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  3. Good god all your collections are insane....I am always in awe when I see these display boxes completely packed with every variety of robot...just amazing. Thank you all for posting these amazing pictures here. Wow.
  4. yeah...just noticed that too...stupid email system full of old failed accounts in the queue I really wish we would have just stuck around with out invalid emails from 2003 instead of our 'reset'
  5. done-reset your old account with your new -2 email address you should be getting a password reset in the email shortly S
  6. jvmacross was making a joke about that series of products...the ones that tell you exactly what it is in the corner haha This post is full of them in the wild
  7. I disabled the email alerts because we still users who's emails don't work who subscribed to updates on posts...the emails get stuck with multiple retries. Assume you mean something else though...I did not touch anything else that I remember.
  8. Is that the same material Hasegawa used when they designed their VF-1 at first? I was always amazed at this pic from 2000.
  9. Wow...this is real life now? Tamashi Nations Macross on Amazon US? Never thought the day would finally arrive... https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/D4E2B0A7-47D9-4337-9B53-65739F8672E7/search?ref_=ast_bln&terms=macross
  10. I did not think they could start to yellow so soon...guess sunlight gets everything! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c1054021074 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s1054025788
  11. Got mine yesterday from Amazon Japan Its a good magazine-but I think they might have held some stuff back for a future issue, there is no Nichimo (the original description a few months ago mentioned it) About 15 pages covers the differences between an Arii 1/100, does a real nice 2 page on the 1/100 variable, then the Zentradi fleet and some Atalia Island stuff(the big kit) Then another 20 or so pages on Orguss stuff, which seems a bit complete than the Macross stuff Then about 10p of Southern Cross, then a couple 1/100 arii builds(real nice) And a couple interviews with Arii and Imai employees...google translate on the phone works well enough on these. Its a good issue for $25...suspect their will be a Nichimo continuation next round! Looking forward to that next
  12. I like it! It looks a little less like light playing on the surface than a camo scheme (the legs), but another incredible project, thanks for sharing! I think us old timers we all have that dark blue GBP armor color scheme burned into our synapses for almost 40 years, so anything outside those parameters seems a little different. I want to see Bandai do this in Blue next and another LEK version on that S
  13. some more pics...come already get here 😛 https://www.dreamnews.jp/press/0000259457/
  14. Just got notification it is shipping...so confirmed it was finally release..nice! S
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