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  1. You have a point, but it's debatable. Delta wasn't the huge success in Japan either. Just look at the viewing figures for films from other anime franchises and it is dwarfed many times over. Unless it's only supposed to be a vehicle for advertising Walk├╝re in which case it's doing its job well I suppose. As for Kawamori, I love the guy to bits and he's an incredible artist, creator and world builder, but I stand by my point that he hasn't really done a memorable, quality show since...well, Frontier actually. I would love to be proven wrong by the next iteration of Macross.
  2. Been a while since I posted here, but since I finally watched Zettai Live I thought it was a good time to return and psot my thoughts.I suppose it was an improvement over the last movie and having less of the Knights was always going to be be a good thing. But that said, it still cements itself as the most disappointing Macross installment of all for me. It just never clicked I said before and I say it again. Kawamori should hand over control of Macross to someone who will develop it and take it into a fresh direction, but that actually cares about writing and characters.
  3. Haven't checked into MW in a while, but with all that is going on I just had to check in. What a time to be alive as a Macross fans. English language releases of almost the entire catalogue. I'm speechless!! I need to ready my wallet. I hope they take the time and care to do this right and we get the releases in the right quality.
  4. I thought Kaguya-sama was going to be the best thing on this season, but Spy X Family has been everything as good and entertaining. It keeps on surprising me.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, Attack on Titan should have ended on that panel when they finally reached the sea. It would have been a logical and satisfying conclusion. The moment they started giving us all the Marley content things fell apart from a narrative perspective for me.
  6. So what are we looking at here? 3 Musical BD's?
  7. This has been a pretty good season with at least two great shows in Mushoku Tensei and Ousama Ranking which has been nothing short of a revelation. Add to that a very decent 86 second season and Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut. Good times.
  8. Keiko Nobumoto who wrote the screenplay to Macross Plus has passed away at the age of 57. Way too young. She penned so, so many of my favorite shows (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Tokyo Godfathers, Space Dandy). And she was the creator of another classic, Wolf's Rain. RIP.
  9. As a huge, huge Cowboy Bebop fan, I've been too afraid to start watching. Will probably do when some time has passed and I can judge it on it's own terms without the twitter/Reddit rants/hype rolling around. SO I cannot comment on the quality/lack of of this show. The cancellation tho, Netflix just takes waay to little time before they axe things.
  10. Or Lady M...ilia who then calls her ex-husbando to help out their granddaughter?
  11. Anyone else seen Beastars S2? The second season is not quite as good as the first imo.
  12. Just one film? Impossible to choose for me. There's so many. And some of them are kinda bit bleak so they would be an unwise choice for just seeing for the rest of mu life.
  13. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts. It makes perfect sense to me. Nadia when I watched it back in the day, always seemed like a Proto NGE to me but I had kind of forgotten making those connections when watchin 3.0+1.0. I'm soon doing my rewatch of the rebuild films and will be paying more attention to these details.
  14. It has its own page, but I watched the final Evangelion film. I cannot believe its come to an end. IN regards to this season, its pretty poor. The only show that consistently wants me to come back for more is Sonny Boy.
  15. Just finished it. What a ride. To this day I still don't know if the Rebuild film's were necessary or just an act of extreme self indulgence by Anno to get his intellectual property away from Gainax. But they're a great retelling of the original story and this is a mirror to E of E in it's own way. It's a cleaner, more generous ending, coming from a more mature man who perhaps didn't feel the need of of crushing his own creation anymore. I still think my favorite Evangelion is Sadamoto's manga version, but this one does what it needs to do in it's own visually spectacular way.
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