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  1. For anyone interested in seeing what they showed :3
  2. Good cast! I appreciated the Toys excerpt the most and coverage of what was at Wonderfest. It actually aided in my decision to buy or not buy the Bandai kit (I ended up to buy...). I thought the magazine talk was good, I would love to see upcoming stuff announced in the paper media area as it comes along and fan project discussions. The crossover was the major bulk of the cast which it was an awesome time to meet you guys! My favorite moment was when Mari came out in that sparkling red gown, I actually gasped when she stepped on stage. She was glowing. A few things I loved and appreciated about Crossover: -The 80 "gift" pack that came with the memories book, those effing brickbears that they cant rid of, the Durandal and vf-30 stickers, the t-shirt, and the program and the amazzzzing tapestry -The atmosphere where people would come up and sing...mostly frontier songs though -The food...not so much Basara!curry came back later with a vengance. -I was about 22 rows back, center. It was blazing hot, but 4.5 of the 5 hours I was up standing and hopping up and down. I think the guy next to me got tired of my Chie and Fukuyama shouting. Though we were cheering together like mad when Kanno showed up. I really appreciate the oppretunity to be on the show even though I was nervous beyond belief. Suggestions: While I love my Arcadia and Hasegawa talk, I would love to hear more talk about the Fig toys since that is starting to be more of a market (Ichiban Kuji, Figuarts Zero, Megahouse, Nens...etc) The crossover talk at the end got a little silly and offtrack near the end with the Alto talk but at 2hrs and 27 minutes of delicious Macross talk, it can happen. Whos opening soda cans so close to the mic? Keep up the good work with coverage at M events! I cant get enough! Looking forward to a lot more
  3. heres the little pictures I took at the concert. I was too excited and also Tochiro was taking a lot of photos I felt no need to take a million and a half
  4. July 5-6: osaka 7-9: kyoto 9-14: Tokyo I am hoping there could be a MW meetup perhaps before or after the concert somewhere in Chiba, since it would be neat to meet international members. (ive been a lurker for many years just dont have much to say I guess...)
  5. http://i45.tinypic.com/akbjep.jpg Incredibly quick! I quite can not find a seating chart so I wonder where the seats are going to be.
  6. update about the Joysound tickets: ◆受付期間(先着販売となりますので、ご注意ください) 3/26(火)午前11:00~4/1(月)午前11:00 <注意事項> ・販売枚数に限りがあるため、予定より早く販売を終了することがあります。  受付期間であっても、販売予定枚数に達してお買い求め頂けない場合がありますので、予めご了承下さい。 ・購入はお一人様2枚までとさせていただきます。 ・購入の際には「JOYSOUND SHOPPING MALL」への会員登録(無料)が必要です。 詳しくは「JOYSOUND SHOPPING MALL」特設ページをご覧ください。 (3/26(火)11:00よりサイトオープン) Update: Got my 2 tickets through Joysound! Yippie! I bought my plane tickets a month ago so all is set to go!
  7. I know about the lotteries. Sadly whenever I go to Japan for concerts its usually through a lottery system or I have to browse the auction sites. I sent the funds to my friend in Tokyo for the lottery + if that fails Joysound + some thanks money Animelo Summer tickets I had to pay an arm and a leg for the decent seats and sadly I am going to skip that to go to this instead. But I always saw the seat selection when I got the ticket, I just wasn't sure if that was the same for this. Here's to hoping~
  8. My friend explained it to me a little better about the process. Basically most concerts are lottery and M fanclub will have first crack. Then the Joysound sale. Then public and so on. I know the base price of the ticket is 8,600 yen. But seat selection is first come first serve? Do people come super early to get a decent seat? I also noticed the the M fanclub will let you join until the (25th) for a chance at the tickets and I am not sure that would cater outside of Japan? So many questions!
  9. I spoke with a friend of mine who is part of the fan club and we are going to coordinate to get a First come first serve ticket through the club. I know also Joysound will be get a few or was I reading wrong?
  10. Since the announcement of the date/location of the Crossover concert has been released ( http://www.macrossworld.com/4275/macross-crossover-live-30-teased/ ) Myself and a few friends are already getting ready to buy our tickets over to Japan to see the concert. Who here is going? If you live in the US how is the best way to get decent seat tickets? What should you expect at the concert and things you should know/do? Is anyone else outside of Japan going? Im hoping to have a friend buy them from Joysound on the 26th of March I just dont know if you can choose seats from there?
  11. I'll be at the SF show, however my flight comes in that Friday night (my husband and I are coming from Ohio to just see the show) so I should be at Yoshi's by noon waiting for the VIP early admission. I shouldnt be hard to find, i'll be wearing the blue/yellow Sheryl concert shirt from the 1st movie. Im definately willing to grab food afterwards (I really dont know where...ill leave it up to the locals)!
  12. Few Updates/questions -I spoke with Yoshi's as of yesterday. They said they dont know the exact time of the "early" admission for the VIPs, but they open at noon. So I am going to stake out early to get prime seating, etc. - Does anyone know if theres a limit on autograph goods? Also I was thinking of bringing May'n a gift (She talks of loving american pancake mix on her blog and things like that..) -Would any of the MW people would like to get post concert dinner/lunch together? Possibly take a photo? I know theres a good udon, shabu shabu and a yakiniku house.
  13. Mari Ijima's concerts are 99% her own work then she sings "Ai Oboete Imasuka" at the end and MAYYYBE youll get a "Tenshi no Enogu" out of her if she feels up to it. Which in turn, I bought her regular CDS and really ended up liking her regular stuff. Im really interested to see 1st gen and the new community (I guess I could be called 2nd gen? Because I came into the fandom thru Macross 7...or would that be 1st? and rewound and went back to the originals..etc. Hopefully if anyone from here comes to the SF show we could maybe do a post concert lunch???? Theres a really good noodle house I keep reading about :9 Still looking for people for the SF Show to share roomage with since im coming from Ohio to see the show.
  14. I just bought my ticket for the San Fran show on the 23rd (I have to work on the 21st) and flight but I am trying to get a group together for a hotel since A) im coming out from Ohio to just to see the show and B) I know NO ONE in SF...is anyone going to the SF show?
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