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  1. Haha I think that’s what most think of too, seeing how memorable that scheme is.
  2. Although Yamato's backpack sits close to the body, it really does hinder arm articulation. I was handling a 22 again not too long ago, and the elbows always want to bang against the backpack. Bandai's shouldn't have that problem, but they potentially might have overcompensated in that area with that big shelf between the shoulders lol.. Anyway, it's almost upon us and sculpt aside, fingers crossed Bandai delivers a product with solid build, engineering and tolerances.
  3. "Well Biggs, last we met you weren't too happy with Gerwalk being not large enough to battle the alien giants. What do you think now?" "I think it's perfect, Wedge!"
  4. Still not entirely convinced yet that it's actually a retail release outside Japan, until more stores are carrying them. It's entirely possible US stores that have already listed it are just buying via proxies and reselling, like someone said what BBTS sometimes do for P-Bandai Gundams, and there won't be any legal block this time as long as the item is not from SDFM / DYRL. Over at Asia, it looks like stores are selling it like a regular Macross P-Bandai item with appropriate proxy mark-up just like they always did for years, instead of JP-equivalent price that they normally do for other WWM items.
  5. If Bandai watching this forum, they would have released the HMR Tomahawk long time ago. Unless they take pleasure in watching us collectors slowly implode by gaslighting us for years that the release of that is juuuuust around the corner... Never say never I guess. This missile pack was one of those items that Bandai broke their practice of never reissuing P-Bandai items.
  6. Jungle still able to under declare? I guess that's good news for some of us, especially when Mandarake has stopped doing so. Meanwhile, another HMR VF-0D.
  7. So does this mean it’s going to be normal release outside Japan?
  8. Nice buys. Roy’s 1S reminds me of when Bandai made 2 separate listings for it, one with the stand and one without.
  9. The more I see it, the more I like. It looks pretty sturdy & play friendly.
  10. Gotta hand it to Bandai, by dripping out the release in stages, it ensures the secondary pricing stays at a high level. Nice pic btw.
  11. The Battle Pod being ready to ship is quite a surprise, but in a good way I guess. Still no sight of Max figure progress.. or even an early sculpt of Miriya.
  12. That's really unexpected. Would have thought that would be in a crossover title like previous' and not in a standalone SF one.
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