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  1. Anyone tried a straight 3d print of a 1/55 valk?
  2. Thank u for doing this! Will try printing this.
  3. How is the MP Prime KO? Where you got it from?
  4. Wow never knew there are lots of Canucks collecting Macross. I stop collecting Macross for a while and sold some of my Yummy's to fund this Bandai VF1S beast. Was late on the game but hoping to snag one. Im from Mississauga ON, long time Macross collector and customiser as well.
  5. Great thanks for the help guys!
  6. That's great but I'm leaning in getting this with Mandarake. Any idea how much shipping will cost to Canada or America?
  7. Any site you can recommend to get a VF 1S in a reasonable price? Thanks!
  8. Bump for 2021 year end sale! Updated prices and sold items.
  9. Thanks for the info guys
  10. So that explains the Roy order vanish from AE. Any other sites to hunt this Roy that wont cost an arm n a leg?
  11. nice pix, been wanting to get one but havent seen much info about these 1/72 scale valks
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