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  1. They're transparent acrylic book stands. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FQXLCD5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Weird, showing up fine on my end, even from my phone.
  3. I want one of these, but know that my building and finishing skills are not up to the task,
  4. I really like that flight suit on Misa, the extra bits and pieces make it feel much more real.
  5. Is it just me, or are the wrists connected really wierd?
  6. Given that HG has the distro rights, if they want to release Blu-Rays of SDFM and DYRL, for which there is a demand, then they will have to go the source and pay BW for the source files. BW would of course charge them for that, so win for them there, and a win for HG as they would more then make their money back. As for Bandai VF-1s, HG would be foolish not allow their import. It would cost them nothing, but they would reap the rewards of applying the HG Tax to them, even if its say $10 per toy, that is potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars they could reap from t
  7. So, If I am reading this correctly. We can get SDFM and DYRL BluRays and Merch, we will just have to pay the HG tax. Beyond that HG has no say. So we should be able to expect (not soon) any and all post DYRL books (translated), toys, series (Sub/dub), etc... For getting the DYRL/SDFM toys, I can see ways that Bandai/Arcadia could get around that. Mac+: VF-1J, Macross Refit, Nos-Ger, Monster Mac7 Millia VF-1J, and anything that showed up in their production of DYRL, all the civilian VFs and Destroids Macross F: VF-1A (from the school), VF-1A (Fire Valk scheme) Mac D: Traini
  8. THis reminds me of the write up I did about how every Macross series is, as SK stated, a dramatization of the events and not the actual story.
  9. Why dear god, why? Please let this horrid franchise die.
  10. In the interim, are they any good other stands that are still available?
  11. Oops, it was ToyCom, not Sunwest. Maybe we can see a revival. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/toycomad.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/ToycomadbackcoverToyfare.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/toycomad01.jpg
  12. The RLAM has me curious. And I wonder if something regarding that brought BW to the table. Maybe an actual, script, director and cast have been selected that BW can get behind. Plus, if the RLAM focuses just on the Macross portion of RT, then it wouldn't be that hard to redub the names and rewrite keys scenes for Japanese export. If done right, they could basically get two movies in one.
  13. This point actually has me wondering the most. SOme of us old timers remember when the Macross Plus toys were first about to hit, the OG 1:72s. HG had a sort of deal with Bandai and Yamato to allow the creation of a subsidiary company, Sunwest IIRC, to distribute the Valks stateside. HG would have their sticker on the boxes and get a cut. Things were going well then relatively last minute HG pulled the plug on the deal because they figured they could get more money by making and selling their own toys, which, of course, kicked off the bigger legal battle. I wonder if they might revisit th
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