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  1. I wonder if someone could could 3D print a Shin cover and 'shoes' to slide over the Yamato. In the concept of GBP leg armor-just a simply shell you'd snap over the Yamato shin/calve that gave it more of the appearance of the DX. And perhaps a 'shoe' you could slide onto the Yamato's foot that made it larger.
  2. Woah-you have the ultra rare Left bent variant! Hold onto that one, its a keeper, unlike the generic Right bents. When I opened my 2 I was disappointed I only got the Right bent and a 'unbent', so disappointed.
  3. that one above, its for sale on YJ right now https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/1145791363 https://x.com/ufjmFR0BF7t5Jq7/status/1797906538310566346?t=6Nl7WdYTUrbnnLzvPU4TMg&s=19
  4. Not yet...until they read this board 😛
  5. Just throwing it out there...whenever I get a shipment from Fedex, 3 weeks later I get a customs Bill for the amount So saving 600 yen shipping could turn into a customs fee on the cost of the VT-1 Your results might vary, but I'm 2 out of 2 for fedex zapping me with a bill.
  6. picking up some Trouble in Little China vibes with the headpiece there Anyone try GBP armor on it yet? Was curious if the chest part still fits with the 2 seater redesign.
  7. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    ah....the back plate yes I see the design carryover there now! any pics of the underside of the f-14?
  8. Shawn

    1/55's revisited

    I see 1/55 styled shins and feet on the left black robot, and on the right silver robot, 1/55 styled arms and what looks like exact 1/55 front landing gear, with the nail buster release switch and spring. For the center f-14 I just see the tail fins can collapse (to the outside, not over each other), but I'd call that a strong derivative. Anything else these old eyes aren't catching? Cool find!!
  9. in the 1/55 thread there was a pic of an original Bandai Strike Valkyrie shipping case if I remember right. In 30 years would the 1/48 VT-1 Super Ostrich case have the same collectability/sentimentality?
  10. Gimmick is just waist rotation
  11. If you google translate the parachute/tent instructions thank goodness it says for you to make a color A4 size copy of the sheet(thick paper) instead of hacking up your instruction book
  12. Annnnnnndddddd???????????????????? Did it hold up the shape with the extended clamping time?
  13. "I'll let you have it" --google translate on who is flying the thing
  14. they painted on the 4 nose boosters I don't see the TENT listed on the parts sheet, maybe that is just included separately?
  15. They just uploaded the VT-1 instruction sheet https://tamashiiweb.com/images/item/item_0000014813_sK5nUNBc_300.pdf Wonder how many times you can transform without wearing down the paint on the tail fins to the back.
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