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  1. And what about streaming? Not that I stream anime (or watch any anime these days...) but ya know...streaming is more prevalent in the West... Edit: never mind. They're coming as box sets (please be small) https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-07-01/macross-frontier-macross-delta-anime-offered-on-home-video-outside-japan/.187277
  2. Uniform colors denote department. In the TOS era, Gold = Command, Red = Operations, Blue = Sciences. Rank is denoted by the bands at the cuff of the sleeves. There's a Memory Alpha article about it. In the pilot the colors were: Gold = Command, Bronze = Operations, Silver/Blue = Sciences. The standard uniform is the colored v-neck shirt over the black shirt/neckband. There's the dress uniform you'll see later. Women had the colored skirts. There's also a captain's green v-neck shirt/jacket. McCoy's short-sleeve shirt was like a medical scrubs uniform-variant. Same with Nurse Chapel's uniform (a medical skirt uniform). There are also the red workman's cover-all you see the Transporter room tech using. Here's a quick version:
  3. Franchises need a constant stream of new blood so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I know I'm not the target audience for lots of these shows now so I'm not going to get all worked up about it (same for whatever new Macross shows come our way now). Hell, most of us here ARE NOT the target audiences for these shows now. Unlike Picard, at least they are trying to stick close to canon. People reacted well to seeing Hayden coming back (and we'll see more of him in Ashoka) and that's great. But my opinion is to use Prequel and Original trilogy characters sparingly (Sequel characters can burn and be thrown to that dumpster fire). If they do move forward with a 2nd season, focus on Luke getting to know "Ben Kenobi" more cuz Luke being friendly when they first meet in ANH should have a bit more context. My other focus would be to have Kenobi start feeling his age. That line where he says "I'm getting too old for this sorta thing..." should rear its head now.
  4. I've heard the rumor too. And while I would love a remastered DS9 on Blu-ray, I'm not holding my breath. The RoI (Return of Investment) for DS9 and Voyager remasters are not as great as TOS or TNG (with TNG not earning as much as TOS).
  5. Any opportunity to separate you from your money...πŸ€‘
  6. No one said you couldn't start a thread dedicated to Star Trek or Playmobil toys...Or a thread dedicated to TNG, DS9, etc.
  7. MOD WARNING This thread is entering politics-territory for the most insignificant reasons. Either shut it down or I lock and ban a bunch of you.
  8. Now that this show is done... It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It's sitting down there with Boba Fett. Deborah Chow did a good job telling the story, visually. I didn't have a problem with the camera work. Actors? Fine. No issue there. Writing.....Oh FFS. I liked the 1st episode. I kinda liked Ep 2 but parts were annoying me. Ep 3, 4, 5 were bleh. I liked the last episode. Like everything in between was....frustrating. Breaking down each episode, I like certain story pieces in each episode, but then the stuff in between started to annoy me. Muddled execution? Yes. Looking at the writers for this I can see a trend: Ep 1: Story by : Stuart Beattie and Hossein Amini, Teleplay by: Joby Harold and Hossein Amini and Stuart Beattie Ep 2: Story by : Stuart Beattie and Hossein Amini, Teleplay by: Joby Harold Ep 3: Joby Harold & Hannah Friedman and Hossein Amini and Stuart Beattie Ep 4: Joby Harold & Hannah Friedman Ep 5: Joby Harold & Andrew Stanton Ep 6: Story by : Stuart Beattie and Joby Harold & Andrew Stanton, Teleplay by: Joby Harold & Andrew Stanton and Hossein Amini Like a certain something in the execution...πŸ€¨πŸ€” I would have preferred Obi-wan to have faked a death, at least to the Empire, to get some heat off of him. Vader would have seen through it but at least to the greater universe, he's dead. Having Palps tell Vader to "Let it go" felt a little underwhelming. Though, Vader is now 0-2 so I even admit, his odds are not in his favor now. Production, FX, VFX...I already addressed it earlier. Inquisitor make up was absolute garbage. Boba Fett did a great job with make-up and VFX. Jennifer Beals still looks hot, even with Twi'lek makeup. And the Pike Syndicate. That was done really well. Boba Fett riding a rancor looked awesome but WTF happened in Obi-Wan? Flashback with original actors? Makeup is not enough. You have de-age them with CGI or it doesn't look right. Argh.... Use of night-time fights...argh...It tells me you are trying to hide something which could be done with CGI and good VFX. Don't be lazy. Characters? Mostly fine. Except for 3rd Sister/Reva. She should have died or come off more injured coming out of the confrontation on the Lars farmstead. For frak's sake, she got stabbed pretty good and she's deflecting with some degree of accuracy? Gimme a break... I liked Leia but the character kinda dragged on as the show progressed...kinda like the writing... Okay Andor...no Jedi/Sith. Let's see how you turn out.
  9. Palpatine plays the long game and is opportunistic. Yes, in the end, all that matters is his endgame and he'll pull as many threads as he can until he gets a full bundle of yarn.
  10. Considering it was posted on Tamashii, it’s likely a new toy line. Mix of Hi-metal an DX Chogokin perhaps?
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