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  1. Looking for a frame that can fit these. I have a bunch of them and think they'll make a great backdrop, especially since they fit cleanly in the back of detolfs... Something like these displates in the back of my other display cabinets... I've found some stuff out there, but does anyone have recommendations?
  2. It's ok, if I can get up every morning with all my check engine lights going off and none of my joints working, this toy can handle looking awesome :P.
  3. Oh man... One I've regretted not snagging ages ago. The 29 was like a participation award for me... This is it. Very stoked.
  4. I only have room for one lion-faced mecha in my heart... The OG Mirai Daltanious (why I got Figh instead of Gao)... However, this Tryon got me with the combination aspect. I know where it's from, but I would display this one separate from the Gundam cabinets. Like many are saying it's too over the top... Maybe I'll display it with Bang Bang Bravern once that comes out... for science.
  5. Can anyone maybe identify where this broke off of? It simply fell out as I was installing the super parts. I looked hard at the legs, swing arms, and arms and couldn't see where it came from. Anyone familiar with this?
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