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Found 2 results

  1. I've been messing with my shelves alot lately with the introduction of all my new vinyls toys (both modern and vintage) and thought it'd be fun to show off where I'm at right now. The bottom shelf is my ~1/60 real robot shelf with Yamato valks, Patlabor machines, Gundam stuff, and some 28mm war gaming models all approximately in scale with each other. Next shelf up is the product of my recent discovery of all things vintage robots pre-Transformers. On top of that is some Transformers and some vinyls, and then on top of that some bigger Transformers and models I've built. I also snapped a shot of my Machine Robo shelf, and my 'shelfless' Jumbo-sized toys. I've got another set of modern vinyls and other stuff spread around on my bookshelves, but this is the bulk of what's out right now. It's a shame I'm out of room, because I've an Iron Man collection that fills a shelf on its own, and a huge storage bin full of more G1 Transformers that I tragically have nowhere to put. More pics here: http://prometheusrising.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/shelves/
  2. EDIT: Don't know why i didn't look in the Hall of Super Topics for the old "Display Your Collection" thread, but i just found it and thought i'd link it finally: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=18562&hl Enjoy more collection pics!! ORIGINAL POST: I did some searching for a thread dedicated to just showing off entire Macross collections and displays and there were only a few threads with individuals posting only their collection. Or there were collection pics hidden in other threads about display cases or toy pictures. I love to see how people display their toys so here's a new thread where everyone can participate to share their collections. This is a new dedicated thread for people to show off ONLY pictures of their Macross Collection Displays. You can post pictures of how you display them whether it's in a cabinet, glass displays, book cases, whole rooms, etc. NO pictures of individual toys since there is already a thread for that. Lets see all our Macross collections in 1 place! I'll start by showing off a section of my rearranged Macross toys in my custom detolf cabinet displays. I'm still working on rearranging the rest of the room so i'll post those later. 1/48 displays I also recently purchased mini acrylic display signs so i can label my collection for fun. need to make them for the rest of my displays and i'll post them later. This was my old display room circa summer 2009, but i'll post updated pics soon
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