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  1. Thanks for the info guys
  2. So that explains the Roy order vanish from AE. Any other sites to hunt this Roy that wont cost an arm n a leg?
  3. nice pix, been wanting to get one but havent seen much info about these 1/72 scale valks
  4. thanks for the tip.
  5. Probably could be more because of the covid shipping pandemic thing. Does the Kakizaki comes with a stand?
  6. Thanks for the awesome reply guys. Appreciate it, just need to be more vigilant in visiting this site so I can get latest pre O news or what not...BTW any thoughts on the Kakizaki version? I know he not super famous but he's the most reasonable one in term of $$$ in the bunch.....saw $288ish shipped
  7. Im slow in the new DX Bandai VF offering, is there any site to get these at a reasonable price? THanks
  8. Hi, Out of Work and need to sell stuff. Shipping is extra and please take note that Im in Canada, so shipping will be a bit over the norm, please dont ask as Canadian shipping is really expensive. I can ship in Canada & US otherwise email me and let's work out something. I've round off the prices in US$. ebay feedback: https://www.ebay.co.uk/fdbk/feedback_profile/migz_real also a member of robot japan proboards Yamato VF1A ver2 (cracks showing on the shoulder, can include 3d printed parts if can find them) -$150 Yamato VF1J 1/48 Hikaru (opened but never transformed, kept in the box) -$250 Yamato VF1S ver2 kit (opened to see but parts are still in sprues) -$225 Yamato VF1D ver2 kit (never opened and still in bubble wrap) -$325 Takatoku Orguss 1/62 (opened but joints are stiff) -$100 SOC Getter 1 Robo (loose but in great shape) -$125 SRC Weisritter (lose figure) -$80 SOC Black Mazinger Z (opened box but parts are still in sprues) $120 MP Optimus Prime (mint in box) -$130 MP Skywarp (loosse WYSIWG)- $45 Jetfire Leader Class (mint in box)- $40 GD17 DaiTetsujin (motorize figure but motor does work but still a good display piece) - $110 Art Feather BumbleBee (opened to inspect) - $60 GBP hi Metal VF1J (mint in box) - $260
  9. NIce anime style theme valk!!!
  10. I use blender but theres a learning curve on learning it. But the good thing is theres tons of tuts online and youtube!
  11. mojacko

    LF: Orguss 1/40

    As title says, looking for 1/40 or 1/60 Orguss. Looking for reasonable offers that they are willing to let go. Cheers
  12. Some stuff Im selling at ebay: www.ebay.ca/sch/migz_real/m.html?item=172369821844&hash=item28220ac094%3Ag%3ATLEAAOSw8gVX-w7m&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Pls let me know if your interested in something maybe we could work something out of ebay Pls have a look Thanks
  13. One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. Both are extremely good!😂
  14. Custom Joke Machine VF1J Hikaru Ichijo. The base was a SD VF1J Max. I wet sanded it, primed and use airbrushed. Sealed it with a Topcoat by future.
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