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  1. Here's an update on the VF-4; started decals on the nacelles. Waiting on a buddy to recreate the rear canopy in clear 3D printed resin and a buck for vacuum forming a replacement for the donor kit. Meanwhile I have been working on a RGM-79 sniper II prototype. thanks for checking in!
  2. Sorry, slow process! I have the nice sheet stock. Will work on them this week!
  3. Hey Gang, I'm picking up my plastic order this week, so I should have a good update very soon. I'm hoping to get something usable shortly and we can get on with our builds!
  4. I plan to send you guys 3 sets each; if you'd like a trimmed set, I'll trim one up for you. I will keep the cost low, I'd like to cover off shipping and a few bucks for materials. How's $15 plus shipping sound (should keep it to around $20)? I'm waiting on the plastic order at the moment, stay tuned!
  5. looks great! I think I'd be interested as well!
  6. For those who need a set: would you want them pre-trimmed or would you want to be able to trim them yourself?
  7. This has process has definitely proven challenging for me. I'm getting a bit closer! The first image is the rear cockpit. It's been dipped in future (which I don't often use) and it seemed to help with the clarity. The second pic shows an older test of the forward cockpit and you can see the spotty nature of those pulls. I have some quality plastic on order and I hope that it will yield nice clear pieces.
  8. So the SDF-2 is MegaRoad-01, one being the class and one the ship of the line. I'm using the Megaroad-01 decal from the kit. The test of the codes I'm looking through my stash, maybe I'll be able to cobble it together. I have luck printing decal as, I may try that as well.
  9. I would like to use the NL, but in my mind I don't think it makes sense anymore. I think it has to be a made up one for "fleet defense" or something like that instead of a Homebase. I'm not %100 yet tho. And thank you Slide!
  10. Here's a few update shots (phone camera). I learned that there are 2 noted squadrons aboard the SDF-2; skull and iron chiefs, so that leaves room for a sundowner squad. Still working on the markings.
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