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  1. Y'know what I loved about a typical Airwolf episode? Something is gonna get absolutely blasted to shitereens at the very end of the theme song when it's played during a combat scene.
  2. Still waiting for a good 1/18 scale die cast model of this:
  3. I think I need this: . Kinda pricey for its scale, but I reckon the smaller size will make things easier for a Slug Tank in the future.
  4. Just a heads up; BBTS boned me, stating that their pre-orders cannot be filled, so I have to find another vendor . Whoops, this is regards to the Riobot Rockman X Falcon Armor.
  5. That was the AMT/Ertl model kit, I had the exact same thought when I saw the instructions. I guess it was nice to have an option to build a plain Bell 222, but that wasn't even advertised on the box.
  6. Man, I can't even keep my cheapy Air Hog mini chopper at an even hover. Great flying and a beautiful model there.
  7. Demona has some real good sculpting going on.
  8. Can't wait to see their Hindenberg set
  9. Set 10294: Iceberg sold separately.
  10. Yeah, it's underwhelming. Ugly seam lines, unpainted details, and a disproportionate tail boom add up to an easy pass. For something that big, a lot more could be done to make a real masterpiece.
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