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  1. I have a question concerning the 1/4000 SDF-1 recast. I see it comes with a Breetai figure. How tall is that figure?
  2. This ! The 171 still has a shelf life within the various Macross fleets.
  3. Well @pengbuzz I'm sorry to hear that. But I completely understand the scratch built frustrations that can occur, as well. Just so you know, you've seriously impressed me with what you can do with household materials. Very inspiring. Here's an update on some of my stuff. First , I'm finally done with this Moscato 1/72 heavy missile Mega Road 01 Regult ( i think!) . The RM--1 missiles ( SPACY ordinance) are painted gray with DYRL yellow noses. And here is my progress on the 1/72 Spider Bug. I decided on more of an aircraft gray, rather than white, for it. Panel lining this little bugger has been tedious ! And I've given the manipulators all the "white glove " treatment as well. This will further inside jokes by my Spider Bug operators, lol. So , some more touch up on the manipulators and main fuselage, and I'll be close to done. One thing I'm also gonna try , is pinning the manipulator arms and drilling small holes in the receiver sockets . I'll glue the pins in the arms but not to the receivers ( or vice versa?) . I'd like to be able to remove the arms and mix up their placement for different poses. That's all for now. See you next Deculture, Space Cowboys ⚡️
  4. Indeed. Hmm, there may be some shades of gray with this series, i can see. We know the rings of power were meant to control the major races. And that doesn't happen overnight. So it's kind of set up to be a nail biter watching the slow slide into madness and darkness for some, or awareness and resistance ( I'm looking at you Galadriel 🥰) for others. There will be betrayals! I'll definitely be going over the Silmarillion in the coming days. It's a good time to revisit the second age of Middle Earth !
  5. Your hard work and diligence is paying off !
  6. I was just thinking the same thing. I hope , now that he's fully healed, his full fighting prowess comes back online. But , as of this point, there aren't any clones left fighting for the empire. So there's no DNA between them that I'm aware of. Yep. There's obviously a war now brewing, so he'll pull Din Djarin and who knows, maybe a few other mandos we've seen before. And yes, he will be posing on that rancor, for the camera.
  7. I am curious about this. There isn't constant, unending combat amongst all the Zentradi fleets scattered amongst the stars. There surely must down time. And in what capacity is that exercised, i wonder.
  8. You've seen the size of a Zentradi main fleet , right?
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