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Found 23 results

  1. Did a VF-4G fanart using the Hi-metal as reference, my girl wanted to join in so I let her color a rough egg plane sketch
  2. I'm plannning to publish VERITECH MASTER-FILE source book privately my own account as like Aviation Book Series "Aero Detail " ! My own Fanmade VF masterfile sourcebook ( VF, not " Variable Fighter " but " VERITECH Fighter " , and Japanese Kanji character imprint said the same vocabulary "可変戦闘機" )  yui1107's DeviantArt gallery TAF-01-SCF is F-206 Falcon II http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/F-206_Falcon_II Atmospheric Medium Weight VERITECH Fighter VF-7 sylpheed ( ASC code : TAF-02-SCF ) Light Weight & Low cost Fighter VF-8 Logan ASC code : TASC-01-SCF (English) The coverart of VERITECH Fighter / Helicopter MASTER FILE  VFH-10 Auroran , VFH-12 Super Auroran ASC code : TASC-02-SCF a.k.a : AGACS / Super AGACS Published by : Yui Entertainment Inc. 日本語 超時空騎団サザンクロス ロボテックに登場する 可変戦闘機攻撃ヘリコプター「VFH-10 オーロラン」、「VFH-12 スーパーオーロラン」の VFマスターファイルがもし実現したらとの想定で制作した自費出版の表紙。 部 隊内識別記号 TASC・01-SCF 宇宙機甲隊略号TASC,Tactical Armored Space Corps, 直訳は「戦術宇宙機甲・飛行航宙軍団」が第13話以降、激化する戦局に対応して使用した可変戦闘機。全長全高12 m 強、戦闘機形態でのローター除く胴体長 9 m と本作品の可変戦闘機としては最も大型の部類に入る。
  3. Hi guys... hope I am doing ok in posting this thread. I introduced myself a couple of days ago, and now I´ll post some of my drawings . Hope you like them. I have a gallery at DeviantArt with all the works together, here are a few of them. Some of them are quite "famous" around the net ^^`
  4. From the album: My Fanart

    My chibi Fanart

    © art draw by Sartika3091

  5. Can someone shed some light on this? I randomly came across the picture (and then tweet) while looking for VF-1 reference images. It is a tweet that reads: "Macross/Robotech Live Action 2016!!... #Macross #Robotech #MacrossDYRL #ClaudiaGrant #LisaHayes #HarmonyGold #SDF1" A link to the tweet. I'm guessing there still isn't a movie coming, but now I'm very curious about that image, as I've never seen it before. Any ideas?
  6. Hello Zentrans and Meltrans! Sorry... that was corny. Anyone out there creating webcomics or their own comics based off of the Macross fandom or Macross universe? I know there is a fanfic thread and I was going to post a webcomic I did about Macross but I don't think if was the right forum to do so. And so I created this one. Please feel free to post your own Macross related work here or links to any Macross related webcomics out there. Only rules are to be nice, have fun, and don't be shy about posting your own work! Let me start it off with a link to a strip I just posted recently. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing lots of links but hoping to see more works from Macross World members! http://tako-salad.com/comic/flashback-2012 ~A Man and a Woman?! (@beensentoe)
  7. To celebrate Inktober and this weekend's Macross World Con, I'm drawing nothing but Macross related stuff for this whole month! Lets see if I can make it the full 31 days... If you're doing a Macross Inktober too, please feel free to share here!!! Yesterday's was Minmay on a green post-it. I'll post today's later.
  8. Hi all here is some time-lapse drawings I did for macross and mospeada fans enjoy! Dont forget to subscribe !!
  9. From the album: #Inktober

    Misa Hayase on a yellow post-it.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  10. From the album: #Inktober

    Skull Leader Roy Fokker on a yellow post-it.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  11. From the album: Inktober 2014

    Maximillian Jenius on a yellow post-it.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  12. From the album: #Inktober

    Bridge Bunny Shammy on a yellow post-it.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  13. From the album: #Inktober

    Minmay sketch on post-it with ink marker.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  14. From the album: #Inktober

  15. A_Man_and_a_Woman?!


    From the album: My Macross Related Art

    Drawn with Paper on the iPad.

