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  1. Same. And the color is shoot me red. I still appreciate what Plamax has done. M7 is still a show i very much enjoyed. Once the story started really moving forward.
  2. Agreed. But having said that, I really like this Fire Valkyrie sculpt.
  3. That would be awesome. Looks great. I need that fold booster.
  4. Loving Woody's Auto Salvage! I want a Macross version
  5. Totally agree. This sums it up perfectly.
  6. Agreed. Arcadia looked to have a not so exciting offering to get excited about , from the few pictures I've seen. But I'm sure there was a bunch of other cool stuff at Wonderfest
  7. That's very cool. I like the nozzles/ thrusters addition. What scale is that? I have the Wave 1/72 battroid kit. But haven't seen that one before .
  8. Fantastic! And great job on the canopy👍🏼
  9. Awesome designs! Can't wait to see them in your hands.
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