially the Inchiban Kuji Sheryl Nome in Kimono, would appreciate if anyone could advise me where to get them or shops in Akhibahara you can recommend ? Thanks
  12. INTERVIEW WITH KURIBAYASHI MINAMI DURING AFA 2012 IN SINGAPORE This versatile artist, from Shizouka Perfecture has already established herself firmly in the entertainment industry. Among the anime and games songs she has performed are for the Muv-Luv series, Chrono Crusade, My-HiME, My-Otome, Kure-nai, School Days, Blassreiter and Infinite Stratos. Being her first time in Singapore, the various media took the opportunity to interview her onthe 11th of November at the SINGAPORE EXPO venue, but due to time constraints and her busy schedule, only a limited number
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