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  1. Model kit 'related'...but the original artist Ryukoh Masuo has posted his GBP full size and pre-vis drawings on twitter...absolutely incredible!!!!!! https://twitter.com/RyukowMasuo/status/1344223398163935233/photo/1
  2. Nice!!! I've got volumes #1 & #2...now to go get #3!! Uhmm...wow, I would not want to mess with that... Deskyrie? Delkyrie Valkroid?
  3. Working on some EMAIL bugs....will have sorted out shortly Shawn
  4. I finally got my first 1/20,..in transit now. Got it from the generic Yahoo Shopping site. Condition 'used' ($168) but everything intact. Domestic shipping to the proxy was free so saved some money there too. Fedex air shipping was $51 from the proxy to California which seems like a good deal for dipping my toes into the large scale. Also got the missile set for $66, but that is shipping separately, because if I combined the two, I would be in Strike Fighter shipping territory...ouch!
  5. Their page is insane...first of they are motorizing it, and then look at the micro version that does arms and wings https://twitter.com/smdk30
  6. That is MacrossWorld's version of Flashback 2012 The main page ran wordpress which I've still got to install on the server, so I just put up the legacy page as a placeholder.
  7. now we need GREEN tipped missiles spinach cans or maybe someone can do a custom and put in Budweiser cans for a beach-party gbp
  8. Found this on @Tochiros twitter thingy.. We are one step closer to a self transforming valk...one day!! Click the video to see it in action
  9. ok first, how in the hell did you manage to score 3x Yamato Regults, and I had no idea there was a variant of the megaroad-01 with the super high clearance security card...dammit! (I have the one on the right)
  10. I always tried to use that as my reasoning for the oddness in the painting (what else could it be thinking logically), but the prometheus and daedalus are also just hanging back without any real support...and they are much much heavier than a hollow cannon. but then again, if takani painted those hanging straight down too to alleviate joint stress due to gravity we'd see all the destroids bulging against the daedalus front door and valkyries falling out the flight elevators strewn across the landscape...or maybe that already happened and that is why the valkyries are flying up from the gr
  11. Another great episode, but I did HATE you for saying ....lets save the BGI TOPIC for the end haha
  12. Nice video, I had no idea the director quoted those influences! When I watched GvK the other day I literally said 'Hey...thats an Itano Circus!'...little did I know how true it apparently was haha Thanks for posting that!
  13. Ok...here me out... Over on the ToyboxDX Facebook page (register your favorite robot as a Valkyrie of course) Matt Alt posted a picture he took of the 1/3000 Takatoku Prototype SDF-1 which is owned by a former Takatoku exec (for full pic go to ToyboxDX facebook) This prototype was used on the Takatoku box (courtesy of @xstoys) ok, so this is where it gets weird. Look closely at those Shoulder Cannons. They are on a swing hinge. Now in your mind...place the Toy in Cruiser mode and hold it in flight mode (horizontal) And now imagine a
  14. ok, couple ups and downs....lets see if that did it
  15. well just had our first outage...awesome, need to increase concurrent users ooops
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