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  1. I have this Macross Flashback cel for sale. I did not want to sell it but I need too. Give me your asking price. Please make it good.
  2. In way JVmacross. I hope they will never be a live action Macross film. Of any kind. If it's real good. Your going to have way more fans. Buying any vintage rare stuff for sale. Like cannibals. It will be bad in our part,
  3. I just receive mine's today. Does yours have wrinkles too. On the sticker.
  4. Shipping for the poster was only $30. Buyee wants $28 for shipping. For only one sticker sheet
  5. AND FASTER EMS shipping too. I receive the poster in just three days
  6. Had in the storage for two months, and next month. Will requested shipping for one of those pencil tin cans
  7. Had this one in the storage for two months.
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