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  1. I would adjust that to say 4 of the ones that have been unboxed...vs shipped...just to be 'that guy' lol That one even has a new concern area on the shoulder. 2nd hand market is going to suck trying to get one because you won't have support through HLJ or another retailer if they do offer help...you are on your own
  2. Macross the Movie Scripts Eri Takeda (Milia herself) still has her movie script, but she has a change of dialogue. She says in the final version they changed her line to Meltrandi,, but the script still has the original lines...basically "Is there no one who can fight at my level!?"...she would soon find out LOL Just awesome.
  3. Macross the Movie uncut ticket proof sheet? Not quite sure (about B2 size, from Yahoo Japan Auction pictures) If you compare the left and right sides vs known tickets(mine on bottom), those blue blocks seem to overlap those areas, so not sure these are actual tickets you would then run through a perforator to then have the lobby attendant tear off. Sticking with printing proof test run for now 😛
  4. Another variant of that poster...its the same long size, but the back is blank.
  5. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    Your double sticker is another interesting find...its only been 2 years so I forgot I just got a pic of another VF-1A and it has just the one application. Yes-I would agree with you that if you peeled off that sticker it would say VALKYRIE VF-1S Maybe someday we'll see some pics someone took from the factory these things were assembled at with just bins full of left over parts from the previous variation. Mass produced = many possible of variants on every single part
  6. From the post @treatment sent...that sucks! Do you think an old beater Yamato YF-19 might work? I see the arm itself is a diff color, but that particular joint it is mostly hidden. Those go pretty cheap on YJ...seen them for 6000 yen range. Wonder if those posts will stabilize some of the recent secondary market sales prices for a bit. I really want one of these, but I don't want a PTSD Yamato VF-11 leg situation, which that pic above activated. Guess I just wait and see, maybe it is only a couple that are affected. Crossing fingers!
  7. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    Eggshell color? So this isn't discoloration, but it is the orig color of the taka super? Wings vs Arms...is that white vs eggshell?
  8. That doesn't seem good...especially for overseas customers. One can GET to the should screws to loosen them up without transforming it right? What could be the cause? Is there any paint detailing on the arms seizing up? Or perhaps over-zealous reassembly? Did this affect either normal release? I didn't really follow it when it was out.
  9. Love the Zeta VF-1...get a little vf-3000 vibe from that angle
  10. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    I saw this auction https://www.ebay.com/itm/255933878560 it has the textured box, but a non-taka backplate. Perhaps it is a general rule, but like all Macross products there would be variants? And another sticker variant-2 vf-1S, 0 bandai https://www.ebay.com/itm/255933863549? Perhaps the only way to see if you have a Taka strike vs the Bandai strike is to look in the window...the black stickers covering the Takatoku logo look like they are visible
  11. Guess its too late to get it near MSRP. Even with the US to YEN exchange rate that is $500 if you include shipping These are 5 sold
  12. Looks like they shipped..yikes! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v1086154640 The premium finishes for others are going for insane prices lately.
  13. That is true...they have quite a few NOS ready to ship! (the shelf is filled up behind the front stock if you look in the back)
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