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  1. Yeah.. they are both so similar with their respective plus & minuses, is that to me the only way to personally decide which one’s better is to ironically have both in hand. One feature I love about Arcadia’s over Bandai’s, is the way the cockpit opens. Whether canon or not, or by toy design legacy stretching all the way back to the Yammie is that for the front canopy to open properly, the anti-glare bit ahead of it need to be recessed. It’s an additional step, but the canopy looks much smarter in this open position compared to Bandai’s. It’s a brilliant design touch and I display my Arcadia this way.
  2. Megazone 23 reboot with redesigned Garlands? Nice!
  3. The new ride armor looks much better now in color, compared to the previous grey mold prototype. Color separation does wonders I guess. The Tread needs to be advanced further. Can’t wait!
  4. I thought that VF-4 was an Arcadia PF at first. Nice!
  5. Yessss.. More info to be released on 24 March.
  6. Never saw or heard these before, but gotta admit they are quite cool being Motoslave-esque.
  7. Ah got it.. great that HLJ been helpful. One of my items from them came with defects previously and they have been very accommodative with solutions.
  8. Sorry to hear you got bad copies, one after another.
  9. MKT

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Wow the Archis are really much much beefier.. I gotta get me some next run!
  10. MKT

    Hi-Metal R

    Very very nice! Didn’t realize before HMR Regults were so undersized.
  11. I kinda moved on past the yellowing as well. But still having difficulty not picking up every single Macross valk release haha.. which I know I have to be more selective on moving forwards and hope I can reach a stage to have more self-control. The first one I quite struggled with but ultimately skipped was Hayate's 31J Armored parts.
  12. Ah well, personally I do not mind the additional liveries. I like the very white color used, not sure if this is the brightest white on a Chogokin VF-1 so far. The good thing about the Chogokin VF-1, is that it appears to be spared from new QC issues plaquing other Macross chogokin releases over the past couple of years.
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