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  1. Man, what cool second hand stores are you shopping at?
  2. That is an amazing find, good work there.
  3. Dang, made out of fiberglass, that is awesome.
  4. I think he is adapting the ORBOT STLs from thingiverse, which are in turn copies of the old Revell Robotech Kits based on the proportions and details.
  5. I have actually contemplated having a heavily modified B-52 show up in my books at some point. But after a couple centuries I think even the mighty B-52 deserves a retirement.
  6. Shattered Pantheons is live. Pick up your copy today: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B3V2WZ2J
  7. Your bioroids look pretty sweet. Pretty comparable to @captain america's Are you also working on a VT-1 mod kit?
  8. Interesting, do you have a website with your portfolio of completed projects and designs?
  9. Those decals look amazing, a little overkill on the no steps though.
  10. Getting ready for Tucson Comic-Con Yes those are 1:18 scale 3D prints of two fighters from the books, and the helmet is also 3D printed. And the preorder for Shatter Pantheons is live: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B3V2WZ2J
  11. Great series, just wish Hulu/Fox/whoever the next provider is will finally give them the budget and time to make a full season. I know he has other commitments with his animated projects, but still. This is the best Star Trek on TV right now, followed closely by SNW.
  12. They look neat, but other than maybe the black one I doubt I would wear any of them. Even then, I wear a smart watch now so...
  13. Seriously, someone get this man a plamax 1:20
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