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  1. MP-44 Lite? Sure, I'll bite. This will be the first TF purchase I've made in loong time. And thanks for the links, Mike.
  2. We have one, it's just slow. Definitely getting that YF-23.
  3. I have to admit that I still prefer the anime over the manga despite the differences. I still dig out the old show once in while, especially the xmas episode during the holidays.
  4. Hot on the heels of the series finale of Urusei Yatsura comes the announcement of a new Ranma anime:
  5. I've been waiting for something like the Marvel vs. Capcom package for a long time. I suspect this guy will be left out though:
  6. Terry and Mai in SF6. Suddenly I'm into SF again. It makes me yearn for another Capcom vs. SNK game.
  7. Vote for the new Space minifig color! Aww, voting window closed on the 3rd
  8. I was refreshing my memory with the GTO comic when I came upon this panel again:
  9. Latest update arrived today, here are some snippets: "Work on the OVAs continues at a steady pace. The subtitles for the japanese language track have been completed and are currently being reviewed to ensure all the fine nomenclature details are correct. Justin Sevakis and his team at MediaOCD are working hard on the color grading and restoration of the 4K transfers. They report that everything seems to be in excellent shape and most of the restoration work is dealing with occasional dust and film weave. Regarding the english dub, we're happy to announce that we've managed to obtain the audio track of the english theatrical release, which was only ever shown in theatres in North America. The main difference between the theatrical release and the DVD release centers around the recasting of two parts; Dennis Lone and Exxegran. Dennis only appears in episode 1, and in the DVD release Exxegran was recast between episodes 2 and 3, and thus is played by two different voice actors. In the theatrical release, Dennis is recast and Exxegran's lines in episode 1 and 2 have been re-recorded by the second voice actor -- thus the performance is consistent over all 6 episodes. There are other minor differences in the edits because of the lack of episode title cards and eyecatches in the theatrical version. Our current plan is to use the theatrical release as the basis for the main english soundtrack, but also include the DVD episode 1 and 2 audio on the disc for completeness. Even this far into the project, new materials are still being discovered in archives in Japan and being incorporated into the project. The latest discovery is a pristine print of the eyecatch sequence. As for the artbook, we've completed the restoration of the settei and the first pass of the settei translation; like the subtitles, it's going through a checking process to make sure all the nomenclature is correct. We've also translated all of the print interviews -- 6 in total. The artbook is huge -- looks like it'll be just over 200 pages, with about 40 pages of full-color illustrations. Finally, Mikimoto-sensei is hard at work on the new packaging art, and we hope to get a draft of that later in the summer. He has also agreed to take a stab at doing a custom embroidered patch design for the project! There's a few other surprises that we're working on that we're not quite ready to announce yet, so stay tuned!"
  10. I would love for this new show to use the manga designs. Is it too early to hope Applessed gets the same treatment?
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