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  1. And...that's about all he has. Everything else is just half baked plots about apartheid analogs or sticking it to the "man" full of unlikable characters who are supposed to be the protagonists that you find yourself kind of rooting against or down right hating.
  2. Typical Russian selling tactic. Sell cheap then get them on the back end with overpriced spares and technical support for the planes built in flaws.
  3. Chani in the novels is 15 at the start of Dune(16 if you follow the prequel timeline) then 17(or 18) by the end and is physically described as a skinny redhead with all blue eyes. So far no adaptation has gotten this right.
  4. And this is the biggest issue with things like this and why I feel the Godzilla franchise is now 0 for 2 on big budget anime projects. Screw with the original formula too much and people just won't care. You might as well make your own generic giant monster series at this point. People who want to watch a Godzilla anime series aren't tuning in to watch a pseudo science lecture on quantum physics or surrealist dystopian futures where plant based Godzilla fights a forbidden mathematical equation. No, they are there to see a giant radioactive dinosaur stop on cities and throw down with other familiar giant monsters while humanity tries to survive and find ways to destroy the monsters. Establish that first and then you can do all the experimental "what if's" with the franchise all you want. So yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Dragon Ball Z the **** out of it! Go full on over the top big dumb spectacle fight with it, not Evangelion or Serial Experiments Lain with it. It may be dumb and flashy, but it at least wouldn't have you confused or questioning what the hell is going on.
  5. That plane has quite the history behind it. Not too often you see one with a kill marker on it let alone one from the first gulf war.
  6. My flight on the Stearman got cancelled. It doesn't look like any of the planes had any luck today. FiFi made her first flight of the morning, but the brakes locked on landing and flat spotted the tire on the starboard landing gear. The P-51 had mechanical breakdown on start up, and with bad weather moving in the two trainers are leaving early to make their next stop. I actually feel bad for the Stearman pilot flying into a head wind to make it out to Albany from here. That can't be easy in an open cockpit biplane that only has 200hp.
  7. Anybody here ever go up in a vintage warbird? The Comemorative Air Force's B-29 FiFi is visting my local airport, and in about five hours I'm going up in PT-13 Stearman Kaydet so I'm a little anxious/hyped. I had a choice of a P-51, a T-6 Texan, or the Kaydet, and I chose the Kaydet. There's just something about an open cockpit biplane that I find appealing. Sure riding in a P-51 would have been fun, but getting stuffed in behind the pilot in a plane designed for one just didn't seem right. I wish I could have gotten a ride on FiFi, but they were booked months before I even knew they were coming.
  8. This is going to flop harder than Lebron in an NBA Playoff game.
  9. This weekend also marks the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. Arguably one of if not the most important and decisive navy engagements of the entire war . In less than ten minutes the entire situation in the Pacific was reversed. Here's a quick video from the WII In Real Time channel summing up the main part of the battle. If you want more details I suggest reading two books, Miracle at Midway by Gordon Prange for a US perspective, and Shattered Sword by Anthony Tully & Jonathon Parshall(the guy that runs the combined fleet website) for a more recent view using Japanese sources.
  10. Today's the 77th anniversary of the D-day Normandy invasion landings to retake Europe from the Third Reich. Here's some footage from the 75th anniversary cemetary flyover two years ago when they amassed quite a fleet of C-47/C-53/DC-3's to make the trip including one my brother helped get in flying order from Montana. I don't think there has been that many Skytrain's in one place since the Korean war.
  11. Waiting patiently for my Dagger L to come in, as unlike some of you guys I don't need v fins, random neon colored spikes/pointy bits, or transformation gimmicks to be happy with a kit.
  12. Yeah... Long story short, the Eternals are essentially the Marvel franchise's version of History Channels' Ancient Aliens if they actually existed in Marvel's universe.
  13. I don't know who has the more tragic backstory in the GI Joe mythos, him or Hit & Run. Like Snake Eyes Hit & Run also lost his family to a drunk driver except who did it is unknown because he hit his family and ran. He was only three years old at the time and has no memory of his family. He spent his entire childhood escaping from foster homes and juvenile dentention until he turned 18 and was turned over to the state where he promptly joined the army. He excelled as a basic infantryman and mountain warfare specialist before being inducted into GI Joe where he took the codename Hit & Run. Yeah... The dude ain't all there if his choice of codename wasn't a clue. He has no social life, no meaning, only the army. He's quite literally looking for a place to die.
  14. I don't know, but there's no way I'm saying that actor's name out loud unless I know how it's exactly pronounced.
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