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Found 6 results

  1. The Macross fanclub is adding some more details to their character bios. Each character is getting an additional line of text to their bios, as well as a side and back view (no doubt to help cosplayers). One character is being updated per day. Since the thread with the older character bios is locked, i'll be posting each updates profile here for ease of access. If you want to speculate about the characters, please do so over in one of the other Delta threads so we don't unnecessarily clutter this one up. Thanx! Official Spelling of Character Names: WALKURE: -Freyja Wion -Mikumo Guynemer -Kaname Buccaneer -Makina Nakajima -Reina Prowler AERIAL KNIGHTS -Keith Aero Windermere -Roid Brehm -Theo Jussila -Xao Jussila -Bogue Con-Vaart DELTA SQUADRON Hayate Immelmann Mirage Farina Jenius Chuck Mustang Messer Ihlefeld Arad Molders CAPTAIN: Ernest Johnson Name: Freyja Wion (VA: Minori Suzuki) Age: 14 Gender: Female D.O.B: November 3. Height: 154cm A somewhat naïve girl who is a huge fan of the tactical Sound Unit WALKURE, Freyja comes from a remote area on the frontier of the galaxy. She loves apples from her home province and singing. Her favourite phrase is ‘Gori gori’. She dislikes Galactic Mackerel
  2. Hi guys... hope I am doing ok in posting this thread. I introduced myself a couple of days ago, and now I´ll post some of my drawings . Hope you like them. I have a gallery at DeviantArt with all the works together, here are a few of them. Some of them are quite "famous" around the net ^^`
  3. Time to start a new topic (the old one has been moved here: old thread). MF blog has some previews from #46 (VF11 M7, Nene and Raramia, Pheios Valkyrie and the Milky dolls lineart!) and #47. Go check it here. http://www.macrossf.com/blog/
  4. I'd like to understand which of the characters in the anime franchise, obviously excluding aliens, are non-Japanese and what their backgrounds are. The ones I understood for now: - The Lynn family, including Minmay. Pretty obvious Chinese (but part of the family was living in Japan). - All Mayan characters obviously, including Sara and Mao Nome. - The Russian pilots in M0. - Roy Fokker. (German-American?) - Claudia LaSalle (African American? French-speaking African/Haitian?). Claudia and Roy speaking Japanese to each other is probably just "translation convention". - Grace O'Connor (Irish? Irish American?) The ones I'm not sure about: - Ozma Lee. "Lee" can be Chinese, as in Bruce Lee, or Dutch and then American, as in General Robert Lee. Which kind of Lee is he? - Mikhail Blanc. The name, spelled like that, actually sounds like a Russian-background Ashkenazi Jew. If spelled "Michel Blanc" he might be French. Any ideas? - Is anything known of Sheryl's ancestors apart from Mao, and of the father of Ranka and Brera? (Is Sterne their real last name? Sounds German or else Ashkenazi again!). Or about Ranshe too - was her father Zentran or her mother? - Speaking of Sheryl - how did she retain the last name of her maternal grandmother? Are the Mayan matrilineal, and how did both her maternal grandfather and her father agree to this, if they were known at all? Does "Kiss in the Galaxy" shed any light on the matter? - Who else is there? ("Shammy" does not sound very Japanese to me...) Also, Frontier appears mainly Japanese-speaking but not exclusively? There are English public notices (like "Emergency"). P.S. To Mods - could you fix the typo in the heading? It's "Macross" of course
  5. I wonder if I'm the only one to feel that Ranka's story at the end of the TV series is far from complete. Alto and Sheryl are both adults and we have learned much about them including family traditions and we know their ultimate choices in their fate. Well, except the triangle part - one can reference the movies for that one though. In any event, at least apart from love life, each of them clearly knows who he/she is and what he/she wants and lives for. Ranka has just spent something like 8 episodes being heavily pounded and surviving against all odds - and her emotional life in that period clearly was not her own. By the time she decided to confess to Alto, she was getting emotional feedback from a big Vajra network - of which some members were being killed around her. And she did not