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  1. What is the difference between complete and theatrical editions?
  2. I searched wikipedia about blu ray and the U.S. is in the same region as Japan
  3. I was wondering, since there are comparisons to the 25th anniversary dvds, how is the quality of the dyrl dvds on amazon for $20 with subs?
  4. So wait, it the nose is grey, why did they have it beige in the cgi renders?
  5. Hey I was thinking of cancelling my preorder, are the parts worth it? are the nice looking and durable? or should I cancel?
  6. No I hear the sounds of the video and everything it just went black for 10 seconds
  7. will it come with extra parts?
  8. in hulu, sometimes the episode turns black. does this happen in crackle?
  9. ALEXD

    1/55's revisited

    is one hundred seventy dollars good for a vf-1j milia vf-1j chunky monkey reissue?
  10. well half of one of the vf-25 front landing gear flaps snapped off, but thats ok nothing krazy glue cant fix. and the antennae are silver and YELLOW, now white, so that soft plastic is prone to yellowing
  11. now that idk, does anyone know if its a good store?
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