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  1. Always liked Fleetwood Mac, yet somehow didn't know this person existed. She wrote their best songs too. I thank her for that.
  2. Huh, never knew it before, but I might need a Conan action figure in my life. So do Super 7 figs ever come out? Just asking because I bought a 7 inch Snake Eyes like forever ago and it keeps getting delayed. Last I heard was it should come out this month. But this month is almost over.
  3. This makes me wish CMs would re-release their ride armors with the problems fixed. If it weren't for the breaking windshields, forearm plates not attaching in bike mode, and non-spinning wheels, they would have been near perfect.
  4. Total long shot, I know...but does anyone else have a bunch of 1991 Impel GI Joe trading cards, but not a complete set? Because I do, and I want to trade to complete my set. I'm probably a few decades late...
  5. I don't like these. Too weird.
  6. Synchro Cannon! Cool!
  7. Not a fan of random busy design elements just for the sake of visual interest. The classic designs stand on their own and don't need it.
  8. I think it would be pretty dumb not to go for it now, with Marvel fatigue being strong, and Stranger Things boosting the popularity of D&D.
  9. There's probably billions of dollars waiting for the studio that figures out how to make a cinematic universe out of all the D&D books.
  10. Wow that's awful. Almost no movement whatsoever.
  11. Long tradition of that in GI Joe. I think the Baroness was the only woman in the original line to even have a firearm accessory.
  12. Well I finally got my Cobra Troopers, so maybe now I'll buy the next thing. I just don't really like having multiple orders in flight. Then I start forgetting what I've ordered!
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