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  1. Fext Hobby has some Black Friday sales, but it is ending in just few hours. A great time for folks to pick up some OWL-ONE sets.. The combo set at $31.14 appears to be much, much more than the 40% off it says in the description. Black Friday 2021 - Special Sales – Fext Hobby (fext-hobby.myshopify.com)
  2. This is a nice surprise for US customers. And most of them still in stock too after an hour or two. Congrats to those who are now scoring one.. If not mistaken, ordering from US stores should come out to be cheaper in total including shipping?
  3. Seeing as the YF-19 reissue & Army Garland have been delayed yet again, I think Nora’s eventual release should only be on mid-2022 at the earliest..
  4. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Based on this, the height difference between both HMRs in battroid seem much smaller compared to Arcadia’s. Is Arcadia’s VF-0 too big then? I do remember Arcadia’s VF-0 had the right size in fighter mode relative to their VF-1. Hopefully HMR VF-0 will not very noticeably undersized.. else, PO cancelled?
  5. Haha yeahh really liking the new Megahouse figures. Sigh too many new valks & toys to save up for over the next few months..
  6. Looks like this PO is just like any other Macross PO.. gone in a flash! Despite it being so-called worldwide release, and Amiami even restricting it to NON-Japan orders only, it's still as difficult as ever. Yet I think its not really surprising, seeing how other stuff like Metal Builds Gundams & Evangelions which are never region locked, have been experiencing the same PO rush for years.
  7. Hobby Search (I finally might just land the mythical unicorn here, since a lot of folks are skipping or waiting for US PO): DX Chogokin VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Worldwide Anniv. (Completed) preorders will start after PM4:00 of 22nd November, Japan time[GMT+9] - HobbySearch Anime Robot/SFX Store (1999.co.jp)
  8. Make it MM&M now to include Mirage for a family display. Poor Mylene will be missed out since no VF-11MAXL toys ever made.
  9. At one time, I was a bit ambivalent about the baby blue color. But glad I picked up this very same GNU-Dou, & came to like it a lot. Currently am waiting for the Doyusha VF-19A to arrive to match it in fighter mode. it’s funny how the brain rationalises getting all the variants. First we get the ones we like most, then we get the other secondary colours, then we finally get those variants or colours that were initially deemed the ugliest..
  10. I’ll tell myself to put this Max 29 with the rest of the Delta display. It belongs there after all. Or if he does need Miria to balance him out, I can put another Miria VF-1J from M7, as a sort of them coming together from solo appearances.
  11. Best way to test worldwide response is SDFM Macross release, but they likely still don’t want to go through HG. As other Macross series not officially released worldwide, they could be thinking next best thing is to give the next most popular Macross (Frontier) in SDFM color. Obviously it is a Max colour scheme, but they are not calling it so (as compared to HMR Messer’s VF-1S) because perhaps, I don’t know, just to be on safe side with HG? A 40th scheme also needs a link to the original SDFM after all, otherwise it’s not exactly 40th as well. Alternatively, as non-canon schemes don’t sell very well in their domestic market, perhaps they are looking to international to balance the numbers out, if that makes sense. Then if they see whatever allocated to international market, even non-canon, sells out too, they can then have the confidence for full worldwide release of everything else barring SDFM.
  12. Although Hargun is a partsformer in the show, it gives us a great looking lithe bike. And now that your put the Ride Armor bike side by side with it, it only dawns upon me just how massive the M23 bikes are in comparison. But i suppose it does make sense. Ride Armor bikes should be smallish (although not always portrayed as such in the anime) since they fold into a backpack for the rider, while M23 bikes need to be large to encase its riders within its chest. Seeing them together just highlights the size differences even more..
  13. This is the only pic that shows the back of battroid, but they did not flare out the hip skirts. So can't tell yet if it has the improved 3-screws arrangement on the back hip as per recent Alto's YF-29. But I guess the improvements are a given, since the hip mold for both VF-25 and YF-29 are similar right?
  14. I guess this will be the 40th Anniversary scheme. More excited for this compared to the past Tenjin repaints on the VF-1, because it means the mold will be refurbished for eventual Frontier re-issues..
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