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  1. I have a question regarding the G-Limits of 5th Gens like the VF-25 compared to older 4th Gens like the 19 (Specifically the F and S types) and the VF-22. On the Mecha manual the 19F and 22S are listed as having an airframe limit of +35.5/- 19.5 and +60.0/- 45.0 respectively, so i was wondering if the 27.5 G's listed for the VF-25 is what the airframe is actually capable of taking for a 5th Gen or is that just what the ISC is rated for.
  2. So was the Brisingr Alliance involved at all in the movie?
  3. Now i wonder how a detective/cop story in a Macross setting would be like
  4. Inb4 he comes back as a cyborg They technology, they can rebuild him!/s
  5. Did Keith and Roid get caught up in an explosion?
  6. So how exactly do the various Vajra forms propel themselves when they're in space?
  7. I take it that the Fold Quartz they have on Windermere wouldn't cut it for what the 29 requires?
  8. Man i really hope that's not going to be the case and that it just belongs to a New UN Special Forces group that just happens to have similar colors to Hayate's VF-31s
  9. Now i'm wondering who exactly did Xaos pissed off enough to get a YF-29 sent after them
  10. To be honest i'd rather have Mirage end up with someone else rather than becoming Hayate's second choice. The girl deserves it.
  11. So how exactly do Thermonuclear Reaction weapons work in depth?
  12. Delta might have a new member since a green Siegfried showed up in the trailer 15 seconds in
  13. I'd image space battles between the Zentradi and Supervision army were just that insane to where gunboats like the SDF-1 were considered standard.
  14. Damn, i never realized that the QF-3000 was an absolute unit.
  15. How powerful is ASWAG anyways? Does it compare to the Vajra's bio-ECA?
  16. Yeah, they couldn't exactly go for VF-25s either even if they wanted to. IIRC the packs for it were kinda expensive, and while the Brisingr cluster wasn't exactly the poorest region, they weren't swimming in cash either.
  17. IIRC that had to do with one of the tests where a YF-24 managed to fold in close enough to the target and launch a simulated reaction missile at the bridge of the target carrier.
  18. So i have something that's been in my mind for a while. What exactly makes a Anti-VF/Valkyrie Slayer different from any other VF?
  19. Just played the update myself last night and loved the new UNS units! Pretty cool seeing the VF-0s and VF-1s fight alongside each other
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