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  1. Saw it, it sucked. Preachy, obnoxious, heavy handed, and enough plot holes to drive a truck through. Sure was pretty though. The VFX team deserves an oscar.
  2. People are talking about Snyder's Rebel Moon project being a former Star Wars project, but The Creator itself actually looks like one. When I saw the poster in the theater with the robot in the field, the odd buildings in the background, and the font chosen for the title I thought it WAS a Star Wars film, specifically the one about droids that was rumored to be in production. Even the trailer looks like Star Wars outside of the AK47's and US military uniform that one guy is wearing.
  3. I'm still waiting for the Masters Of The Air series debut announcement from the Band of Brothers/The Pacific people before I bite the apple.
  4. And this is why I prefer console gaming. They may not have the prettiest graphics, but the games are all programmed to work with a known quantity and system requirements. No dealing with software or hardware compatibility issues, no OS updates that brick older games, and no rebuilding a shitty $3000 gaming rig every two years because some fancy new tech came out and the latest killer app is running it.
  5. You talk like this is a new thing, but it's not. Remember Dallas and "Who shot JR?" from the 80s? If that's too old how about Reimagined Galactica and it's "Who is a Cylon?" nonsense? People are always going to theorize and make guesses about the shows they're invested in, the only difference you aren't going to hear about it in Entertainment Tonight, Sci Fi Weekly, or the entertainment section of your local newspaper now that they have Discord, Facebook, Twitter/X, and Youtube.
  6. I wanted to go to that brick con as it was the closest to me here in Montana, but work had some personnel shake ups and I can't get the time off for the event due to short staffing. Would have been neat to see if they had any neat castle stuff for sale, but oh well. Have fun! 😉👍
  7. The Mig-23 didn't have zero/zero ejection seats and the plane was approaching it's minimum safe ejection speed. It was either punch out then or trust the pilot of a rapidly descending ailing aircraft to not make you a synchronized smear mark on the ground with him. I would have punched out too.
  8. Anyways, the Museum of Flight... I was there three weeks ago for the Boeing Seafair Airshow. That Thursday they had a special for free admission after 5pm till they close at 9pm. Ends up I didn't hear the closing announcement because I was so focused on taking pictures they shut the lights off on me while I was in the WWI and WWII exhibit!😆
  9. If you are still in the area head north for about 20 minutes to Paine Field in Everett. The Boeing Factory is there as well as the recently reopened Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. You will not be disappointed with the latter!
  10. I've said it elsewhere, but I'll say it again. This trailer has to be one of the most generic looking things I have ever seen. Might as well have called it... Chronicles of Star Dune Episode 1: Return of the Avatar Riddick and the Rings of Jupiter Ascending.😝
  11. It made it's debut at OshKosh a couple weeks ago, and people seemed shocked it didn't crash then.
  12. I picked up the Black Knight's Castle set from a Bricks And Minifigs store in Monroe Washington. I paid $150 for it complete without minifigs. Considering how much the set is going for on places like ebay with kits in worse shape I think I got quite a deal.
  13. Hammerhead's in the first two were hilarious. The first pair just wanted tires. That's it. Calypso was just too dumbfounded to twist their wish. The second pair wished they could fly...then jumped out a window right before Calypso was going to give them plane tickets.
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