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  1. So one thing i noticed about the Stealth Cruisers in Macross Delta is that they had these exposed sections of the hull revealing inner machinery, while the ones in Frontier didn't have sections of their plating removed. Any idea what's up with that?
  2. My only hope for the next series is that they don't focus on a PMC group again
  3. Ah my mistake, i thought L.A.I's part in developing the 25 went a little beyond the electronics.
  4. So what do you guys think L.A.I would have done to improve the VF-25 in the post-Vajra War?
  5. Not anymore than the manned fighters were. Assuming they'd be deployed with their A.I limiters disabled it'd be a pretty even fight.
  6. Not gonna lie I was disappointed by the lack of usage of the Super Ghosts against Heimdall in the later half of the movie. You'd think with how outclassed manned fighters were against the Sv-303s, Xaos would have used them more to at least make the battlefield a bit more even. Edit: Looking back at it, Delta as a whole had a very distinct lack of support Ghosts for Xaos and the local New UN Spacy Forces when compared to Frontier.
  7. A few people from another website had ran the teased pages through a translation software and what was spat out made the mention that the YF-29, YF-30, and VF-31AX were classified as 6th Generation Valkyries.
  8. So what's with the 31AX being classified as a 6th Generation VF in the book? It didn't seem to have brought anything new to the table to set it apart from other fighters like the YF-29.
  9. How fast do you think Factory Satellites can pump out warships and smaller assuming they're in top condition?
  10. That reminds me. Why didn't the Macross 7 government not go through the effort of fixing up Akusho district? How did it become like that in the first place too? EditL: Disregard this. I went back and read what Seto posted about Akusho.
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