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  1. @Special Sauce was easy to work with, patient, and extremely prompt with payment. Great transaction! Thanks!
  2. @jzwolen Great guy! Super understanding and was fast and easy to communicate with. Thanks!!!
  3. Huge thanks and highest props to @RedComet for hooking a brother up!!! He generously passed over his order for a popular item that I've been searching for but kept missing. A true gentleman and scholar!
  4. Looks like the premium is available now at Anime Export for a much more reasonable price of 42680 yen. https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=51291
  5. Aaaggh!!... I can't believe I missed it AGAIN!
  6. Another great transaction with @Rogueload! A true scholar and gentleman
  7. @sqidd couldn't have been easier to work with. Fast payment and was very understanding when I lagged in getting it out right away. Thanks, man!
  8. Big thanks and shout out to both @jeniusornome and @Rogueload ! They are patient and understanding fellow collectors that I would gladly work with again.
  9. Thanks @Corrinald for the smooth transaction. I'm happy to have helped with your addictio... I mean collection!
  10. Nah, just in general. Just feel like Mandarake were less likely to have a large mark-up (the recent VF-31A at 48K yen is an extreme example) before Macross Delta aired. But yeah, like you said it's a reflection of the market. With the interest in Macross rekindled, prices on collectibles are on the rise.
  11. Is it just me or has prices on Mandarake seemed to have climbed higher these days?
  12. You won't find a more understanding and upstanding collector to deal with than @dafob! Wonderful transaction - he made prompt payments as promised, and he never even so much as complained when it took me a couple of days to get the valks shipped out. I would definitely work with him again if I get the chance!
  13. Agreed! I know no3L was joking for most part, but everyone talks about how great The Chosen Prime is... yet, the very first time I ordered from them, I never received any of my items, and they kept my money without so much as lifting a finger to help. And now of course, the whole NY debacle with the 31A pretty much confirms that buying directly from the creator/producer/manufacturer isn't a bad idea at all. Cuts out the middle man!
  14. You can never have too much decals! Great job, no3L! Looking forward to when it's all coated and panel lined.
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