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  1. Not too many Martin B-26 Marauders left in existance let alone still flying.(I think only one is still airworthy) I got lucky to see one in person when I went to the USAF Museum a couple of years back. Plenty of Douglas A-26 Invaders though.
  2. Oh great its like someone saw that Fallout Boy music video Going Down and decided to make a comic and now a crappy netflix series.
  3. The only UK TV the US was familiar with in the 80s was Benny Hill, Dr Who, and whatever was picked to air on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.
  4. Well they got her out of the water. Still in pretty good shape for all that happened her the other day. A testament to the skill of the pilot and the Grumman Iron Works.
  5. This happened yesterday during an airshow in Florida... Talk about your HOLY **** moments(especially for the poor guy that nearly got landed on)! Thankfully no one was hurt and the plane looks like it can still be salvaged and not be a total loss.
  6. I don't want to sound like a downer here, but I don't think Macross is going to be recieved as well as it's expected to be in the west. The lack of access to or knowledge of Macross over the years for the average anime fan has expectations being something they're not. People are expecting some type of epic space opera that rivals the Gundam in scale with giant galaxy spanning space battles featuring cool transforming robot fighters. Deep down we all know that's only partially the case because the other part is Big West using the franchise as an advertising vehicle to sell music. Mu
  7. I get what you're trying to say here, nobody wants to see a Harrison Ford in his late 70s going on adventures in the 70s and trying to act like he in his 20s or 30s when it comes to fights and stunts, but it would be a huge mistake to move away from the tone of the classic adventure serial that made the series what it is. Crystal Skull tried that by channeling cheesy 50s scifi with it's tone by tossing commies, pseudoscience that made no sense, psychic powers, and flying saucers and sucked the high hard one for it. Now? He do something else stupid or weird lately wit
  8. Well you should take comfort(or horror) in the fact that USAF Tornado's exist in at least Wonder Woman 84's universe.
  9. I keep saying that could still work if you bring in Chris Pratt as Shia's older half brother from the time Indy banged Willie Scott in Temple of Doom. It would make a nice juxtaposition where Chris's character acts more like Indy than Shia's character and Shia acting like you think Willie Scott's kid would act. Potential buddy cop styled theme there.
  10. Going to start the Cobi P-38 Lightning when I get home. I'll upload pictures and give my thoughts when I'm done.
  11. It could very well be the other way around. I can just picture everyone in this forum getting pissy if something like Macross Frontier gets released with a Robotech Frontier label like the Yamato 2199/2202/2205 series getting released as Starblazers 2199/2202/2205 etc even if the original content from Frontier is unaltered and has a faithful translation to the original Japanese version.
  12. They knew of "A" titan in the 1940s and as far as they knew it got nuked to death by the Castle Bravo Bikini atoll test. By 1973 Monarch was on the verge of being defunded until John Goodman's character convinced the senator overlooking the project to fund an expedition to Skull Island. With Kong largely confined to Skull Island and vulnerable to conventional weaponry Monarch likely didn't have a lot to do until the Muto spores in the Godzilla skeleton were discovered and the Janjira attack occured in 1999. It's only from there and the result of the battle i
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