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  1. I think it's fine. It's the actual font name, after all.
  2. Also from Core Cast. 1/72 Kshatriya Renewal Color Version Pre-painted and Pre-assembled for $1849.99. https://gundamit.com/core-cast-nz666-kshatriya-renewal_p0992.html
  3. Who wants a 1/35 Ex-S Gundam? Build it yourself for $3099.99. Or comes in pre-painted and pre-assembled for $9299.99. https://gundamit.com/core-cast-es-x-gundam-electric-garage-kit_p1054.html https://gundamit.com/core-cast-pre-painted-pre-assembled-es-x-gundam-electric-garage-kit_p1053.html
  4. LK Model is doing a Metal Build Justice in installment basis. https://gundamit.com/lk-model-metal-build-1-100-zgmf-x09a-justice-gundam_p0170.html
  5. I'm not so sure if this Jagd Mirage was posted before. There's a Normal or Chrome version pre-painted and pre-assembled by Core Cast for preorder at Gundamit. Deposit of $500 (Normal) and $1000 (Chrome) required to place an preorder. https://gundamit.com/cc-pre-painted-assembled-twin-tower_p0425.html https://gundamit.com/cc-pre-painted-assembled-twin-tower-chrome_p0424.html
  6. Have to admit. This 1/72 Deathscythe Hell looks badass. https://gundamit.com/pre-order-lihua-1-72-xxxg-01d-gundam-deathscythe-hell-endless-waltz-ver-metal-build_p0970.html
  7. HG 1/144 Red Three Giant Team Set September 2022 Release June 28, 2022 Preorder Starts Y6050 https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000176205/
  8. Yup. It's the same mold. Probably slight differences on the color tints. And different markings. Based on available promotional photos, this one has simple markings compared to the previous releases.
  9. Macross Plus Movie Edition screening in the upcoming Anime Expo 2022. July 1, 2022. 10:30am PDT. Regal Cinemas.
  10. Did you update yours? I'm just asking coz I don't know if I need to seeing that it still says JPY currency.
  11. Mine still says JPY currency on my saved Payment Card method. Did you saved yours like that before?
  12. Hahaha! Nah. Been holding off on this Armored Set. I'm trying to save the dough for the upcoming MB Hi-Nu payment.
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