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  1. The back of the gunpod looks like the VF-31's while the front is the Sv-262's. Wonder if it is just the Sv-262's redesigned to be compatible with the VF-31. The folding bicep armor is interesting. Wonder if that is in response to the VF-31's lack of a bicep. The new container pod definitely looks like a thermometer...or home pregnancy test kit.
  2. "companies to make enough supply..." The problem with this is this may not be possible quickly. We could go into supply chain, manufacturing, etc., but it just may not be possible. And even if they did, it will take time to make changes to supply chain and manufacturing. By the time they fix supply, demand may have waned. What I see is a failure to adequately anticipate supply chain and changes in manufacturing (again, see my comment about Just-in-Case vs. Just-in-Time manufacturing). Companies failed to anticipate how much things have changed in a year and how quickly things have pivoted. Yes, things changed quickly, but they could have used the "good times" to sort out supply chain and manufacturing woes to see less disruption during "bad times". "The second is for consumers not to purchase from scalpers / flippers." Easier said than done. When people want something which is in such short supply, they will go to lengths to get that product. We've been telling that to GPU buyers, yet 9 months in, people are still buying well above MSRP, from secondary markets, and likely being scalped.
  3. The answer to "why scalpers?" is, at its core, supply-&-demand. If people want it enough, they will pay for it. One thing that has been brought up, especially in light of the pandemic, is Just-in-Time vs Just-in-Case manufacturing. Each has their pros and cons but given our current situation, most manufacturing adopted JIT but at the same time, we're seeing high demand, which is breeding a much more lucrative secondary market.
  4. I think the 256GB NVMe is probably the better deal. At the same time, it has MicroSD card support so storage isn't too much of a concern.
  5. If the show continues on, I’m sure they’ll revisit Ryloth, but this thread will have to dangle for the rest of the season. The whole point was to plant the seeds for the Rebellion. Unfortunately, the do need to cover the existing threads this season; will the Kaminoians ever get Omega back, face off with Crosshairs.
  6. Just as a FYI, Freya Allan was ~16/17 when they filmed season 1. She turned 19 when they stared filming season 2 at the end of 2020. She'll be in her 20s if they make it to season 3. Kids do grow fast.
  7. The supply constraints are likely the case, given TSMC's current fab-to-supply issues. From what I hear, the chips are being scooped up as soon as they come off the fab. Basically everything being manufactured is already allocated to manufacturers. There's no leftovers being produced.
  8. Unfortunately Delta’s flight trainer, Messer, disagreed with that assessment. A person can be book-smart but lack that spark of improvisation and imagination that brings them up a level. That’s where Mirage is.
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