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Found 3 results

  1. EDIT: Don't know why i didn't look in the Hall of Super Topics for the old "Display Your Collection" thread, but i just found it and thought i'd link it finally: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=18562&hl Enjoy more collection pics!! ORIGINAL POST: I did some searching for a thread dedicated to just showing off entire Macross collections and displays and there were only a few threads with individuals posting only their collection. Or there were collection pics hidden in other threads about display cases or toy pictures. I love to see how people display their toys so here's a new thread where everyone can participate to share their collections. This is a new dedicated thread for people to show off ONLY pictures of their Macross Collection Displays. You can post pictures of how you display them whether it's in a cabinet, glass displays, book cases, whole rooms, etc. NO pictures of individual toys since there is already a thread for that. Lets see all our Macross collections in 1 place! I'll start by showing off a section of my rearranged Macross toys in my custom detolf cabinet displays. I'm still working on rearranging the rest of the room so i'll post those later. 1/48 displays I also recently purchased mini acrylic display signs so i can label my collection for fun. need to make them for the rest of my displays and i'll post them later. This was my old display room circa summer 2009, but i'll post updated pics soon
  2. Hello everyone, Time for a short review on the Bandai VF-171 Nightmare Plus kit from Bandai. This is a non-scale mini snap kit. I haven't seen many people talking about this thing here, so I'd like to give my impressions on the mini kit. List price at HLJ is 500¥, I got it for 425¥ when I ordered it. The box size is 8.5cm x 15.1cm x 3.8cm. The model, when build, is 8.5cm in lenght and has a wingspan of 7.5cm. The manual is printed into the box, but easily readible. The plastic casting was in a plastic bag as usual. For the size of the kit, the detail is nice and fine. There aren't much parts in this kits, but that is okay. Some of the parts are really small, which I will show in another picture. The decals are precutted self adhering stickers like in the 1/100 scale Macross Frontier model kits. As you can see the sickers are really small, so handling them might be tricky. Sorry for the bad quality pic, but here you can see that the main body is snapping together nicely, leaving no gap. My experience from other Bandai kits (1/100 VF-25, 1/100 VF-2SS, 1/144 VF-17, VF-11 MAXL, VF-11B/C, VF-19 KAI, Gundam RX-78 and Gundam RX-78-2) is, that there will be some gaps here and there which will require glueing or filling paste. There is a relatively large gap infront of the nose. Using glue can fix this easily. Here is one of the extremely small parts, just to give an example. Done - Build time with taking pictures inbetween is ~15 minutes. I didn't attach the stickers yet as I want to airbrush that thing properly. The calculated scale for this small kit is 1/184. Conclusion: A nice little addition to my Macross Mecha collection. There isn't much love for the VF-171 in form of model kits, so this small kit makes me happy that I can have it in my shelf. If needed this kit could be painted in Macross Frontier colors. As far as I know there wasn't much change on the VF-171 design between Frontier and Delta. The kit isn't having much gaps that need filling. For the size the details are good, better than on the old Macross 7 1/144 kits. If you have sausage fingers like me, you will probably have trouble to handle the small parts, but nothing that tweezers couldn't handle. I hope this will help to get an impression on this little gem. If you have any question regarding this kit, please let me know.
  3. Okay, so I was looking at Macross Mecha manual then Macross compendium and both sites list the VF-171/VF-171EX as have either 2 sets of laser weapons(VF-171) or laser/ 30mm heavy machine gun, but if I recall, doesn't the VF-17 have the dual barrel arm lasers, the chest cannon lasers, then the head turret lasers. Both versions of the VF-171 seem to have all the same weapons as well, but only two sets of weapons listed. I searched on the forum and couldn't find the answer. Did the VF-171's lose a set of weapons? Or are they just not listed? I am kinds confused. I think it would suck if the VF-171 lost those arm lasers but kept everything else weapons wise to make it a heavy battroid just like the VF-17. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks Twich
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