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  1. I actually like the idea of these, yes a full valk would be cooler, but as av-nut having just the nose and cockpit is pretty cool.
  2. So, this is a strange design, it seems like the legs are coming from the intakes, and the engine (single) stays in the core of the craft, exhausting through the crotch. Is that correct? The nose and cockpit then fold back Legioss style into the back. Is there an intake for the engine up near the head, or are you going full Mospeada style, with no actual intake connection? What are you looking at in terms of weapons?
  3. Other than the one shot, what is not kid friendly in your opinion?
  4. Is it just an add on or will it be a whole new kit? I won't even ask about the cost.
  5. Eh, yes and no. We discussed something along these lines when I was at Edwards. Some theories regarding IR stealth, laser reflection, and other possible options.
  6. While I am not a fan of the VF-25, I will get this one if I can convince one of my local shops to stock and sell it to me.
  7. I really want a domestic US release of the Japanese Blu-Ray, with English subs of course. I have a super hard time justifying $400+ (lowest price I have seen) for the set right now. These latest examples just prove how little work Funimation and HG are willing to put into this.
  8. The sensor packages of the HMM-01 and even the RMS-01 (nukes) was always a curiosity to me. I always assumed that the larger missiles were active radar but that the micros were either IR or laser guided, possibly passive radar. Packing multiple sensors into a single weapon is, problematic, at best. Modern missiles use one primary sensor and then a proximity fuse, anything more than that and you invite additional sources of failure. Onto the warheads, space based missiles would likely carry additional ablative material in order to facilitate a shockwave in vacuum, without filling space with additional high speed shrapnel. A plasma based warhead, fueled by onboard oxidizer, could prove effective in a short range, without creating additional space debris. That's not to say that there wouldn't be something akin to modern blast fragmentation bands in the warhead, but and additional umph always helps.
  9. We had a discussion similar to this at one of the earliest MWCons (2002, or 2003 IIRC). I pointed out that Macross missiles, especially the Micro-Missiles, are chonky boys when compared to real world missiles, shorter for sure, but seriously wide. For a space use missile that makes sense, Aerodynamics are not a real concern, but the need for additional fuel and a far larger warhead mandate a larger missile. A modern Sidwinder is 12.7 cm in diameter 3.02m in length and an AMRAAM 17.7cm 3.6m in length. That makes the "Micro-missile" 2-3x the diameter of modern A-A missiles, but at a 1/3 of the length. The dimensions are closer to those of a dumb bomb with none of the aerodynamics.
  10. YEs, but do those masters still exist? Yes, that sequence is amazing and I wish they had left it in the movie. I think there was a fan edit back in the day that cut it and other scenes back into the movie, and or cut the movie bits back into the OVA.
  11. While the Macross Plus dub is one of the better dubs out there, the subs are still better. Also the dub is pretty much lost at this point. Manga Entertainment has long since perished, and therefore the dub would have to be ripped from old VHS or DVD copies, which would be sub par at best, and would be terrible in a theatre. Plus they would have to resynced to whatever master these are being played from, which, hopefully, is the Blu-Ray or a remaster of the original film reels.
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