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  1. It is an updated version of an older kit. The F-16a then to the c/d and then tacked on parts to make an e. The E parts are afterthought crap... like saw parts off and then splice them onto the old kit with zero fitment/alignment aid. Luckily, dark colors, tons of weathering, and an impressive loadout should help distract from that. With companies like Minibase destroying the competition in modern aircraft kits, it is really hard to go backwards. Nevermind the past 20 years of advancement gunpla and that whole snapfit side has done. 'Least the next set of gaps are visibly welded onto the foghter so I can afford a little bit of a bead.
  2. It's non-sand putty. Once the white putty is dry I'll use a cottonswab and some water to clean away the excess. Pretty handy on fine detailed kits and areas sensitive to sanding.. The joint itself is bonded with gap filling ca glue where tamiya cement wouldn't make contact. These days I gotta save myself headache where I can.
  3. Really regret saving a few bucks, and going with the Academy's kit over G.W.H.'s. 10 parts make up the body amd not a one fit well.
  4. There isn't anything to see yet, just the 2 hosts in promotional material holding some random macross figures. Need a 3D printer file for this very reason!
  5. It sounds weird but if you can put him into an asymmetrical pose (one arm and leg more forward than the other for example.) You can then mirror/flip the design horizontally, anything wacky should now jump out at you that it is reveresed. You nailed the nose cone's dip! A design element I wish that was carried through into more designs.
  6. RIP my wallet. I finally get a break with a few uninteresting Metal Build releases but, Metal Robot Spirits filled the void and then some. >_<
  7. Didn't care for it going in but past episode 4 it turned over for me when Marc and Steven finally cleared the air. Pretty happy with the ending minus a few of the eyrolling Marvel clichés. Felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to not have Moon Knight do some more unique teamwork with his himself chamging between the suits. The post credit 'third' was a great wrap up without completely closeing the door. I like that the story was told without another season already being announced and a unneeded cliffhanger.
  8. I gave in and ordered another platz kit. Guess I'll re-attempt the cockpit laser, and the ram-air intakes. I remember seeing this build of the Super Sylph using F-16D parts to replace it's resin bubbles. I don't recall seeing anyone attempt the Mave's brick. Might be something in the 3-d printing market by now? As for the Jam... Just stare at it until cross-eyed and then blink REALLY fast. lol
  9. Yup. An eternal build that may span generations at this point. I should probably need to have a kid to finish it. lol I don't know if it is just the Rei-look alike but it kind of looks like something Reflection would have sculpted back in the day.
  10. I almost choked thinking they were finally going to do some plastic 1/72 kits! Still a must buy even if the older full resin block for a cockpit still is a PITA to model. I still need to find a translated copy of book 3 too!
  11. GBWC will return in an online format for the first time since 2019! https://bandai-hobby.net/GBWC/japan/index.html
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