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  1. Thanks Valk! I'm hoping get some photo editing together and remove the stand portion.
  2. Thanks again Bolt! The markings are based on the placement guide in the VF 4 Master File and some additional information from modern fighters I have in various refs. I had to use a mix of navy, Gundam, kit and other macross sheets to get it right.
  3. Thanks Thom! It took awhile to get it done,but pretty in happy with the results.
  4. Well, I'm starting a anime scale model club. In London, Ontario if anyone is interested in coming out for a monthly meeting!
  5. Nice clean paint work there! nice mods as well. Looking good!
  6. Thanks Derex! Onto canopies and a really cool Moscato project next!
  7. I almost did Sharks teeth, but then the nose has the non-reflective paint! On the next one maybe, lol.
  8. Thanks Big S! That's a good idea, I forgot about that - I will spray a bit of base coat + clear over them. I may try soaking the trouble markings one more time!
  9. Build Gallery is up in the Model Kits section. Thanks!
  10. Hi All, Here's the completed build. It's the CAG bird of the (doubly) fictitious Sundowner squadron based out of the SDF-18. I went to great lengths to make the markings as authentic as possible as I could not find any decal sheets. I must thank Mark Wright for sending me an f-14 sheet, which sadly had deteriorated, but was very helpful in cutting my own masks and as guide for real decal placement! The serial number is the first part of the number and the '15' at the end represents the roll-out year, 2015. The weapons are in fact plumb and level to the plane although they look a little off kilter due to the angle is some of the pics, lol. The asymmetrical loadout is out of the Master File. There's also a couple of silvered decals I couldn't quite melt despite poking and soaking several times! Anyone have any other tricks? The kit really did have thick panel lines, but whatcha gonna do. I initially wanted to scratch build the VF-4 gunpod but then I didn't bother; I do enjoy the look of the GU-11 and I added brass barrels to it. The AN/ALQ-184 (Short) ECM Pod is a resin one from Brassin. I made up the pylon for it and the GU-11 from the spares bin. Someday I'll learn how to photoshop out the brass mounting rod, but pretty happy to have this one done as it has been a 'grail' design for me. Thanks for looking.
  11. Ah ha! This is where the Gundam modelers have been hiding out!
  12. Oooh that reminds me I have to order those myself!
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