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  1. The human body can, surprisingly, withstand 30+ Gs. Granted for no more than a few seconds. IIRC, you have to hit somewhere around a sustained 20-something Gs or ~50-75 Gs instantaneously where you will get turned into meat glue. But you'll be unconscious 1st well before that happens at that many Gs.
  2. There is an Acer Swift 3 14" with AMD Ryzen* or Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14"* at Costco. Best Buy has a HP - Pavilion 2-in-1 14"*. *availability may vary depending on region
  3. What is your use case? WFH(word processing/spreadsheets/email/etc)? Media consumption? Programming? Creative solution (Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere)? HP Pavillion? Asus Vivobook?
  4. PR headache...not technical headache. PR meaning the whole TPM-compatibility requirement. I just read the other day they put out a technical bulletin on how to disregard the TPM check via a reg fix.
  5. SSDs have a tendency to just die when they want to die. Having it work one day then die the next is par-for-the-course for an SSD. Oh Windows 11. Microsoft's latest PR headache... I probably won't update for another year. I don't see a real need on the OS-front to move away from Windows 10. I'm more concerned with my hardware upgrades...as futile as that is right now (stupid parts shortage and supply chain issues )
  6. Since this movie has now premiered and since this movie will not be available on home video for a while, this thread is on a 6-month spoiler lockdown. Any spoilers posted without tags will be deleted without warning. Also, if you can't read or understand Japanese, please don't try to interpret anything.
  7. What else can we add to a New Macross-class carrier? http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/macross-galaxy/battlegalaxy-attack.jpg http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/queen-frontier/queenfrontier.jpg This movie? Yes.
  8. +1 Surprisingly, lawsuits are how a lot of things are get done/enforced in the world. We just don’t hear about all of them. And even fewer actually go to trial. Most are resolved in mediation/out-of-court.
  9. More stuff from Netflix's Tudum fan-event:
  10. I swear this episode was a ‘80s movie plot. Kid(s) hold a house party while the parents are away. Parent(s) decide to come home early and kid(s) are in a mad rush to clean the house before the parent(s) get home. Parent(s) get home and find everything to be neat, clean and boring.
  11. *sees small group of people magically appear in a queue already* You know they haven't even announced a blue DX YF-29, right?
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