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  1. LOL bandai. Will milk every penny out of a mold until you get so sick of the release you get rid of any of the mold you had and call it quits
  2. UGH not more kits JUST Give me an AFFORDABLE NU!!!!!! Metal build is such a disappointment. I swear someone at Bandai design is shoving seed-00 up their asses. That love affair has to end. I have the Nu Bust and the Metal Robot Spirits one. But i mean look at the flurry of MRS seed thats being pumped out.
  3. its the bandai trap. Would you like a belt with those pants sir lol I am putting faith that Moshow or some other will put to work some Modified form of a NU gundam
  4. ok so i went to ebay.ca and filtered for sold ONLY 1 shows sold for almost 4 grand. Telling me it some maniac that has way to much money to spend. The population of collecters here that are willing to spend is near nil. Second we have a huge Chinese population of young misfits with holes burning in their pants. Not something i call organic. The other sold items are the londo bell engineer set fin funnel set. So im going to take 3 funnel solds with one that sold for an obscene price. Probably a guy who would bu an ethot twitch bath water for 2000 dollars. 4 sold in a population of 40 million people. On top of that i want to add ebay is a scammers market now. I know cause did it myself when i saw an item not selling a guy puts a bid on it and its like crap NO. WIFEY!!!!! COME QUICK BID ON MY ITEM! or a friend bids on the item to make it look like it sold for 4k . IM telling you a see a lot of buyers remorse for this 1000 dollar brick I sold more transformers toys for equal or just a bit more than what i purchased them for because the population is higher I can tell you NO ONE in my city nor in cowboy country would laugh the piss out of themselves if they see what city idiots are paying for. regardless you like it and thats all that matters. Or maybe canadians are an incredibly cheap bunch of losers. Meh who cares -right
  5. dont take it personality we all fall for it. So i include myself. But your idea of re-sale value, you really should rethink that. I tried selling Metal builds off No ONE will pay the SRP or the "collectors costs" You should think about how that works. When you factor scarcity, niche, population, supply, cost of living and disposable cash. I bet you i can sell my Sazabi, Strike, Buster, Kampfer etc for a lot more than i purchased for than you for your nu for more than you purchased it. Cheers
  6. while its nice. Its WAAAAAY overpriced. North of a thousand dollars for a figure that has the posability of a MG gundam from the 80s. Mean while you get the insane detail and posability with MoSHOWs Takeda Shingen for less than 200 dollars american. Sometimes Bandai prays on the stupidity of its collectors.
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