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  1. Lol. I'm very curious to see how good of a job Bandai does the MacrossTron look.
  2. Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out 🤠
  3. Right ?! If Bandai released all their teases , we'd be stoked !
  4. Yes indeed. It would be odd not to have her red version , as it's customary now. But Bandai lives to vex us😉
  5. That would be something. But what do you wanna bet it won't even be in the movie because Bandai decided it would resemble Alto's too closely?
  6. We all know the Max YF-29 is gonna crush it !
  7. Wow. Lots of Deculture coming! Yes the Frontier theatrical short has been news for a while. Maybe now we get a clue what the heck it's about! I'd be surprised if a Max YF-29 machine doesn't sell like hot cakes!
  8. Yes. Either way, I'm excited for more Deculture. Apparently Max can pull enough strings to have his own 29.? And Bandai is already laughing.
  9. And if you don't know, now you knowww miclone! Thanks guys. I've certainly heard of Shinsei. Should've done some looking before i asked. Although I certainly wouldn't have come up with so much info! I was watching the English version of M+ and Millerd , as he's introducing project Super Nova to Isamu, mentions "Industry " as a new company..
  10. We are all pretty familiar with the designs and engineering of General Galaxy. But what else has Industry done since the YF-19 ? Presumably, the YF-19 was their first and most ambitious project.
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