know about the feedback. The feelings raging within her were not of her own origin and quite out of her control - all she could do was direct them at Alto (and possibly to a degree Sheryl, depending on how one reads some clues). As this sort of feedback was gradually erasing her, Grace guilt-tripped her and we know what happened. Yes, she fought her way out of it heroically, and now the Vajra are gone. Ranka is left with: - A drained emotional life that was driven by forces external to herself, and to humanity, for whatever number of weeks, and she just started to take it back ("I will not stop singing nor loving" is a start, but only a start). - A double-whammy feeling of guilt - not only does she feel responsible for the destruction of the 117th fleet but now she was a tool that nearly wiped out humanity and got a lot of pilots killed (and she probably knew some of those killed, by sheer demographic) - On the plus side, some very good friends (Sheryl doubles as a mentor), an excellent track to a galactic singing career (they'll be shortly making a quartz fold drive, too, so she can have a gigs on Earth and around colonies easily), and a manager to match. Oh, and a real brother who can kick a lot of ass. These, however, are all things somewhat external to herself and not resolving the great deal of internal turmoil she is still facing. And all we know of her background is a brief glimpse of her mother... The movies sidestep the issues instead of resolving them. In the movies she never "changed sides", instead she had a "take me ant leave Frontier alone" moment. So in the movies she does not face massive guilt, and she can identify fully with the people of Frontier even when she loses Alto and sees Sheryl in a coma - giving her a clear sense of identity and direction. That's clearly a different story (perhaps the movies are the story as told by the two singers quite a few years after the fact? it also leaves very little rivalry in there and has them as BFFs from first sight - consistent with them telling it after many years of being BFFs). So on the series Ranka... I actually think Alto belongs with Sheryl (not here to debate that) but at the same time would want 10 more episodes of Ranka, to see her actually finding the real herself after all she went through, and perhaps discovering more of her background in the process. Guess this makes me a bad Sheryl fan AND a bad Ranka fan... but seriously - I wonder if this ground has already been covered elsewhere in the fandom, it's been 6 years after all.
  6. There was once an episode of a Podcast, long ago, that asked a question: What would happen in Macross if the roles of pilot and musician were reversed? In any case, I thought this would make an interesting discussion topic. For example what if Lynn Minmay had been the one who'd stumbled into the cockpit of that VF-1D on the day of the Macross launch? And Hikaru Ichijo was the hopeful singer? Although I don't think we could really do this for Macross 7... Anyway, I'll go first. If we just go with straight Minmay, as she was presented in the TV show/movie, she obviously doesn't have any native piloting skill so I think she'd actually do quite poorly at first. But I think Minmay had a drive in her and that could quite possibly help her to get better, along with a lot of instruction from Sempai Fokker. Plus Max and Kakizaki would be constantly trying to get into her flight suit. As for Hikaru... I honestly am not sure. He's a bishonen, so he's got the looks down but what kinda 80s music would be his schtick? He's a little anarchist at the beginning of the show but... I don't know, someone wanna throw me a bone here? Anyway, have fun and try not to go too crazy. For reference-- Lynn Minmay, Vermillion Team Leader & Hikaru Ichijo... er, Mr. Macross winner? Sara and Mao Nome, VF-0 rookies & Shin Kudo, the naked floating Priest. Myung the fearless (?) UN Spacy test pilot & Isamu and Guld the idol stars. (I have a vision of Isamu singing Danger Zone) Sheryl and Ranka, SMS pilots extraordinaire & Alto Saotome, kabuki actor turned, er, pop star? Hibiki Kanzaki as the Emulator (in THAT outfit) and Ishtar as the pilot. Or maybe Sylvie as the Emulator? Lastly, just for ducks, what if Leon from Macross 30 was a singer?
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