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  1. Damn that phantom is amazing, insane job on that. Wow.
  2. I've lost that catalog by itself at over $80-$100 multiple times in auctions Still on the lookout for it!
  3. I assume this is where the Fast Packs will attach in future releases so they don't have to re-tool the piece
  4. OMG Those things are HUGE! I had no idea.
  5. That is one of the strangest translations I've seen. Mech Guts!
  6. Can you throw in a 1/55 or something for scale?
  7. Do you think the thrusters might light up, or is that just some weird coloring?
  8. I think if they want scaled Zentradi ships to go with this SDF-1 they'll need to be inflatable.
  9. Shawn

    Hi-Metal R

    Heck yeah...I would totally get that
  10. but it was a buy it now for 280 yen just last year https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b543113548 totally missed that one!
  11. Crazy to see the English description for us international fans! 2024 will be plus/7/DYRL 40'th...should be fun!
  12. THANK YOU!! Wanted to see if there were any special items in there that I've not seen in the Collectors area here (like that proto wooden sdf-1)
  13. Hate to tell you this, but VARIATION. Now you need to find the Channel 6 version! 😛
  14. OMG I am going to strangle these people with the cameras... could we get a shot of the OG Vintage Macross stuff!? I saw it for a whole second here 😛
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