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  1. I watched No Time To Die a couple days ago. I actually liked it quite a bit which is saying something considering how badly I've loathed Craig's so called "gritty" run as Bond. One scene I found unintentionally funny was where Bond finds out they assigned the 007 number to Nomi and someone said "You probably thought they'd retire it in your honor." Yeah, if this was taking all the events of the 60+ years of Bond adventures into account I could see it, but this is Craig Bond who earned his 00 status just prior to the events of Casino Royale and has spent most of his career failing his objectives, quiting, being disavowed, or retired. I don't think he ever actually went an entire film as a full MI-6 agent? Casino Royale- Quits to marry honey trap Vesper Lynd ends up betrayed and goes rogue. Quantum of Solace- Quits MI-6 extract revenge on those who manipulated Vesper Lynd. Skyfall- Gets shot, disappears and is disavowed only to return be sent on a suicide mission only to be forced into retirement. Spectre-Quits to marry Madelyn Swan. No Time To Die- Is literally retired for 90% of the film.
  2. As far as the novels go nothing of the imagery from Lynch's film is in the books. No heart plugs, no wierding modules, the Baron is fat but not diseased, nor is he a raving lunatic, and ornithopters are anything but whatever the hell that gothic elevator looking thing was in the 1984 film.
  3. I always thought Airwolf was black and white like an orca killer whale.
  4. That's mentioned in the pilot episode. It's also why the Airwolf patch on the uniforms is literally a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  5. The Cobi Brick Titanic set actually came with one! This one looks a hell of a lot more detailed though. I wonder how they would scale together?
  6. As things stand now yeah the Japanese beating Canada is a joke. Still though, they're not as bad as many would think they are. Yes, there's a massive drop off in talent of the top big three of Canada, United States, and Finland, but sixth in the world for Japan is nothing to sneeze at. The way I see it, the Japanese Women's team is on the cusp of taking the next step in hockey. The fact that they can hold their own on ice against the likes of Germany, Russia, and Sweden as well as this silly little show even existing is a testament to that. If this show like the coach says in regards to her goofy idol scheme can put butts in the seats and get more women interested in the game, then all the better. As far the show itself goes I kinda like it. Goofy Japan beating Canada/Idol dance dream sequence opening aside, it's just getting started and I think it has a lot of potential. Honestly seeing the girls finally stepping on the ice and getting their first lesson in hockey playing brought a smile to my face and reminded me of my childhood. I went through those same skating and passing drills back when I first started playing many MANY years ago.
  7. To quote Herbert Powell from the Simpsons... "This monstrosity cost how much???"
  8. What do you call a movie you enjoyed watching, but it was still kinda crap and gets worse the more you think about it? Yet you don't hate it? What ever word best represents that, that's what this movie is.
  9. New official trailer for Pride Of Orange girls ice hockey anime. I'm surprised all the text in the trailer is in english. It makes me wonder if they are going to push hard for an international release? The CBC would probably pick this up for national broadcast! You guys have no idea the anticipation I have for this show.
  10. Honestly I couldn't tell you as the last time I watched the series was on U.S. Manga Corps old dvd sets before they went out of business. It looks alright to me, then again I'm not exactly watching it on a high end 8k rez monitor either. The older stuff seems to be in SD though while the newer OVAs are HD. Honestly I'm just happy to be able to watch most of the franchise in one place for a decent price and not pay $70-100 dollars for an out of print import dvd that may only have one or two episodes on it.
  11. I picked up the Votoms complete bluray collection off of a Sentai Filmworks sale on their website for $30. I have to say this is probably the best value of a boxset I have ever gotten in my life, as it looks like it has every single piece of Votoms animation ever made short of Armor Hunter Mellowlink! Watching all of this though I've made a kind of interesting observation. Is it ever explained how a Scopedog can operate in the vacuum of space without killing it's pilot, yet it leaks so badly in water that drowning is a very real danger even for a fully suited pilot?
  12. The Fremen jihad is something that isn't even depicted in the novels, and we only see the repercussions and effects of it in the the plot of the follow up to the first book Dune Messiah. If any of it is depicted in this film outside of a few spice induced visions then this film will be even more condensed than what even David Lynch's version was. Either that or this film is deviating even more wildly than Lynch's from the original plot.
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