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  1. AMazing detail, even at that scale. What is the ship in the background?
  2. Given the lack of reference material, I doubt anyone will take issue if you take some creative liberties with the design to make it more "realistic" as it was a pretty throwaway design when you think about it.
  3. Color me intrigued. Especially given that the original was not written for Arnie to be the hero, but a Native American character in the original draft.
  4. RIP Fred Ward, one of the great character actors of our age. He will be missed.
  5. Seeing it with the super packs, and then next to the VT-1 helps to make it clear that Strike Pack is basically the evolution of the craft. It might be cool to see a stripped-down Lancer being used as a proto-strike pack.
  6. Looks sweet, can't wait to see it printed.
  7. At that scale I see no issue with making the landing gear swap in, especially for a 3D printable design.
  8. Honestly, if they took the Voltron route, and used the basic roots of the Robotech "Story" and then take it in a direction, just not the horrible crap direction their latest comic "Adaptation" did.
  9. Nope still around, last update I commented on the FB thread to confirm that the nose bulges are IRSTs not lasers.
  10. Very nice, looking forward to more.
  11. I kind of like these, I might grab a couple.
  12. Looking nice. That canopy rail looks a tad thick, but if that is for modelling/printing/casting purposes I totally get it.
  13. That is awesome. Great photo work and repaint.
  14. I remember my grandparents picking some up at Pick N Save back in the day, and thinking they were kind of cool but super wonky. Interesting concept with a highly flawed execution.
  15. Now for the really important question: What about ManTech? LOL
  16. Looking forward to this one. I actually based one of my senior conceptual Aero-Engr designs on the Fan-Liner, just put my own design spin on it.
  17. Those Comic Leia and Old Republic Lady Mando are awesome.
  18. If the price is right, I'll grab one.
  19. That is what I thought, but wanted to be sure.
  20. So, there is a guy in the Macross Fan Central group stating that: Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 45, I've done some reading on this and according to official sources, the two bumps are sensors on the original VF-1 series before the SDF-1 left earth. Sometime very shortly thereafter the sensors are removed and replaced by lasers. Given that I cannot read the Kanji to verify this, how best should one respond?
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