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Found 5 results

  1. I searched the forums to see if there was already a topic dedicated to books we've read, or are reading, that made an impression, and came up with no pertinent results. So I'm starting a topic dedicated to good books, graphic novels, etc that was interesting for one reason or another and worth sharing. To kick it off, I'm currently reading Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. I'm only about a fifth of the way into it, but I'm finding it to be one of those reads that's both easy yet compelling. It's essentially a series of narratives set in three time periods- one in the mid fifteenth century Constantinople, one in 2020 Idaho, and one in a future period on a colony ship in space, all revolving around a central theme of Antonius Diogenes' eponymous utopian myth. The primary characters are all very well developed, and Diogenes' tale, the constant thread that ties all three narratives together, is itself a fun story as it's told little by little as the overarching narratives continue. I enjoy a read like this; there are usually esoteric bits of knowledge to be gleaned from such works if the author has done his or her due diligence, the interweaving of a constant thread amidst separate tales skillfully done is deeply gratifying, and an easily navigable prose unassailed by numerous tangents or difficult abstractions makes for a relaxing and absorbing read. The history of Diogenes' writings is itself interesting, as he wrote a series of tales, each beginning with one of the 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Unfortunately, the original volume is lost to us, and what remains to us of this extensive work is a synopsis by another Greek writer named Photios in his own tome called Myriobiblos. With any luck, the original volume in its entirety will be discovered some day. For all the ancient writings we have, it's sad to think of the untold volumes of stories and knowledge lost to us through time by nature or the hand of man.
  2. I've been waffling over posting this or not, but it's become clear that this resource of translated and organized material should be a little bit more visible for the Macross community. http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/ Macross Translations All translations that I've made available on the internet are indexed under the Translations header. They are kept up-to-date as I add new translations to the web. The easiest way to check for new content is to refer to the revision date in the upper-left corner. Reviews Slowly growing. Check back for updates! Translation Tools Recommended, useful and accurate. Some require minimal Japanese knowledge to use. Sadly, some of the better ones have disappeared from the net. Sketchley Stats sister site: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/index.php Note: if content is in green, it is canon. If it's not in green, it's based on educated speculation. Sketchley Statistics: All the equipment found in Macross that I know of. RPG stats are for the Palladium game engine. I've created the stats as: a) canon accurate (even if it's game unbalancing) b) game balanced & consistent with each other (therefore, they should be convertible to other game systems) Discussion on the stats is here: http://nomansland.site.nfoservers.com/MRG-Active-Archive/forums/index.php Locations Even though some things are guesses, it includes all of the canon location information I've come across. (Any assistance on locations that are missing would be appreciated!) Note to moderators: I've been waffling over posting this in this forum, or the Homepages forum. I opted for this section because of the canon Macross information in the translations section, as well as having the intent of posting future translations not worthy of their own topic herein. Thanks.
  3. Time to start a new topic (the old one has been moved here: old thread). MF blog has some previews from #46 (VF11 M7, Nene and Raramia, Pheios Valkyrie and the Milky dolls lineart!) and #47. Go check it here. http://www.macrossf.com/blog/
  4. Finally got around to getting one of these. Can't wait to check it out.
  5. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2012/02/06/feature-japanese-anime-magazine-retrospective-out-in-1984 Also a Mosepeda and Votoms cover. Very cool.
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