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  1. And there is KEN. I only hope besides those 2 fixed capes, there's an articulated one included.
  2. I remember them posting in the Metal Build/Structure/GFFComposite/RobotDamashii thread on the same page that they do have 'direct contract' and 'internal source'. I don't mind them sourcing out for stocks but then they should somehow repackage them if they want to please and keep their loyal customers. @LUNA PARK Quotes from the Metal Build thread above:
  3. Sorry to hear about your figure, @Rein+. It's best you file a claim about this. Even if I'm not a big pristine box collector, seeing the item arrived like that is unacceptable. Esp after LP released that 'sorry and we're going to make it right' video. And what added to the injury is that they letting the customer know that it was bought from Amazon.
  4. Hahaha! I only realized what you guys were 'hinting' about. I badly needed some coffee at this point. We run out of Nespresso capsules.
  5. Aile Calamity Gundam. Looking forward on your build, @anubis20.
  6. Yeah. These HUSH line so far is awesome. There's some minor gripes like the cloth jacket since they already used cloth for the capes, so I was hoping they would do cloth coat as well for Tommy. And actual Joker release omitting the revolver. I only hope that they're planning on completing the characters. Would love to see a Tim Drake Robin and Killer Croc from this series.
  7. no3Ljm

    Hi-Metal R

    No, it's not a decal. It's already been printed on to the figure. However, @jenius included a scan of the sticker on his Evolution Toy 1/60 VF-2SS review over Anymoon.com. Hope that helps.
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