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  1. Hey Jos, Thank you for the kind words. Glad you won some prizes! Keep up the good work. Anth.
  2. those above examples look great! Don't forget to consider that different planes would have different degrees of weathering or variations from the factory they were produced at, so it "realistic" to go with a shade/colour that looks pleasing to you!
  3. Man! I am having a hard time uploading images. How can I delete single images (the failed ones)? thanks, Anth.
  4. This is the Moscato Hobby Models 1/72 Queadluun Rau (TV. Ver) build by Goodman Models.
  5. Complete and bagged; original orange box in good shape. Includes instruction sheet. I'm thinking $50USD shipped UhA/Canada. Let me know if you're interested! Will get some pics loaded. Also up for trades! Thanks, Anthony
  6. Hi! I'm in need of a couple of VF-1 canopies. I could pay or swap for other various parts. Let me know what you've got in your spares box! Cheers, Anthony
  7. Hi All, I hope somene can point out what I'm doing wrong. I can't seem to upload any photos to my thread - they are approx. 300kb each. The max says about 97MB. I always get the -200 error. what should I be doing in order to get my build log up? Thanks, Anthony
  8. cool, no problem. I plan to build the thread here once I figure out how to process all the picks. It's nearly finished and I took pics along the whole process.
  9. Hi All, Here's my build up of the fabulous 1/72 Quedluun Rau kit from Moscato Hobby Models. There are some video updates at Goodman Models FB. I need a quick way to shrink all the pics. Any suggestions for batch processing them? Anthony GoodmanModels.com
  10. hey Gang, Is there anyway to get this printed out as a high quality poster? Cheers, Anthony
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a quality image of the Meltrandi emblem for my Quealuun Rau project. Anyone know what it looks like? I don't think it would be the same as the Zentran one. Thanks! Anthony GoodmanModels.com
  12. What is this "Excelsus" plane? it looks to have slightly different proportions compared to the VF-4.
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