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  1. I can see the first maybe being the case. Maybe Marvel/Hama wouldn't give up the origin story, as I do not think that the toys have ever (outside of those bundled with the comics) references the OG Snake Eye origin. But, I also doubt that because of the close working relationship the two had in their partnership. The second I have to disagree with. Yes, they couldn't us the 'nam origin due to the modern setting, but sure could have used Iraq or Afghanistan as the backdrop for his origin without fear or upsetting anyone too much. The location of the war where Snake and Tommy/Storm Shadow meet isn't central to his origin, what is, is the tragedy that surrounds SE's life (his injuries, loss of family, etc...). Also placing the origin in Afghanistan, for instance, could have more easily allowed for a truncated origin, Snake Eyes could have lost his voice and suffered his burns there while saving Tommy. His family's death could have happened at any point. Updating the story to modern times could still have created a sympathetic character in SE, and a jealous Tommy as his scarred and mutilated friend rises through the ranks of the Arashikage super fast. They could have even properly have dealt with the death of the Hard Master, making it look like Storm Shadow did it, but leaving clues that he didn't for follow up films.
  2. The beefier wing root might also be to carry heavier loads. Doesn't this version carry the mini-drakens? If so, that additional mass might be too much for the regular wing, so extra structure was added to compensate.
  3. https://inf.news/en/military/f34cb8820e41dc4737d92c3b777267dd.html An interesting analysis on the Su-75. Of particular interest, to me, is the reuse of major components from the Su-57.
  4. Well that looks wierd as F
  5. Looks great, and I love cockpits, but the idea of giving money to HG, even after the deal that was struck still bugs me.
  6. Based on that review, I think I will have to pass. Why screw up his origin story so badly? His OG origin can be updated to modern times easily enough.
  7. Looking at the mystery valk, there is some serious page distortion that is throwing off the proportions. I'd like to see a cleaner/flatter scan of it. The transformation mech will be interesting to say the least. Those extra booster engines on the battroid wings must be slung underneath, as well as the laser turret. It might actually be an upside down VF-4 transformation mech, but we need more imagery of the underside and video of it in action to be sure. While it has the General Galaxy aesthetic in many ways, I am also going to bet that some Protoculture or Supervision Army tech is incorporated in there as well, especially if it is fielded by the Windemere.
  8. Not just them. US Contractors are doing the same with "Service and Support Contracts."
  9. Looks like it could be fun, but a Snake Eyes whose face we see all the time and who talks? Eh, I don't know about that.
  10. Definitely an evolution of the VF-4, VF-14 design lineage with some YF-30/VF-31 thrown in. I'm just really not loving those weird neon lines. On top of that, it looks rather spindly in battroid mode. I'll be interested to see what the big deal about it is. i.e. what it does special and why it was designed that way.
  11. Haven't seen tug concepts like that in a long while. Nice to know that someone is looking forward like that. That is a pretty low price for Su-75, sounds like it is intended for the same market as the USAF F-35/F-16 replacement concept. MiG is just barely holding on with those concepts.
  12. Weird Fish Eye on that lens, makes the nose look super long.
  13. Interesting commercial, definitely shows that they intend this bird to be for mass export.
  14. Sukhoi Su-75 “CheckMate” Composite image. Can't wait for more official shots, especially of those weapon's bays and inlet.
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