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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm reaching out to see if anyone is selling the 1/48 Club M YF-21. I recently purchased the YF-19, and I am looking for the YF-21 to complete the set. Thanks in advance.
  2. No3Ljm: I love the club M resin kits. They're heavy. After having the Strike Valk completed, I wanted The Yf-19 and Yf-21 1/48 club m. I can't find the YF21 1/48, though. That has been extremely elusive. Anasai37: hahahaaha...As a MCM collector, too, the image is very appropriate. Yes, and also nostalgia.
  3. Thanks, all. I just purchased this!
  4. Thanks for the pic. I really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the pic. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi All, I saw this item on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254772068483, and I am wondering if this is a legit Club M YF-19. This is from JAF CON, but I always thought that these kits were only available from Wonderfest. Please let me know if this is the real thing or a recast. I am looking for only legit macross stuff.
  7. Yes he is. Please contact him at info@kallamity.com
  8. Hi folks, Here's the finished product of Moscato's Quincy Rowe, which was built and painted by master artist and sculptor Luca Zampriolo. This particular kit afforded him the opportunity to really be creative. With so many different hatches, Luca installed lights in and outside the cockpit and hid the light switch on the side hatch. The hatches, cockpit, arms, and missile panels are all connected by strong magnets that allow for greater articulation and versatility. I'm also including the WIP and several video clips. I hope you enjoy these images and clips. Give him a shot out at info@kallamity.com and check out his website at kallamity.com QWIPM.mov QWIPM2.mov QWIPM3.mov QWIP4.mov QWIPM5.mov
  9. Hi, I'm looking for Moscato's Q-Rowe Milia Pilot. If any of you are willing to sell it, please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Hey Folks, Here are preliminary photos of Moscato's Quincy Rowe that's currently being built by master artist Luca Zampriolo. He's using magnets to allow for the cockpit to open and close. There's also magnets at the shoulders, so there's going to be a lot more articulation. I missed the preorder for the Quincy Rowe, and, thus, I am missing the Milia pilot. For those of you who have preordered the Rowe, I am wondering if any of you are willing to sell the Milia pilot. If so, please PM me. Thank you. Please check out Luca's other work. Links below. He worked on the Club-M's VF-1S Ultimate Strike Valkyrie, which could be seen here: He also built Moscato's Glaug: Quincy.mov
  11. Hello all, I purchased Moscato's 1/72 Regult awhile back, and now I am planning to get this kit built. I believe the kit is Moscato's first run, with the ball joints, grey resin, and rubber gasket. If someone out there has the PDF version of the instruction manual, would you mind sharing it with me? I appreciate your help in advance. best, Tom
  12. This guy, PetarB, is a scammer and will take your money without sending your items. I purchased my pilots on August 21st, and I never received them. Report this guy.
  13. By "awhile," how long would you say?
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