    © 2013 Vince Alvendia

  16. I just found this amazing Imperator Class Star Destroyer model built by a Korean Star Wars fan. In addition to the amazing build and incredible paint job, it features what has to be the most amazing model lighting I've ever seen for the Star Wars Star Destroyer, right down to orange area lighting and blue-white hangar bay illumination. The placard even has Engrish! http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=no1jujil&logNo=130177875505&redirect=Dlog Astounding work worth looking at.
  17. Last week I published the second issue of my 2019 zine. The focus of issue 2 is Macross inspired fan art. I have a about 20 copies left from a total print run of 50. http://roboticsclub.bigcartel.com/product/no-filter-zine-issue-2-clash-of-the-bionoids
  18. Hi guys I see on internet some cool picture about this Macross Freedom cross lino of Frontier. Any idea? i cant copy the url :S
  19. http://page.freett.com/grape2004/index.htm Any fans of the old Sega Saturn games or good mecha games in general should totally check out this game! It looks a little dated (rather intentionally as it uses the 3d models from the Saturn games) but plays incredibly well and is a lot of fun! Forgot about those other games where the robots just fire ineffectual pew pews, your HIGH-MACS has a real tank gun, rockets, and missiles! I'm serious this game is freakin' amazing! While it is a Japanese game most of the menus are in English.
  20. Saw this on another forum and thought it was quite funny. Thought I'd share. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kGxnCzIHGa8&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkGxnCzIHGa8 Chris
  21. Despite years of watching, the Valkyrie spotter community has only ever caught glimpses of this rare bird, in the form of fuzzy fighter and battroid shots, and a few seconds of disputed video footage. But now, the M7 PLUS varient of the VF-14 stands clearly revealed for all! Gerwalk: Battroid (rear): Surely new, clean replacements of the old fuzz-balls can't be far behind! UNaltered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this IMPORTANT INFORMATION is ENCOURAGED! (Battroid redrawn from the partial sketches in Macross Design Works, with reference to a couple of screen grabs from Spiritia Dreaming. Obviously, there's some interpretation there as well, but most of the details are from Kawamori drawings and/or animation. The Gerwalk is more my own invention, layered onto the basic airframe at least. Since the wings sweep far more sharply than the FZ-109, they have to swing forward as well as retracting the aft root panel to make room for the arms. Details are again mostly adapted from canon images of the early VF-14 or the FZ-109. And yes, I do mean to do the same treatment for the existing battroid front and fighter mode shots, just not right now.) And yes, the usenet homage line means you can post these about on web sites etc. as long as you leave the attribution or if scaled particularly small replace it with an equivalent that is readable. If you want to color them, just add another line to say who done it while leaving mine alone, and that's cool too. - dNN
  22. When Gepernitch, Gavil, Glavil, and Sivil accepted music as the path to spiritia paradise rather than farming humans like cattle, they flew off into the glaaxy and vanished with a twinkle... but what next? They formed a rock and roll band of course. Here's Gepernitch's FZ-109 Kai SES valkyrie. You've even seen it before, if you've looked through Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works, but it never had anything but a battroid mode... UNTIL NOW! Why does an SES unit have real weapons? Because the only thing more metal than a giant robot, is a giant robot with flamethrowers, obviously. The head tips back like the original VF-14 while the spike rotates forward, and the SES speaker "ears" rotate 90 degrees or so to the battroid position shown. The domes on the arms and legs are probably smoke nozzles, 'cause a big cloud of fog is classic metal stagecraft, too. B&W line art: SO GET READY TO ROCK AND ROLL, BECAUSE THIS IS SPIRITIA PARADISE! - dNN, cacking madly as he ducks and runs away (Yes, March, you can host this art too if you want it for your fanart section, and/or linked from the page with the official battroid image) (edit 9-12 to fix mysteriously vanishing line breaks and replace color fighter form with a fixed one)
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