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  1. are you talking about the Canik TP9/other pistols, that are partially imported by Century Arms? I do not have any personal experience with them, though there are several online/Youtube reviews that say that they are a solid pistol, with several great features for the price. They also say that the higher end of the Canik line are more slated for competition shooting. Twich
  2. and maybe the new thermometer looking mission pack, is, in fact, a new pizza topping anointment device, so that Delta Flight can plook down their favorite pizza toppings on their enemies and competing PMC's everywhere. Twich
  3. Greek Food.....Yummmm! Do they have Gyros and falafel in the Brisingr Cluster? Do they even have sheep/lamb? Sorry, guess I am really hungry here at work right now.... Twich
  4. stemming over from the discussion on the Macross Movie Absolute Live!!!!!! thread, how over the top crazy would it be to have a ship like the Macross 1/2 or maybe a full New Macross like battle frontier have Macross Quarters as the "arms" This has been seen, in a round about way in the Macross 2 Macross Cannon with the 4 front to the Zentradi battleships as the boom cannons and arms. The discussion on the other thread was why there was a new ship name as the home base for Delta Flight, instead of the Aether, and I had postulated that perhaps Xaos replaced the Macross 1/2 with a new ship....anyway, back to the discussion of the new VF-31AX.... Twich
  5. The marking for Parmenides is in the place on the tailfin that shows the home carrier for the aircraft. It has already been discussed that this might be the name of the new ship that Delta Flight is stationed on, meaning something could have happened to the Aether, or maybe the Macross 1/2 got replaced with the Macross 9 3/4, and this is the name of one of its carrier "arms". Twich
  6. in both the series and the movie, Keith is dead, so he "retired" before the events of this movie. Mayhap Master Hermann is now the White Knight and Bogue is his second, if you look at the Red SV-262Hs Draken III, it has 3 little ticks coming off the wing symbol, Keiths' SV-262Hs Draken III had just one. Fighting the UN Spacy is at least possible, I do not think that anyone in Xaos or WIndermere really likes the New UN Spacy, but I find it stretching things that Xaos would be in open warfare with them, but having the New UN Spacy present would be a more plausible explanation as to why there is a YF/VF-29 present. Twich
  7. I was actually thinking of the Max & Miriya VF-1J with the new sculpt along with the VF-1S with new sculpt. But that one is pretty scarce too. Twich
  8. No announcements for the 1/72 VF-1J or VF-1S transformable toys? thanks Twich
  9. How in the flibbitygibbit does it transform? Looks kinda like VF-4 2.0 to me. Really like it though, but we don’t see GERWALK yet, might be 2 mode transformation. Twich
  10. It kind of makes you wonder if there is some facility somewhere that does just that sort of thing.....a factory satellite that makes fold quartz. Or, a factory satellite that makes the ship that the windamearans (sp?) found the Sigur......hashtehshitz. Twich
  11. Also, by the by, I just tried to renew my Concealed Carry Permit online through my counties website. I gave me an error message, so I moved from my phone to a desktop computer. The error that I got was that I needed to apply for a new permit, as my present permit is expired, which doesn't make sense, since it clearly says a date of Oct. 2021 as the expiration date of the permit. I am wondering if there are more shenanigan's that I need to do to renew my permit. God, I hope I don't have to attend some firearms safety course for the permit.....Lovely Shenanigan's! Twich
  12. So, I just picked up my Glock 48 with silver slide from my FFL. The last glock that I owned was a 2nd Gen Glock 21 and the first Glock 26 that they made, so I have not had a glock in a number of years. I have not had the chance the put any rounds through it yet, but plan on it as soon as I can. I like the feel and the slim grip of the Glock 48. I was tempted by the Glock 19X and the Glock 19 Gen 5, but as I live in Washington state and am expecting the edict to come down that magazines over 10 rounds will be taxed and/or banned, I went with the 10rd option, plus for $70 less, the Glock 48 came with 4 magazines and factory Ameriglo HD tritium Nightsights, I could not pass it up. This was an upgrade for me coming from a Ruger American Full Size .45 ACP and Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 in 9mm. Twich
  13. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    I had assumed that it was mis-transformed, I guess that I was drawing attention to the fact that a promo shot for a new DX toy has all of these inconsistencies that we, as avid Macross toy collectors immediately see, and the manufacturer is giving us these pics without greater proof reading. I am excited to see your review of these toys when they release Jenius, as I am an avid follower of your youtube videos. Cant wait to see more DX toys for this upcoming movie. Twich
  14. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    I like the design of this Valkyrie, but I am not digging the fact that in GERWALK, the engine intakes are disconnected and the gun tonfa's are not connected to the arm....I wonder what the other side of the mission pack does? I thought that it was a double beam cannon, but looking at it, I am not so sure now. Like the new take on the SV-262 gunpod for the VF-31AX Kairos Plus though! Twich
  15. So wish that these publications get translated to English and see distribution in the USA
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