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  1. He also nailed their strategy for selling more toys: No wonder they always leave a few glaring flaws!
  2. Okay, thanks you two. I feel better now!
  3. Oy vey. I ordered some TV super parts from Okini land. I've heard nothing from them since. Those have been out for a while, right? I just bugged them about it, we'll see how they respond. But I assume it's going to be a cancelled preorder. I'm so out of the loop. It sounds like the GBP armors were just recently on order and instantly sold out?
  4. Anyways, surprised nobody has mentioned THIS: This is the best Lego set release since Benny's Spaceship, IMO.
  5. I never thought of it that way. I was more confused as to why they keep releasing shuttle, after shuttle, after shuttle, in Creator, Ideas, AND City Space. And not a SINGLE. CLASSIC. SPACESHIP!!! Like, how many shuttles can one need? I get that maybe they're more popular, but how can anyone know unless we actually release a cool sci-fi ship that isn't Star Wars? Now that LEGO is making Classic-themed Creator sets (you can thank me! I wished them into existence), maybe we'll get a real Classic Space ship sometime in the near future, if the Star Wars license doesn't totally prevent it with
  6. Well, I'm in for Blu Rays of everything up to M7 at least. Maybe Frontier and Zero if they go on sale. Not die-hard enough to sit through Delta though. As for new shows, nah. I've given up on anime as a medium. The hand drawn stuff from the 80s and early 90's was fantastic. The new stuff where all the mechs are CGI? No thanks, I don't want to watch a video game. Even the actual character animation is very CGI heavy now which ruins if for me. They draw a character's face once and then vectorize it and manipulate the image to "animate" it. Fuuuuuck that. It looks like garbage, sorry no
  7. Does this increase chances of a Valkyrie Lego Ideas set?
  8. Yep. I would have been all in on those, if they hadn't replaced ALL the sound effects! Now it's just a bastardization of a bastardization. All Robotech has going for it (over the originals) is nostalgia, and they had to go and ruin that. The new sound effects are jarring and totally rip me out of the experience. Yep, the good episodes will look better and the bad episodes will look worse. I don't remember Southern Cross having as much bad animation as SDF Macross...but I don't remember as much about Southern Cross generally.
  9. I'm guessing it's the higher ups calling it "good enough" at a certain point. Just like they do with video games. The designers could do better with more time and more money, but they don't get more, because why would they? Profits come first, and people are still going to buy this stuff no matter how mediocre it is.
  10. Obviously the MPs are generally really good. Which is why I mostly buy those.
  11. Wow, HasTak is really phoning it in. After 40 years of tech advancement, improvements in CAD software, rapid prototyping, cheaper plastics, etc, it's just not enough for them. They need to go cheaper. They're still going to give you gappy, mediocre toys with major concessions and puzzling deviations from the source material. The robot mode posability and proportions have improved, but nothing else. Alt modes are generally worse than in 1986.
  12. I had no idea a Japanese company was doing Joe figures! I've been hoping for that to happen, especially for Snake Eyes -- except it's a statue not a posable figure and it's some weird female Snake Eyes. So close yet so far?
  13. I never realized Ultra Magnus was just Prime in GBP armor! I still want a good version of Ultra (or especially Delta) Magnus that keeps the separate Prime robot. Was super bummed that the MP Magnus didn't.
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