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  1. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    You just answered your own question πŸ˜„
  2. 26662

    PM sent re: YF-29 Perceval.Β 

  3. = Bilbo & Golem.. I enjoyed the final episode the most, hands down. It wrapped up nicely. Awesome lightsaber , force wielding duel ! As others have said, I agree that much of the middle episodes were not all that good. But , overall, I enjoyed it. I do think Obi-Wan should have faked his death, as well, but we know Vader isn't surprised to see him in ANH. And I expect now Obi wan has much to discuss with his old master..
  4. Bolt

    Hi-Metal R

    Keep them coming Bandai!
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Seeing Macross on the big screen is a life long dream. And now I've done it twice !
  6. I thought Macross 7's mainstay was the VF-11. And later, as of Frontier era would've adopted the 171 . And , of course. a smaller wing of VF-19's. How many , I couldn't guess. But I didn't imagine 7 (or anyone) could afford 19's as their mainstay.
  7. Very cool. Good size to play withπŸ‘πŸΌ Looking forward to seeing it come along. Have fun with it !
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