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  1. The posting options need to be restored on desktop as well.
  2. I think this version could have worked from MK X: Humanoid lizard in a somewhat ninja-suit.
  3. Who the hell edited this movie? Joss Whedon? There are parts missing from these scenes where I'm saying to myself "Wait..why did you cut to something else?" Even some of the fights seem to be missing an in-between shot.
  4. Considering there are 2 other posts about this, this one gets the lock. There is no "Part 2". We're done with these "debate"-threads.
  5. REMINDER: This is not a thread for discussing legal issues in detail. We have gone into length about that issue elsewhere. The funny thing with streaming services is videos go up and down every month thanks to the way shows and movies are distributed on those platforms. I sure there are removal dates entered in when those videos are posted to the streaming service and that may be why Macross Plus is no longer available. Simply put, its distribution period is over and no longer available on that platform. It likely had nothing to do with any legal issue. Just that the removal date came
  6. Worded review? Keep it SFW. If you can't, don't bother posting. Pictures? Absolutely NO. >>>>>> No graphic or vulgar descriptions/depictions of sex or sexual content.
  7. Large creepily sexy-vampire chick is showing up in my feed again. I assume the Resident Evil 8's release is eminent?
  8. No comment. Not until they say what they are doing. The Gundam-diaspora is so large and filled with alternate universes that they don't even have to follow the anime. At all. Until they actually say what they are doing, it's not even worth commenting.
  9. I guess you can say hand-drawn is more "artisanal".
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