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  1. I have a question regarding the G-Limits of 5th Gens like the VF-25 compared to older 4th Gens like the 19 (Specifically the F and S types) and the VF-22. On the Mecha manual the 19F and 22S are listed as having an airframe limit of +35.5/- 19.5 and +60.0/- 45.0 respectively, so i was wondering if the 27.5 G's listed for the VF-25 is what the airframe is actually capable of taking for a 5th Gen or is that just what the ISC is rated for.
  2. So was the Brisingr Alliance involved at all in the movie?
  3. Now i wonder how a detective/cop story in a Macross setting would be like
  4. Inb4 he comes back as a cyborg They technology, they can rebuild him!/s
  5. Did Keith and Roid get caught up in an explosion?
  6. So how exactly do the various Vajra forms propel themselves when they're in space?
  7. I take it that the Fold Quartz they have on Windermere wouldn't cut it for what the 29 requires?
  8. Man i really hope that's not going to be the case and that it just belongs to a New UN Special Forces group that just happens to have similar colors to Hayate's VF-31s
  9. Now i'm wondering who exactly did Xaos pissed off enough to get a YF-29 sent after them
  10. To be honest i'd rather have Mirage end up with someone else rather than becoming Hayate's second choice. The girl deserves it.
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