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  1. I found the first one to be pretty meh after all the hoopla it got. Maybe it's the fact I just don't emphasize with an autistic schizophrenic nut job that somehow starts a cult by whacking pseudo-Johnny Carson/Jay Leno on live tv, or maybe it's the fact I just don't like the comic character to begin with given how Batman or any DC superhero won't just kill him after he has a body count in the hundreds of thousands. I just couldn't care less about this sequel.
  2. As the resident lifelong Godzilla fan I would recommend seeing it in the theater, not because the film is good, but for the spectacle of it. Giant monsters fighting tends to loose a sense of scale on the small screen. Just don't go into this expecting Godzilla Minus One or even the original in tone and expect something more along the lines of Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, Gigan, or Megalon and you will be all set.
  3. 30mm is a reference to the socket hole on the kits that makes most accessories and add ons universal across Bandai's model kit brands as well as some other company's like Kotobukiya and Max Factory as well as the kits being relatively quick and easy to build hence the name 30 Minute Missions. It absolutely 100% has nothing to do with the 30mm scale wargaming hobby. That being said there is a relatively new game called MechaTop that integrates 1/144, 1/72, and 1/100 kits into a table top game that was inspired by Gundam Build Fighters a little while back.
  4. My local Target really screwed up last time they ran this deal and put the gift card notice on all the lego sets, not just the select ones. Ended up with almost $200 worth of gift cards before they finally took down the promotion.😆
  5. Long story short, thanks to Dr. Strange and Peter Parker messing with realities in No Way Home, Venom got transported to the main MCU universe where all he did was sit in a hotel room and visit the hotel's bar before promptly being sent back to his own universe at the end and not doing much of anything.
  6. The 1984 Dune movie deserves to be crapped on for it's effects when you take into account it cost $42 million to make while Empire Strikes Back cost $30 million, Blade Runner $28 million, Raiders of the Lost Ark $20 million, and Aliens only $18 million. David Lynch's Dune is an ugly incoherent mess made by someone that didn't understand the source material that was in way over his head who never should have been given the job in the first place.
  7. I wish I could explain what comes next, but the director who also co-wrote this, utterly botched the ending by forgetting the one simple tenet that is the cause of and end to why anything happens on Arrakis matters to anything. The. Spice. Must. Flow.
  8. Ideon would destroy the universe, then start a new one. Ideon surivives, Ideon wins.
  9. That's the thing about the Memphis Belle film from the 90s, it is arguably the most accurate yet inaccurate historical film ever made, in that almost everything in it happened to some crew at some point, but not just the Memphis Belle crew on their last mission. Early in the film's production the decision was made to not depict the Belle's final mission with any accuracy, but show the hell a typical mission could be at it's worst during the worst point in time of the daylight bombing campaign for the 8th Airforce.
  10. Well... I did it. I bought another big damn castle to go along with the other big damn Lion Knight's Castle. This one is the Black Falcon's Mountain Fortress from Bricklink's Designer program. Only 30,000 are being made on a one time run and preorders started about an hour ago with it nearly being sold out already.
  11. My friend I just got back from watching Argylle, and far and away there are much worse films out there that you could take your wife to for date night. This is miles ahead of Ridley Scott's Napoleon. Honestly my only complaint is it may be overly long, but it is enjoyable and fun. If you liked Mathew Vaughn's other films like the King's Man series you'll definitely have a blast with this. My best advice is to go into this blind. Do not look at spoilers or any other reviews as there is a chance it will ruin the film. That said enjoy date night with the wifey! 😉
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