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  1. I was thinking it might be like one of those kits from RC Berg than can easily hit three figures. A 1/120 scale prepainted figure at $150 still seems kinda steep, I'm hoping Good Smile/Freeing makes a Ragnarok aside from the Albatross and Cerberus.
  2. I like the Ragnarok, but it's being listed at around $150 at 1/120 scale. Kinda steep, and I still don't know if it's a kit or a pre-assembled figure.
  3. That's good to hear, I'll do some browsing and give it a shot. The redesign is very cool, like anime52k8 said, it's so far removed from the original MS it was based on.
  4. Anyone else getting this? Supposedly, it's Zero Gravity's version of the Forbidden Gundam, and it builds like Bandai's Hi Resolution kits. I just thought it was instantly cool because it's in Nu colors and wields a scythe.
  5. Ha, apparently there was a comic released too! Clearly who ever made this commercial knew how to use mecha anime tropes. I was even more impressed when I learned that Spike Spiegel's voice actor was in there. And for the record, I would make the trek to a Del Taco over Taco Bell anytime 🙂.
  6. I like their Nacho Fries too, but this is just another level:
  7. Cyberpunk 2077 not enough to scratch the cyber itch? Hopefully the small team working on this game doesn't get squashed by lawsuits:
  8. I'm having more fun than I thought with Google's latest "doodle"- an homage to the Olympics and 16-bit games:
  9. He's sprinkling in some horror with sci-fi now:
  10. Gametoys' Sephiroth is making me consider getting back into 1/6 scale figures:
  11. Finally! All the way from the Suez Canal to my porch came the beast itself: At least that's where I'm guessing it got stuck at because it took way too long to get here-even by SAL shipping standards. Can't wait for some time off to play with it!
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