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  1. No, we didn't, sorry. But with the movie on the way, hopefully we'll find out one way or another in the not-so-distant future. :-) Many thanks for tuning in! Hopefully our long rants can help you to kill time and not put you to sleep behind the wheel ^^;
  2. The latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast is now live, featuring all the latest news and then some! https://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-141-interesting-times/
  3. Latest episode is live!!!!!! ;-) https://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-140-livin-in-the-labyrinth-of-time/
  4. New Macross Frontier theatrical short anime coming this year - The Labyrinth of Time. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-02-06/macross-frontier-anime-gets-brand-new-theatrical-film-short/.169225
  5. With the dearth of model shows as of late, now's as good a time as any to revisit a couple from 2019! https://www.decultureshock.com/chiba-shibori-plastic-model-rock-festival-2019/
  6. This episode we're catching up on some news, looking at Shoji Kawamori's Macross Designer's Note and searching for VF-1S toys in Akihabara. (Please note that since this was recorded before the recent Delta trailer, we won't be delving into that until next episode). https://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-139-taking-notes-on-the-designers-note/
  7. Just to clarify - there has been no official announcement of a delay for the movie, nor anything about it going straight to Netflix. The rumor that's been doing the rounds today is the result of people using google translate on twitter - and using google translate on Japanese seldom gets an accurate translation.
  8. Macross fan translator Gubaba has done several Macross novels in the past and I believe the Macross 2 novels are near the top of his to-do list at the moment, so keep an eye on his blog for updates. https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/category/all-of-my-translations-in-one-post/ Keep in mind that even the final two novels (the only really "new" material) don't add much in the way of new information as they're more of a triad/investigation side-story. They have been the source of some neat novel-related cosplay over the years though. :-)
  9. Thanks! We're hoping to have less of a break between episodes in the future ^^; Engrish is always a plus :-D Am happy to hear that its sounding better. We'll continue tweaking as we go :-)
  10. Need some background noise while recovering from 2020? Why not join us in catching up on all the latest Macross news? https://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-138-catching-up-genesis-breaker/
  11. Well Mikimoto did come out and say publicly that he was prepared and ready to continue but that the decision to not go ahead came from elsewhere. Either way, it’s a shame.
  12. Just to clear up some possible misunderstandings: 1)The new tv series announced at the end of Walkure’s 2nd live as having been greenlit was never announced as being S2 of Delta. Regardless though, it’s a safe bet that whatever it was going to be, it’s on the back burner indefinitely while Zettai Live is being made. A LOT changed at that 2nd Live that also affected what was to come afterwards. 2) While the “official” position on Lady M was that her identity would never be revealed, that all changed on March 2019 when one of the producers of Delta announced that this had changed
  13. No, they really don’t. If anything, they undersell it in quite a few cases And I say that as someone who has seen him work in person and marveled at the sheer amount of involvement he has with pretty much everything.
  14. It’s not that much longer than Frontier when you think about it. Frontier began airing in 2008. Wings of Farewell was released in 2011. Delta began airing in 2016. Zettai Live releases in 2021 (after presumably having been delayed by Covid like pretty much everything else. Subtract a year for that and Delta only has a media cycle that’s only a year longer than Frontier, which makes sense given that there were more concerts and related events in between entries for Delta)
  15. ANN has also picked up on it. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-10-03/macross-delta-zettai-live-anime-film-to-open-in-2021-with-more-concerts-before/.164849
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