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  1. I wanted to mention "Protoculture remnant colony" but was beaten to it I have a fanfic out in Russian where Minmay (with the rest of the Megaroad) is actually stuck on a Protoculture remnant colony. I guess it would be too much to see that as canon... but protoculture something anyway My personal preference for music would be symphonic metal, a la Tarja, which could be presented as "serious Protoculture business". But I don't know if the subgenre even exists in Japan to start with.
  2. A kinda Love Live/Macross crossover happened Two Love Live Nijigasaki seiyuu, Chiemi (Rina Tennoji) and Kaorin (Shizuku Osaka), recorded a drunk karaoke cover of Lion.
  3. Question: how are live concerts filmed? There are many different takes of a stage that in some cases appears to be surrounded by people on all sides. Here is an example: So where do all those camera angles come from? Are there drones flying above the spectators? Are there some kind of long arms around the edges of the hall, with high-zoom cameras on them? And/or some other ways? (I would expect camera isles in the crowd, but can't detect these on the video? besides some angles seem to be above the crowd?)
  4. Thanks for the tip about the new release. Looks hopeful. I'm still hoping for more Walkure character development and now it might actually happen.
  5. Wait, he began at four years old. That's actually a scene in the movies. I don't think the moment with Alto's childhood photos as a stage girl was present in the series though? Perhaps this was pure coincidence in the series, then they found out about it and added stuff from his biography in the movies? And I do wonder what Taichi - being 17 when Macross F was ongoing - thought when he saw "a version of himself" on the screen, same name and all. Perhaps some interviewer asked him? One would need to be able to google in Japanese to find out, though. (A google in English shows tha
  6. Hello, I just learned about Taichi Saotome, a kabuki-style actor active since 1995 (when he was a teenager). Saotome is a chosen stage name, apparently a Ranma 1/2 reference. But he was a young onnagata-style actor, who also was not actually very happy about being famous for female roles and wants to do something else... Might Alto be a hidden-in-plain-sight reference to a real similar actor? And I also wonder what Taichi himself thought of all that. (Though Alto is really not the worst anime counterpart to have, being a rather good pilot and having all of two singers in love with h
  7. You got me Well Walkure, unlike Nagisa in AKB0048, do have personal gear for that (apparently involving anti-gravity, which is definitely a thing in the Macross world since SDFM), but what with the *actual raging battle*, it's still broadly in the same box.
  8. AKB0048, however, seems to pride itself on fun unrealistic antics, starting with literally jumping onto a moving plane from a bicycle. It was outdone by Zombieland Saga but that took a few years. I don't think there's much of that with Walkure Also I just realized that the title "Ultimate Live" might mean we are going to see a generations movie after all. If so... please. Please let Mari Iijima outright write the new Minmay song (realistically there can probably be just one new Minmay song, what with the time all the others need). There is simply nobody who would understand older!Minmay
  9. With everyone wanting more Valks, I'll be the odd one out as I want proper characterizations and character development for four Walkure members (sans Freyja who already got hers in the series, it being probably the only decent writing work there). Darnit. A passionate and beautiful woman who is actually three years old and a clone, but at the beginning does not seem to remember here recent past at all - but seems to be trained in martial arts apart from singing. Not the most original character out there but definitely a worthy one. I want to know more of her story, of her training, of he
  10. Regarding ranks, I'm coning in from a global perspective (originally from Russia) and I would suggest a hypothesis that kinda mixes these things, and, I think, works with everything on-screen. - In 2009, the officers on the restored Macross are all Air Force and use Air Force ranks similar to army (we see some of those on the Cat's Eye). But Global was pulled in from the Navy and retains his Navy-style ranking for the time being. - At some later date, post the 2010 catastrophe, there is a merger of all remaining forces, with all ranks restyled based on Air Force, but translation of
  11. I still want some effective storytelling and character development and interesting and emotional arcs. And I'm fine with them being about an idol group fighting a galaxy-wide danger (beats fighting closure of a school, at least).
  12. Well for me another memorable - perhaps the most memorable - song is "Walkure wa Uragiranai" and in that particular case, as well as Absolute 5 surrounding it, the lyrics actually have a lot of relevance to the story. But this was the movie. Apparently, they realized the problem and this was a fix. There is a great song from the series with lyrics relevant to the story, though! It's "Bokura no Senjou", an actual song about aerial warfare for a change. But I don't even remember *where it is* in the series. (Another one I really like is "Love Thunder Glow" but not sure if it even
  13. I have just done a binge listen of Love Live (both generations) and Idolmaster (Cinderella) music for my own research purposes. The obvious difference from Walkure is a far narrower emotional range. Walkure can be angsty. Waklure can be mad-power-tripping. These girls can only be cute and/or inspiring and/or happy and/or hopeful, and perhaps slightly sad, despite having many more songs than Walkure does, and despite some of the creator names involved being the same (Takuya Watanabe, whose work I liked in "Absolute 5" and "Uragiranai", also wrote "Happy Party Train" for Aquors). This,
  14. The entire Hitler discussion seems to ignore World War I, which *was* totally a meaningless conflict of sides that just refused to talk to each other. And more wars are like WWI than like WW2. In a fictional universe, one has to *work* on a genocidal dictator the size of Hitler being logical and not cartoonish. By the way I think SDFM did a decent job with Boddol Zer, his "wipe the Earth" attempt actually makes sense. Also re grimdark. Macross, post SDFM ep 27 is a post-apocalyptic universe. And they managed to make *that* upbeat, despite the setting being typical grimdark. I don't really
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