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  1. Sweet, thanks! It looks quite sharp, and might be similar in size to the PLUM kit.
  2. Yeah, I was curious about them, it just may save me from putting together this plastic model I have of the R-9. Got any pics?
  3. For that price, I want articulated features (at least folding wings), an APC, and maybe some Space Marine figurines (or an Alien Queen stowaway). Otherwise, it's a big pass for me.
  4. Love it. I didn't play for a while until I heard about more levels and ships were added. I love the Suikoden games but Konami's remaster deserves more than just cleaned up character portraits. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after seeing what Konami has become.
  5. Watching the gameplay footage for the FM2 remake makes me thankful they sped up the combat. In the original, the wanzers would float/dance around each other for quite a while before performing an action. This would consequently make each round trudge on forever, it was worse than Ring of Red. That combined with reading an online script to translate all the Japanese dialog added up to a not so fun way to play the original FM2, so I gave it up.
  6. FM5 was the pinnacle of the series imho, I hope the remakes go that far. Gameplay for FM Borderscape looks promising:
  7. Gameplay footage of the FM2 remake: It sounds like FM3 will also get the remake treatment as well, but there's no video or screenshots of that project yet.
  8. Deedlit's metrovania game gets a big recommend from me to anyone who loves Symphony of the Night and Lodoss War. The music is tops in that game. I'm still working on getting 100% completion on it, but R-Type Final 2 is taking my gaming time.
  9. They look great together- makes me wish for a casual, unarmored figma of Priss.
  10. If I could, I would make an in-scale dakimakura of Arcee for him. The paint scheme is kinda bland for alt mode, it just looks like a Japanese patrol vehicle. I'd prefer something more bombastic for Drift. Nevertheless, I'm still getting one; I quite like the design choice.
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