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  1. Thanks for sharing that. Perhaps limited production just means they are not ready to open PO worldwide. If that’s the case, perhaps TWE orders have more of chance, since that doesn’t appear to fall under this limitation. On other hand, Roy’s VF-1S release seem to have indicated Bandai can do very much increased numbers for normal releases if they want to.
  2. Perhaps there’s some hope, this 31AX may show up for PO outside Japan soon? Just like the recent Mac 7 Basara & Mylene statues.. Totally forgot about another site that wasn’t mentioned here this round: Hobby-Genki. They are sold out, but I am wondering if anyone did get any orders in? Come to think if it, don’t seem to hear anyone PO-ing or receiving stuff from them over the last few PO’s, although the vendor do occasionally come to these boards.
  3. It’s available depending on location. Me being in South East Asia..
  4. For those still waiting on Luna Park for VF-1D, suggest to e-mail them immediately to confirm if they will pack them properly this time. I just received mine, which is part of the 1st batch sent out the day after release. They put it in the DHL bag, but they did not even use DHL to my location. Instead, it was just normal JP Post airmail parcel (not EMS). Took 2 weeks to arrive. Amazingly on one hand, it arrived in relatively good condition considering the packaging & mail method with just some slight dings & minor dents on corners. On other hand, quite pissed because they invoiced shipping money that should covers EMS cost (shorter shipping, less chance of damage) but went with the much cheaper mail option with crappiest packaging instead.
  5. They have always been lowest for past couple or so POs, as they don't include domestic tax..
  6. Very nice @xoxokin Where did that helmetless Hikaru pilot come from?
  7. MKT

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    I think you are right. Or just a conscious stylistic choice for that pic. The other pics show the backplate looking more flushed.
  8. MKT

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    This pic shows how 31AX's backplate is more angled outwards now.. Compared to the 31J..
  9. MKT

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    Couldn't see from the prior pics, but the wings are now much thicker too compared to old 31..
  10. MKT

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    From this angle in Gerwalk, the stinger / laser pointer thingy makes it look like its struggling to balance a huge piece of lumber on its shoulder.. wish it would unfurl even further so it looks less cumbersome. Hopefully the mis-tolerance gap behind the cockpit in Fighter is gone, and that the index fingers on the articulated hands can properly bend to make a fist, instead of the current ones that appear to be in a permanent cast.
  11. MKT

    Macross figures

    Kitz Concept refunded me the extra fees. Gotta say am impressed with their customer service, just like how some others here have mentioned before..
  12. Some proxies can also act as mail forwarding. I believe Tenso is one of them. Frequently Asked Questions|Can you ship items, such as postal items, other than parcels from online shopping sites?[tenso com]
  13. Liking this pic the best. The gloss finish works well here to give it a gleaming, metallic look..
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