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  1. they are a little slow like that. Do not worry they will ship it. If you want shoot them a message from your order account on the item to ask when it will ship. It usually ships 1-2 weeks post payment clearance
  2. Anyone have 2 grand in this economy lol and while they say its a garage kit it does have the metal inner frame very much a METAL BUILD 4th party but that price lol
  3. I think so, I have Ichigo and its a fantastic figure which i think is a pop toys collab
  4. However. I cannot confirm but SOMETIMES they are actually Metal Builds but dont say they are. They bumped this release from Dec 21 some time in Q1 2022
  5. can this be deleted Mods. something was wrong with the browser
  6. this would be a cool PG kitRegult Battle Pod: Cutaway Regult Battle Pod: Cutaway
  7. not a fan of V2. I still like my V1 if its the same company Plus the MOSHO one has light up cameras and boosters
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