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  1. What a horrible thing for there to happen. Absolutely tragic news, so very sad.
  2. I always found the premise a bit problematic (god I hate using the word but cannot find anything else). As an adult man, I cannot help putting myself in his shoes and think of at least 2,3 other ways in which to help a runaway teenage girl which doesn't imply letting her live alone in your tiny apartment. Kudos to him for his altruism, but damn if it isn't the wrong way to handle things. Makes for some great drama tho. 86 and To Your Eternity are still the best things this season for me. The latter really manages to change the tone from episode to episode but in a good way.
  3. I agree with you to some extent. There's so much anime out there that is mainstream and part of the popular culture now. The mecha genre is scuffed at by younger fans as well. If BW and HG could have done this deal 4,5 years ago then a big Macross release could have had a bigger impact. If they had done it when Frontier came out, Macross would be colossal.
  4. Man, this hits hard, real hard. RIP to the greatest mangaka of all. He will be missed. I hope they don't come up with any stupid ideas like continuing to the story. You cannot recreate his art style in any way shape or form.
  5. My late contribution to the topic. I think there will be plenty more Macross. Kawamori is the youngest looking 60 year old on the planet and these directors keep working well into their seventies. And he's not afraid to keep on with the times. Would like to have a fresh voice in the show though. Would like to see what someone else can do with the Macross core concept.
  6. I take back my words about it being an underwhelming season. There's a couple of really solid shows that had flown under my radar. 86- lots of Code Geass vibes from this one. Vivy's Fluorite's Eye Song- Violet Evergarden meets Steins Gate. To Your Eternity- might end up being the best of the lot. Last episode was Princess Mononoke meet some cosmic sci fi
  7. As long as there is a Char and they drop a colony on Sydney I'll be game
  8. I like the idea of it being a work of fiction inside of other Macross' series. Makes for a troublefree watch without the headaches of continuity.
  9. The big question here that no one is discussing. Can our wallets sustain the inevitable oncoming onslaught?
  10. Well the manga is finished and in my opinion it's a pretty mediocre finale for what is one of the great manga/anime of our time. Never been too crazy about the story
  11. This season is pretty underwhelming, but Megalobox 2 and Fruits Basket are delivering as expected.
  12. Ha, ha,ha, god that's just awful. I've seen high school art that's of a higher standard. No, my point was worrying about how Harmony Gold might interpret the agreement when it comes to SDFM characters that appear in other Macross shows. For example, Maximilian Jenius and Miria? You cannot have M7 without them. Focker in Zero? II, Plus, Frontier and Delta have no issues of this kind.
  13. I’m over the moon. Finally it is happening. I knew the grip was loosening due to BW slowly but deliberately chipping away at HG’s license stranglehold, but seeing this happen is unexpected. i wonder how Kawamori feels about HG still keeping rights over some of the characters.
  14. Papagane is a hilarious character and Koyasu does a perfect job bringing out his zaniness.
  15. This season has been a bit hit and miss for me. Two of the best things this season are Attack on Titan and Horimiya but being familiar with the source material [spoiler]
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