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  1. I took the plunge! This is the best price I have ever seen. Twich
  2. I am impressed with the ability to get those tiny little stickers/waterslide decals on to your toy. I am old and my hand is not steady enough, nor do my eyes possess the acuity to be able to see that small detail. That is indeed a good looking VF-25F Messiah! Twich
  3. I am very excited about the prospect of New Macross Animation! It has been 7 years since the last series and 2 years since the last movie release from that series. The thing that I would like is for there to be more mecha! Of Course!, but give information about those mecha. I don't know if I am in the minority, but I would like full mechanical briefs on the mecha! I am still waiting for a conclusive breakdown of the mecha from the last movie, the VF-31AX Kairos Plus, SV-303, Super Ghost Boosters/drones. Also, I know this was a part of Variable Fighter Master File, but if it is cannon, give information on what the plans were for the VF-31X! What sort of performance and stats would we see by adding 2 more thermonuclear reaction engines to the VF-31! Also, since it is going to be tied to Bandai, Dont be stingy on the releases of the DX Chogokin/Hi-Metal R releases for the series! I like the physical representations of the valks! Twich
  4. Oh my goodness, I thought I could detect some Zeta Gundam designs in there! It is as if a VF-1 and a Zeta Gundam had a secret love child. Then there is the other 2 variable mobile suits from Zeta Gundam.....the gaplant and the Messesla(sp?). that takes a great deal of time and dedication to do that, is this a magazine publication, or is this a customizer doing custom add on parts for a VF-1S? Twich
  5. twich

    Sv-303 Vivasvat

    I too would rather enjoy a SV-262Ba Mirage Custom, might as well dream and have it come with the Lil’ Drakens too! Twich
  6. twich

    Sv-303 Vivasvat

    They teased the Bogue SV-262Hs Bogue custom, but it hasn’t been officially set for release. Twich
  7. twich

    Sv-303 Vivasvat

    I would like both a SV-262Ba and SV-303 to be made by Bandai in DX format, but I would even settle for a Hi Metal R version, as long as it is made! Twich
  8. Some people’s skill with CAD and 3d printers amazes me! Good Job! Twich
  9. My Alto VF-25F from BBTS arrived today. I am impressed with it and really enjoy my initial experience with it. I have a confession, I have never had fast packs for a VF-25 before. I don’t understand why some of the things that come off to be replaced by the exact same thing have to happen, but I can now say that I have. With as fidgety as it was to get the legs, wings, arms and friggin shield to play nice together, I cannot imagine trying that with an armor pack, though if they release a box set with the VF-25S and Armor Pack, I will definitely want that for sure. sorry for the ramble, just happy about finally getting this Macross Jet! Twich
  10. oh my goodness, this just makes me want to rush out and buy all of these kits to satisfy my fixation on making Gundams and collecting Macross jets! The best of both worlds! Twich
  11. I am enjoying Tears of the Kingdom, but for me, it seems that there is even less direction than what Breathe of the Wild offered to its players. I enjoyed the heck out of BOTW, and I am about 20 hours into Tears of the Kingdom, but I have done absolutely nothing except gotten 2 heart containers and wandered around the depth for a while, but then wanted to get back to the surface because I was running out of supplies to go spelunking. I agree that it is more of the same as BOTW, but I enjoyed the game and will enjoy this one, once I get some backstock of items. I think that this game has the weapons have even less durability then in BOTW. Which is frustrating to no end. Twich
  12. Since everything seems to be Hayate focused with the releases of Macross Delta, if they managed to fix the issues with gaps and fit and finish with the re-release of Hayate's VF-31AX Kairos Plus, I might want to try to acquire it from BBTS. I already have the VF-31AX Mirage Custom, but want something that doesn't attract my eye with the incongruent lines. Twich
  13. BBTS sent shipping email on VF-25F Super Alto Custom today, so those that ordered should start receiving soon! Can’t wait to get mine! Twich
  14. I just hope we get word of worldwide release for this and not just Japan. Twich
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