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  1. Well, it is kinda soundforceish... and those flashy green lights on the shoulders definitely scream "Faiaaaaaaaaa" to me
  2. Mthe First finally got on par with tankobon 6 but... what happened to all the chapters apart from #1 and the last one?
  3. nexxstrait

    Hi-Metal R

    The (former?) head of HG (Agrama) was Berlusconi's occult partner in USA, so it is not unlikely that the behaviour of HG is a bit shady.
  4. Epic My predictions: the episode ends with a cliffhanger, as we have a glimpse of famous characters from previous series while the Megaroad 01 emerges from another universe. Next movie will be a super Macross generations ensemble
  5. Uh, despite all the talking I confess I do quite enjoy the series. I hope the finale will be an episode to remember
  6. Frontier had (in part) the same problem for me: a lot of cool characters badly underdeveloped. Compared to Delta, however, they seem to come straight out of a Shakespeare play. This new Macross installment is a strange beast, the lack of battroid action (or any action) and bland "bad guys" don't help, but I'll wait until the final episode to make a clean judgement. Obviously, if the incredibly cool mercat from earier episodes resurfaces, I would be unbearably glad
  7. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1066518993444557&set=a.852786754817783.1073741828.100002593988420&type=3&theater
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