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  1. @Grey728 Pure awesomeness! Thanks for sharing. The lighting that comes in the case do seem to light up everything very evenly..
  2. Patiently waiting for Amazon JP to ship out mine. Strangely they will only get their stock on 02 July, one week later than HlJ and I assume other JP stores..
  3. Love to see the rest! I’m sure it’s ok to post the rest here
  4. Looks great seeing all of them together! Are these Moducase displays?
  5. Just throwing this one out here.. It’s quite satisfying watching all 8 figs come together, with its crazy detailed but solid engineering and the paint job looks pretty phenomenal. Even has that balls of steel from the movie. 😂
  6. Now the VF-25 is back to my top favorite fighter valk design. This spot alternates between a rather long list every other week lol I have not transformed it yet. Perhaps not daring to find out if the hips are loose..
  7. Despite the shortcomings in the joint strength, I actually don’t mind the mega partsforming aspect of the VF100 line so much. It just presents another way to enjoy a toy, somewhat like a simple Lego but with rather accurate sculpt. It’s a good thing the plastics are pretty strong and the parts fit rather well. Since this line’s initial release, over the years there have been more 1/100 Macross items so I feel they display well against each other. The Family Mart version is a unique scheme, and I love the metallic fighter-only schemes of the VF-25S & VF-25F.
  8. Opened and fiddled with a VF100 Armored VF-25F. Going over reviews of it, I already lowered my expectations accordingly and intended it to be mostly a statue piece for display. Yet I didn't expect it was this bad as a toy whilst setting it up. The hips are loosey goosey, won't support the weight of its legs when posed hanging in the air, and together with the equally loose & rubbish ankles it will not stand at all by itself on a solid surface. The included stand is also very limited in its movement range, such that this is about the only pose I can make it do with valk's feet touching the ground.
  9. I kinda think the chest is actually the same. The upper shoulder piece in the 31AX isn't folded down like the older 31S, likely due to the larger canards now. But yeah.. most other parts are outwardly similar. This recolor looks better than the old one, but is it enough to be excited for...?
  10. Love these 2 customs, especially the YF-21. BTW, for the Yammie 1/60 YF-21 / VF-22, what is the fix for the wings that tend to droop slightly? Yours are really straight.. I tried to search it up in these forums, and I know it was mentioned before, but no luck so far..
  11. Other than the differing mounting points due to different base valk, I’m trying to see what are the main design differences between this AX Armor and the older 31 Armor.. the various cannons, booster pods, missile hatches are the same, no?
  12. For a display piece, I like this clear fold version as well. It looks better in flesh than in most pictures. The coating on the whole valk looks to be the similar stuff used for Yamato’s rainbow canopies. Because it is all clear plastic, it tends to be more brittle especially on stressed small areas. I would be careful of the ratcheted swing-wing mechanism as the teeth may break easily compared to other VF-25 variants.
  13. Yes, this must be it lol.. Not so convinced that matte plastic by itself more resistant to yellowing. After all, the YF-30 appear to yellow as easily as the other glossy Frontier valks. I was a bit bothered by the black ankles in this WWM VF-25. Looking closely it appears to be black molded plastic. I always thought they were full metal items on the older VF-25s, but I guess they are nicely painted metal-finish items after all.
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