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  1. Very interesting premise. I enjoy your designs and look forward to future postings!
  2. twich

    Macross Books

    Thank you for the link. twich
  3. twich

    Macross Books

    So a question on the Macross 30 novelization. Is that an announcement for preorder or is it currently available to order? Any information would be appreciated. thanks! Twich
  4. I am all for encouraging Kitzconcept to further refine their 1/72 VF-1, and would greatly enjoy these readily available, since we are not likely to see Bandai/Arcadia VF-1 designs as part of the World Wide Macross initiative. I would really like to acquire myself the VF-1J Rick and the new VF-1S Fokker custom that should be coming out soon. Twich
  5. I was fortunate to be able to take my two sons with me last night for the viewing. It was amazing to watch Macross Plus in a movie theater in a reclining chair! I also greatly enjoyed meeting up with fellow MWer @M’Kyuun for the show! It was great to meet someone with the same level of passion for the franchise as I have and “talk shop”. Here is to hoping that there are many more opportunities to repeat the experience. in agreement with the sentiment that has been going around, the sound mix was different, the subtitles/story were slightly different. But the mecha action was just as great as I remember! All in all, a great experience, to be sure! Both of my sons enjoyed it greatly. Twich
  6. So M'Kyuun, where is the toy shop that you acquire your transformers from? I have an interest in Transformers, but my son is truly a fanatic when it comes to transformers and maybe taking him to a shop in Spokane so that he could have a selection, other than looking on the interwebs. Thanks in advance! Twich
  7. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    So, given that we have seen the Bandai Hi Metal R VF-0S shown with a stand, wings with hard points, missiles for the hard points, and what appears to be self contained bay doors for landing gear, how much do you think this release will run? Do people think they are gauging the interest for Macross Zero Hi Metal R toys? Could there be a whole line from Macross Zero to include the destroids from both sides…… I’m pretty excited and wish they would announce more details along with official word on the possibility of international release. Twich
  8. Yeah, I got my tickets a couple of weeks ago and was surprised that there would be other people in the theater other than my 2 sons and myself. Maybe the other MacrossWorld Member who lives on the eastern part of Washington (M'Kyunn) is going to the showing....who knows. Twich
  9. The listing for this in the American Amazon for pre order lists release of July 15th, 2022, but is $220 price guarantee twich
  10. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    If my supposition is correct and the Hi Metal R VF-0 toys are designed with integrated landing gears and an articulated air brake, this could be a new turning point for the line. If we got all the VF-0’s and perhaps the SV-51…..I imagine this would sell like hotcakes and directly compete with Arcadia’s offerings. realistically, I am not expecting Metal landing gears with rubber wheels, but who knows….. I hope I turn out to be correct. twich
  11. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    I did see that. It also looks like the landing gear bay doors open and the air brake opens as well. I am hopeful, but am just happy at the prospect of Bandai making this and other Macross Zero Variable Fighter and even destroids for those destroid lovers Twich
  12. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    Is it me, or does that thing look to be the size of a Arcadia 1/60 VF-1 toy? Is it possible that given the size, we might get integrated landing gear? It also appears that the air brake might be articulated. I have high hopes for the Hi Metal R VF-0S Focker Use! Wish they would correctly transform it on that stand! Twich
  13. From the tamashi show that revealed all this, that is what they had indicated. So I am not sure if this logo will appear on international(outside of Japan) releases only, or all future non SDF/DYRL releases. twich
  14. My wife preordered this for me for Christmas with the remark that it was super easy and that she could get behind ordering stuff from sites like BBTS!(where she got the preorder). twich
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