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  1. We shall allow a bit of overflow from those kooky Model Kit guys here into this Macross only thread. Ignore the 1970s brown shag storage room floor carpeting, here is the Imai variable 1/72 squadron I picked up on YJ a couple months ago. Cannon Fodder had some fin damage on transport. I always loved this pic from the super modeling manual...now i can create it too
  2. The only other pic I remember was at one of the older shows(below), and it had a clear nose cone tip, which is different than the chromed one now shown I'm happier with more chrome bits for sure.
  3. found another catalog with a poor quality pic https://www.ebay.com/itm/235435203678 lol I want one
  4. saw this on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/266737714040 Something caught my eye-the "Robotech Power Changer" Veritech I see the Truck and the 300ZX was released....has anyone seen the Valk? it looks pretty cool...wonder what it did? Did it stand up in Battroid mode?
  5. It could look pretty cool in Battroid mode Maybe some of the shift in materials/transparency might not be as obvious as some of the fighter mode pics. Still think it will be a cool addition
  6. Great interview, thanks for posting that! I did not know Kawamori regretted Hikaru taking out Bodolza....hence the shift to "Listen to My Song"
  7. This was the another article mentioning some Bandai 1/55 Strike Valk numbers...over 90k of these by end of 1984. https://tamashiiweb.com/t_kokkaku/64/ 商品ラインナップ --年末までに9万個以上を出荷したというストライクバルキリーのヒットを受けて、ハイメタルシリーズは劇場版VF-1A(1985年1月)、スーパーオストリッチ(1985年4月)、エリントシーカー(1985年6月)と続いた。これらに共通するのは劇場版の商品であること、そしてタカトクトイス時代には発売されていなかった機体だったという点である。 Product lineup -- Following the success of Strike Valkyrie, which shipped over 90,000 units by the end of the year, the High Metal series released the theatrical version of VF-1A (January 1985), Super Ostrich (April 1985), and Elint Seeker (1985). June). What they all have in common is that they are movie version products, and that they were aircraft that had not been released during the Takatoku Toys era. https://tamashiiweb.com/t_kokkaku/65/ --こうして、1982年11月にVF-1J(一条輝タイプ)が発売。同年の年末商戦で20万個以上を出荷して、一躍大ヒット商品へと成長した。その後、タカトクトイスの1/55バルキリーシリーズはVF-1S(1983年2月)、VF-1Jマックスタイプ(1983年4月)、VF-1Jミリアタイプ(1983年4月)、VF-1A(1983年7月)の全5種が発売。さらにアーマードバルキリー(1983年5月)、スーパーバルキリー(1984年2月)といったオプションパーツも商品化された。これら1/55バルキリーシリーズの出荷数は、1983年末の時点で合計100万個を突破している。なお、復座型のVF-1Dに関しては生産ラインが他の製品で一杯だったために、発売が見送られたという。 -Thus, the VF-1J (Ichijo Akira type) was released in November 1982. During the year-end sales season of the same year, more than 200,000 units were shipped, and it quickly became a huge hit. After that, Takatoku Toys' 1/55 Valkyrie series included VF-1S (February 1983), VF-1J Max Type (April 1983), VF-1J Milia Type (April 1983), and VF-1A (1983). Furthermore, optional parts such as Armored Valkyrie (May 1983) and Super Valkyrie (February 1984) were commercialized. The total number of shipments of these 1/55 Valkyrie series exceeded 1 million units as of the end of 1983. It is said that the release of the VF-1D, which is a double-seating model, was postponed because the production line was full with other products.
  8. Is there like a guide for how one would use the 2 rows of numbers on the circumference of the watch? The spacing/limits(90) are weird Are they useful or just design elements?
  9. I recall there was a promotion poster with some marketing numbers for merch numbers....these are as of Early 1984 Pull out your Google Translate Phone scan, or wait for Seto to chime in but sure looks like 1.2 million books 450k LPs records 130k Cassettes 70k record singles 800k 1/55 Toys uhmm...24 MILLION model kits (Gundam was 30 million) LOL (I think 1 million of those are sitting in Wise Guys's Warehouse right now) https://www.macrossworld.com/gtc-legacy-project-part-1/ The side bar says 30 billion yen market? For Macross or all?
  10. Definitely some strong opinions here about this release lol I'm personally looking forward to it. It almost looks like a test shot. So are they referring to 'Iron Type" of being old school "Iron Works" or literally the old Imai Iron Type kits? "Chogokin's 50th anniversary product, VF=1J Valkyrie from DX Chogokin, is commercialized with gunmetal, black plating, and smoke clear parts inspired by the iron type of yesteryear. "
  11. Are these Robotech branded or ?? I don't see a BW sticker or any manufacturer name. How do you know which watch is in each box? Is it like the old Pencil Sharpeners, where you never know what you get? I think they look pretty cool
  12. Anyone need a case of VF-1As!!!!??? Wow-that is even the original Imai shipping case! https://www.ebay.com/itm/256465611086 or 60 Nupetiet-Vergnitzs'? https://www.ebay.com/itm/256475586151 I believe these finds are from that secondary warehouse they showed us.
  13. They are either going super serious, so we'll get a 1/300 Prometheus, or they'll go crazy themed From their webpage under anime characters-they are definitely different! lol https://www.fujimimokei.com/item/category/39 only 2 more weeks to speculate
  14. From the news page "What kind of products will be created in the future using "Macross" as the theme? I'm already looking forward to the new product plans proposed by Fujimi Models." So I'm going with Macross "Themed" goofiness
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