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  1. can this be deleted Mods. something was wrong with the browser
  2. Regult Battle Pod: Cutaway
  3. this would be a cool PG kitRegult Battle Pod: Cutaway Regult Battle Pod: Cutaway
  4. 1. スーパーロボット超合金 SRC SOC GaoGaiGar Figure & Expansion $120 2. Bandai SRW Chogokin GaoFighGar $130 3. SOC SRW Genesic GAOGAIGAR $135 3A. SOC SRW GGG Set of Three $280 4. Queadluun-Rau 1/60 scale Mira 639 Macross $180 5. Bandai Gundam Fix Figuration 0044-Armor Unicorn $120 SOLD 6. Bandai SRC Chogokin SKL $130 you can also reach me via telegram https://t.me/kijijiforsale if you have questions about the item 7. Transformers Alt/Binaltech Lot $140 Lowered Price to $120
  5. not a fan of V2. I still like my V1 if its the same company Plus the MOSHO one has light up cameras and boosters
  6. LOL bandai. Will milk every penny out of a mold until you get so sick of the release you get rid of any of the mold you had and call it quits
  7. UGH not more kits JUST Give me an AFFORDABLE NU!!!!!! Metal build is such a disappointment. I swear someone at Bandai design is shoving seed-00 up their asses. That love affair has to end. I have the Nu Bust and the Metal Robot Spirits one. But i mean look at the flurry of MRS seed thats being pumped out.
  8. its the bandai trap. Would you like a belt with those pants sir lol I am putting faith that Moshow or some other will put to work some Modified form of a NU gundam
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