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  1. YEah it looks goofy coming from its but flap instead of the funnel pods lol EDIT: im curious as to the design of the nightingale. Its huge profile and it being glaringly RED makes it a perfect bullseye
  2. They are arnt they. They list low and soon as they get it in, if you did not pre-order boom New higher price. SHOWZ does the same thing. Maybe due to min. Order discount and such
  3. Thanks.! um how does an english speaking canadian use it sorry man i found one for 205 US
  4. Thanks Man. Ill take a look. I missed it on the first run and was out of work. But i love this mech. Only one listed in Mandrake and nothing listed on Yahoo auctions. It is one of a kind. I saw the HGUC but it still doesnt come close to this RS edition and it seems the 4th party KOs are not making any gundams lately
  5. been watching this for a while. Didnt have the money then but what do you guys think? Worth 450 bucks???
  6. Queadluun-Rau 1/60 scale Mira 639 Macross $180 Canadian
  7. Bandai Gundam Fix Figuration 0044-Armor Unicorn $120 Canadian
  8. wow ok. I mean cool and all but are they just going to now over use the one frame and add pointy stuff to it. I guess gone are the days of slightly modified frames from UC and other series lol ugh
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