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  1. Seeing a picture like this just shows how far Toy design has come in recent years. Everything used to be so clunky and bulky...if you wanted accuracy you went to plastic or highly detailed garage kits. Now everything just looks so damn good-and it comes that way out of the box. Can't wait for my VF-1D to ship-looking forward to adding it to the mini display. I do think it is going to be Gerwalk mode...this pose just looks perfect to me.
  2. What valk is chasing the fan racer? An Angel Bird?
  3. Advanced Valkyrie! VB-R-2. https://macrossworld.com/macross/translations/_translations_advancedvalkyrie.htm Very nice, thank you for posting that!! I want to see this line more than anything...I love the Vf-3000..someday!
  4. Oh that makes me VERY happy!! When Twentieth Century Imports was doing their imports in the early 80s you could find Macross kits at all the various hobby stores and general stores like Sprouse Reitz...where I would spend all my lunch money on 1/144 Macross kits The Good Old Days are coming back again!
  5. Can't wait to see the new box art...I dug the originals! (below)
  6. Had a security patch, and when we applied, it broke things on the update. Post any problems here please and I'll fix soon Thanks! Shawn
  7. Damn, you guys are really getting me down with all the 'robocrap' talk and what not. If you don't want to buy it fine, but try to stop all the echo-chamber negativity. Damn. Not sure what you are all seeing, but I definitely see an improvement in picture quality and not just cranking up the brightness and sharpening. While I'll hold out for a possible Japanese language set with english subs, I'm also able to recognize that this picture looks really good. Definitely interested in the source material they were able to get for this.
  8. Stupid thought, but thought I would share my madness here a bit So this auction was around for quite a while...just a simple Hasegawa VE-1...they listed it with the box art upside down. From this angle I thought 'that sure looks like a Zeta Gundam Wave Rider and then went ...huh' Then this showed up, mis-transformed, and I went 'huh' again. Like I said...stupid thoughts!
  9. In the 80's movie Spies Like Us, jump to 3:14 or you can see it on HBO Max. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya0dXDKalVc See those 4 white greebles? Them be VF-1 Legs from a Macross model kit! (Movie was released 1985) And in the front, are some VF-1 Shoulders Both I am thinking from the 1/144 Imai kit, will need to check!
  10. Wild guess...maybe these items came out BEFORE the actual episodes were animated, and they were created from the storyboards?
  11. Its on a shitajiki too https://twitter.com/SDFMCollection/status/1370655369165475841
  12. OK, we are back to 2018...finally. Restored the old wordpress site, this is the last of old migration I had on the list, we are now complete. https://www.macrossworld.com/the-ultimate-yoshiyuki-takani-macross-collection/ Now on to new things! S
  13. Good point, I might have gotten a little loose when cleaning up some forever pinned items S
  14. Just saw that news...very sad indeed
  15. Sweet! I guess the surface shipping box with that PF Vf-4 was finally delivered to @jenius house!
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