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  1. extra pics of the patlabor, unfortunately as I was taking pics it tipped over and the impact broke the connectors of the 2 pipes on his neck. I reattached them and they still rotate, but looks rough now.
  2. Hi, are you looking for the full set of fixed pose hands? Or specific ones, like the closed first pair, or open hand and holding gun hand? I have a bunch of the closed fist TV hands and couple of the open hand ones.
  3. ADDED 12/20 MISB Master Made Super Deformed Makuros SDF-1 -$200 (Sold) Open Complete Master Replica - Star Wars FX Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker ROTS 2005 - $200(sold)
  4. Selling a few Macross items to clear out collection: MIB Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru -$200 MIB Yamato 1/48 Super & Strike Parts -$100 Will sell combined for $275 Shipping extra or pick up in Los Angeles area MIB Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Hikaru Limited Weathered Edition -$275 (SOLD) Bandai DX Vf-25 version 1 Armor Super Parts (Alto custom) -$45 Also have an opened Yamato 1/24 Patlabor Ingram CLAT version available for sale. I also have the box and all the contents, but just need to dig it out of storage. Looking to sell for $300 as the regular white version sells for over $500. Same mold and features, just in blue ADDED 12/20 MISB Master Made Super Deformed Makuros SDF-1 -$200 (SOLD) Open Complete Master Replica - Star Wars FX Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker ROTS 2005 - $200 (SOLD)
  5. Just purchased the reactive armor set from Bolt and did some work to my Yamato VF-0S to get the armor to fit decently for display only. the only thing i really had to do was remove the entire chest plate for the Yammie VF-0. Since the reactive armor chest plate covers it anyways, no point having it if you are using it for display purposes like me. it doesn't click in or stay, but will sit on the cockpit just fine. Arm Armor fits perfectly and backpack slides on decently. Tabs don't click in place. the biggest issue is the legs, the leg fins are too large to fit the leg armor flush so it can hold 3 sides of the leg armor on, but the back piece can only attach at the bottom so there's a visible gap. All in all - looks 90% good enough in my display cabinet!!
  6. Slight mod to Yamato VF-0S removing chest plate to fit the Arcadia Reactive Armor. Leg armor show a visible gap, but otherwise looks 90% decent for display purposes only!
  7. got super lucky and found a Faerie Leader VF-2SS on ebay for $130 shipped. Even at that price, it was tough to swallow some of the QC issues out of the box. Screw covers popping off, right arm is loose, and my left arm complete broke at the elbow joint with little movement. Yay for decent display piece (as are most of my toys in my collection)! Love the size and look of it though, but yea, i can barely touch it
  8. nice find Vlenhoff!!!! now that you are moving, i recommend keeping what you can display and enjoy, even double in different modes. then sell the rest! never been much of a closet collector and love displaying my toys to enjoy, so keep your joy/happiness year round by displaying your collection and don't keep em boxed up in a closet! p.s. then sell me some fastpacks!! haha... j/k
  9. Event page for MW Con 2016 is live! Get tickets below: https://mwcon.ticketleap.com/mwcon2016/ stay updated through the MW Con 2016 event page on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/events/1641746736153220/ See you there!
  10. Yes you can get tix at the door! we have a whole separate room for vendors and have over 15 vendors that will be bringing lots of stuff to check out PM me and we can sell you one after the con!
  11. Enjoy looking a MW Con Displays? Help out this year by bringing your stuff! We will have a special display zone for ORGUSS and the general theme is VINTAGE MACROSS. More recent Macross is not excluded as we will have some Frontier on display but we need your help! The list provided are only some targeted items we'd like to display. Miscellaneous items such as video games, stickers, idol cards, pencil boards, post cards, etc. are especially welcome. Large model kit boxes with excellent artwork are also desired. If you would like to contribute and have items that match anything on the list or have special items that are not on the list, please contact Norge Yip @ norgeyip@gmail.com asap regarding collection displays and any questions regarding displays. Collectors are asked to set up before doors open to the public at 10am. Items on the list with an "X" in front of them (strikethrough on the spreadsheet) are confirmed for display and not needed. Here's the link to the wishlist! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BtxDtcX5ETEQ78zRYx1EPyCIAWwbaKlPzVUZpKqxbrg/edit?usp=sharing
  12. bring em! contact macrossworldconvention at gmail dot com to coordinate
  13. just chiming in to vouch that i did receive my replacement parts about a month ago. everything came except a replacement hose connector piece on the back of the helmet, but i see how that would be hard to replace. Sorry to hear about the others not getting their parts. Keep emailing them!
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