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  1. AMazing detail, even at that scale. What is the ship in the background?
  2. Given the lack of reference material, I doubt anyone will take issue if you take some creative liberties with the design to make it more "realistic" as it was a pretty throwaway design when you think about it.
  3. Color me intrigued. Especially given that the original was not written for Arnie to be the hero, but a Native American character in the original draft.
  4. RIP Fred Ward, one of the great character actors of our age. He will be missed.
  5. Seeing it with the super packs, and then next to the VT-1 helps to make it clear that Strike Pack is basically the evolution of the craft. It might be cool to see a stripped-down Lancer being used as a proto-strike pack.
  6. Looks sweet, can't wait to see it printed.
  7. At that scale I see no issue with making the landing gear swap in, especially for a 3D printable design.
  8. Honestly, if they took the Voltron route, and used the basic roots of the Robotech "Story" and then take it in a direction, just not the horrible crap direction their latest comic "Adaptation" did.
  9. Nope still around, last update I commented on the FB thread to confirm that the nose bulges are IRSTs not lasers.
  10. Very nice, looking forward to more.
  11. I kind of like these, I might grab a couple.
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