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  1. I watched it today, and against better judgement went in without rewatching Part 1 hoping to recall enough details of it lol. Immediately realized it was a mistake, and it took quite a bit to try to remember everything that happened previously as stuff unfolded in this new movie. I remember thinking P1 was occasionally a bit of a drag then, but I knew it was mostly world building stuff & backstories that needed time & space to be established. All in, the pacing was generally faster this time around, if a bit uneven, and from 2nd half onwards things do move at much faster pace with important expositions being dropped in a few very quick scenes. The action sequences were done well, I would have preferred if they had dragged them out a bit longer to compensate for all the slower scenes. My main peeve, and this is a personal preference, is the color palette. Most of everything takes place in the deserts, and coupled with the desaturated hues, everything starts to look too monochromatic. The scenes outside of Arrakis, although similarly drained of colours, were a welcome change to the eyes. Perhaps a different approach to colors would have worked better, but if there is a Part 3, I won't expect this aspect to change since the whole look is already firmly established.
  2. 9cm would be the packaging length, in keeping with what looks to be Tomica’s usual practice when they publish dimensions. The actual item will obviously be shorter in length, hence I put the black base at upper limit of 8.5cm, & eyeballing the VF within the base likely puts it to be around 7cm. But it could well be smaller than that. For eg, when I look at some Tomica unboxing vids, the item inside is really much smaller in comparison to its packaging. Still, a couple of cm difference at this size won’t matter much I guess.
  3. Anything from 6.5 to 8.5cm then, do you reckon?
  4. Most probably will pick these up for novelty.. but waiting for the actual size to be confirmed, which is likely to be after release I guess.
  5. I've been looking out for the VF-11B's Super Packs forever; of the Mac+ GNU-Dou trio, the 11B's Super Pack seem the hardest to come by. But I finally scored one recently, and sometimes it's the little stuff that's brings the big smile A couple of quick pics..
  6. Macross Central page was hacked sometime ago, but the group Macross Fan Central is fine. The new page is up:
  7. That Roy 1S armor is actually quite appealing. Although non-canon, I think these kinda schemes makes KC valks more attractive. Don’t really need another normal 1J Armored when already have them in all the other scales..
  8. I'm trying to think the last time Bandai released anything CF.. was it the 31A Kairos? Arcadia seem averse to CF schemes, and it'd be a shame Bandai follows suit.
  9. I wish Arcadia would reissue 11B.. even if I want the 11C more but that I think has realistically lesser chance of being reissued.
  10. It turns out the box art for the YF-19 with Fast Pack is done by Mercy Rabbit:
  11. Black schemes are a bit of a funny thing to my eyes. By itself it doesn't really pop, but if it's a repaint from normal colors like many other robots or mechs, then somehow it looks really great, especially when put side by side. What I like about this Black Getter is that it doesn't only swaps the red for black, but the whites are now a gunmetal grey.
  12. @Lolicon Lovely work!! I like the default glossiness of the CF 171, but seeing this makes me wish it also comes in matte!
  13. Purely on aesthetics, the CF 171 by far going by the colors and shape of the cockpit. This followed by the 17, and lately I wish Yamato had stuck more closely to the line art for the nosecone shape. The Alto 171 usually doesn't really do anything much for me, but your customization really makes it stand out very well here.
  14. Another previously leftover pic..
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