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  1. This is the exact reason I avoid P.E. parts. It happens Ever. Single. Time. for me. Have you tried a PE applicator like a looper? I find them to be a little bit better than a toothpick. I've been working on trying other products. I know for rigging a lot use glues similar to white glue. I've been experimenting with Ammo/Mig's Clear Acrylic 'Ultra Glue' which is for Etch, canopies and rigging. For rigging I've also read that adding a drop of water/dish soap to the line changes the properties allowing the glue to soak more into the line.
  2. I'd go with Meng's 1/48 kit which is a pretty new tooling and said to be a great build. It has several versions with one of them being updated to include Mav's instructior livery. Over here in the past era or flying godesses... base work done and on to the fun bits and grit!
  3. http://schizophonic9.com/re7/mgex_strikefreedom.html http://schizophonic9.com/re7/mgex_strikefreedom2.html Probably the most comprehensive breakdown of the new MGEX kit and comparison to the original Master Grade.
  4. Trying out 2 new things tonight. 1. Robot Kai's paint bottles ( love 'em and will be ordering 25 more.) 2. for the first time in a long time, airbrushing my primer instead of spray cans! Using black surfacer 1500 thinned 1:1.5 paint:thinner. This should allow less paint thickness and prevent allow me to do my black-basing in one go. Decided to fix everything to the craft. Last time I left parts separate and the tonality differences between the assemblies was a pain to hide/correct. More masking downside. Going tri-tone with free hand color separations for this one! Cleared for takeoff One Five Four!
  5. F I N A L L Y P-Bandai will get my money this year! MG Stark Jegan! https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2022/11/p-bandai-mg-1100-stark-jegan-release.html
  6. Funny enough, splatter effects are what I want to add/try on mine this round. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/en/modelling/airbrush-template-set-airbrush-stencils-for-spraying-stains-set-a-propeller-77-prp007-171316.html
  7. Woot! "<Estimated Shipping Begin Date: Nov. 29, 2022(Tue.)> After your order is shipped out, you will receive [PREMIUM BANDAI] Shipment Completion Notification email. Please check the email for details. ļ½„METAL ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS>GUNDAM DEATHSCYTHE HELL"
  8. A few corrections left. Mainly on the visor for the RIO and the rubberized coating on the forward pilot's helmet. Those mishaps fixed results in the base colors being done. Next on to shading, detailing, washes- the fun parts! Before the next kitty, I'll need to invest in some new even finer brushes.
  9. Well- this show ended up being a pleasant surprise. A bit weird pacing at after the mid point following a time skip bit, extremely well done first half with an ost that is straight nova.
  10. So like reason 1 million, 9 hundred, and 9 thousand to get into 3d printing.
  11. Bandai has it listed in their 9/30/22 date. https://bandai-hobby.net/site/hobbyshow2022/
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