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  1. FREEing B-Style 1/4 MEER CAMPBELL Bunny Ver. September 2023 Release December 2, 2022 Preorder Starts Y44000 P-Bandai Release
  2. MegaHouse Precious G.E.M.: LACUS CLYNE MegaHouse Gundam Girls Generation: LUNAMARIA HAWKE Swimsuit Ver.
  3. MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Out Frame D April 2023 Release December 2, 2022 Preorder Starts Y6380 Bandai Hobby Online Shop
  4. MG 1/100 Gunner Wizard / Slash Wizard / Blaze Wizard Set April 2023 Release December 2, 2022 Preorder Starts Bandai Hobby Online Shop
  5. Thanks @ArchieNov. No worries. It's all good. I only asked because some members are asking if one will fit the other. Atleast now I will know what to answer if ever since I didn't ordered the 31AX Armored Set. So I'm only basing it to images and videos online. I'm only guessing what can be used from 31 to the 31AX. So it's nice to have confirmation from members who already has it. Thank you sir!
  6. Thanks @Chronocidal! I would assume the canard's winglet armors cannot be reused to the 31AX? Due to the fact that the winglet is bigger than the 31's. I know 31AX have different slot under the armor so I have a feeling that 31AX winglet armor can fit 31 rather than 31 to the 31AX(?). Can you confirm if you get a chance as well? Thanks!
  7. Lupin Zero starts on December 16, 2022.
  8. So... that means... BUY IT NOW!
  9. Thanks for sharing, @ArchieNov. I remember @chriswoo mentioned AX wings are thick compared to 31 so the old Armored's Booster didn't work. Can you tell if the clip for it esp the gap is thicker this time around on the new set? Also, would you say that the shoulder part where the winglet is inserted, the clips behind it is the same on the 31AX's? Coz those two areas, aside from the arm Gatling panel, I believe are the concerns whether it will fit from 31 to the 31AX. Thanks!
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