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  1. Nice job on the supers @joscasle ! @arbit another great build
  2. @Einherjar you're killing us Better late than never ! And besides, I don't care about how big of a splash Macross will make on this side of the globe, anymore. I just want more Deculture for me !
  3. Hey @jvmacross i feel ya bruv. SDFM and DYRL IS where it all began. But i know you , and many of us, have thoroughly enjoyed it many times over. As is. What would REALLY blow my top, is seeing DYRL on the big screen. Subtitles or not. It's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show for us. We don't we need subs!
  4. That's easy. Because everyone knows the dogtooth is optimized for your detolf. And now you will buy all 6 toys !
  5. All Macross is the real deal. Including the PS games, music concerts , manga and light novels, etc. While I would welcome ANY Macross in engrish, I'm not sure SDFM would set the world on fire.
  6. Yep. Lol. My friend. I'm sure you don't think Mouse ears is done milking the order 66 moment..
  7. That sounds like a solid theory @Shawn It's also know Takani had few other references as SDFM was still in production when this was painted. So references were scant. Hence the VF in Gerwalk mode with its arms tucked in. Iv'e always loved his early Macross paintings.
  8. Great job guys Interesting times indeed..
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