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  1. Macross F Labyrinth of Time Question
  2. Has anyone seen the 1/72 pop up recently? (Well... post WF2013) Doesn't seem Experten is doing much these days. Need some more M3 in my life.
  3. They had one, just not as much. I expected the next round of weathering to make a big contrasting impact that may need to be toned down again with another dusting, so I left them a bit clean as with the crosses. Anyways. Few mishaps. Some of the microsol didn't play well so some of the streaking was messed up with bleeding. Not end of the world but pretty annoying. Mess up 2 was as I expected. I had some paint/decals pulled off when masking, repairing that should be fun. Thankfully it is all pretty minor and in places that aren't too visible (top inside stripes on the legs.) Despite pre-tacking the tape and also 3-4 round of clear sealing in weathering effects it still happened. As far as weathering. Since the last round. I tried AK Weathering Pencils. They weren't very good and didn't seem to want to transfer onto the Alclad flat topcoat very well. I expect they might work better on white paint for a focused chipping effect. I ended up just switching back to some artist pastels (tan, brown and white) I had and then using a dry brushing esq technique to blend them in a bit. After that another topcoat and an old fashion dot filter was done with artist oils/cold wax (titanium white). I dotted the surface using a tooth pick and let it sit for a minute. I then used lighter fluid and a still brush to blend in the effect a bit. Didn't turn out quite how I wanted it but the pink-maroon color and yellow are far from my normal color pallet range. Following that was another maroon dusting and a semi-gloss sealing in preparation for painting the black parts and doing all the mind-numbing warning decals. Once they dry it is back to a flat coat for weathering the black parts, sealer and then I can paint the parts that will stay metallic. Also picked up a new stand. Pretty cool. Would recommend if it was around half the cost. It's just hard to swallow at $22usd for what it is. Contrast of the fresh black and the rest is quite something.
  4. Survived the decals. Hit it with some gloss clear followed by a dusting of the body color that was overthinned. First time trying this. The thought process is it would help tone down/fade the contrast of the fresh yellow decals against the weathered body. Sealed with matte clear and ready for some more weathering before the black and grey accents are added. Going to pick up some weathering pencils to try out for panel highlights instead of dry brushing this time.
  5. Gold Visor over gray hair IMO. FWIW His actor is credited for the film, sadly seems Milla's isn't.
  6. Walkure wa Akiramenai full version. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1yL411x7pu
  7. Is the Hot Topic Walkurie a digital idol group like Sharron Apple?
  8. Cannonball run last night into the morning. Gotta love the ability to work fast with lacquer paints! Gray 1500 Surfacer+Mr. Color Black Shaded with Alclad II Gloss Black Base Preshaded with an AK Paint mix of my color + white Dropcoated with my AK Interactive Paint mix color. (Red06+Blue11+RotRed66+White04) Topcoated with Alclad II Aqua Gloss Dirty Washed with Tamiya Panel Line Accents + Black Artist Oils. Topcoated with Alcadd Aqua Gloss Decals!
  9. Not unless the decals become a disaster, (it's an old kit that has been sitting.) I wouldn't mind trying to airbrush some candy orange over the top of them to give it some variation opposed to flat yellow. I haven't had much luck lately trying to mask over decals that have been sandwiched in between clear coat. Even pre-tacking the tape, I've manage to pull them off on the last few builds. So far she's primed. The hurricane blowout from the east has given me nothing but rain today to work in... 😕
  10. Yup from WF 2014-15 from Frameout Models. Haven't seen an original on YJA in years and the webshop has been closed for some time. FWIW I'm pretty sure the GKM recast doesn't require the Bandai kit if you go that route. I do know the conversion kit could (with a little bit or work.) Homes (http://inventive.web.fc2.com/index.html) did an amazing job modeling the kit and is one of the only few examples I know of outside of the resin kit.
  11. In an attempt to clear out some big boxes in the basement I brought these old kits back into the daylight after 10+ years to finish them. Just need that "I finished a kit" high to ride into my next clear valk project which will be a first time experience! Trying to match the paints to what I mixed long ago should prove interesting...
  12. Rock

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Anyone have a good site for grabbing these? Finally expanding the display cabinets and am wanting to get my valks off action bases. The original site has been dead and I'm getting redirection maleware warnings.
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