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Found 15 results

  1. Okay the idea behind this thread is simple, users tend to ask questions that are, for better words, either easy to find common knowledge or sound pretty funny. You don't want to look stupid and we don't want to have mod a bunch of little topics. Examples: "Whose that green haired lady?" "What happen to Rick hunter?" "Did Minmay kiss her brother?" "Is this video from this country a bootleg?" "What's with the Zentradi elf-ears?" "Is there an official answer to <insert story="" or="" production="" trivia="" here="">?" "Where can I find a copy of this <insert product="" he
  2. Hi. Some months ago I won an auction for a B-Club VF-2JA Battroid Mode resin kit, but unfortunately, the Chilean Post Office lost the parcel. I can't describe how pissed and sad I am at the moment, but I wanted to know if someone around here has one of these kits and is willing to sell it. Please let me know. Many, many thanks, Rodrigo
  3. Hi, I was curious if anyone know where I could purchase the macross II soundtrack? Thanks Yak Deculture! MacrossFan35
  4. Hi! I just finished building my VF-2SS model kit, and the leg joints are so loose it's hard to keep it on a standing pose. What technique would you recommend to tighten those joints? Thanks
  5. Some time ago somebody at /m/ said Alus is a quirky way romanizing Earth. Then I read the Macross II manga which furthers that theory. Different from the OVA Marduk language English translation. Note: Macross II is a sequel to Macross DYRL. The Marduk have a legend about the Ship of Alus. Alus isn't the name of the ship it is the name of where or whom it is from. If we equate Alus is Earth I can think of one source of that ship, the Protoculture city ship Altira. 20,000 years before the Protoculture left their city ship underwater and left for space as the Zentradi entered Sol. They
  6. Yeah, it's coming: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00IEY03YM So who's getting it?
  7. Well, between bad painting weather, being sick, and my growing disdain for all things Bandai Macross transformable, this spent WAAAAAY too long on my bench. However, finally finished it. Yes, it does go into fighter mode; however, it's so poorly designed that it's actually resting on the arm armor, not the landing gear. There's no way to properly tuck the arms up high enough. Also, they use some type of soft crappy plastic for arm and leg attachment points. Good luck changing positions or modes without a litany of curses.
  8. I figured I'd start a thread about the VF-2SS Valkyrie from Macross II. I'm attempting to sneak in some Macross II profiles for the M3 before Macross Frontier gets underway in April. I'm very unfamiliar with Macross II. Unlike all the other Macross shows, I've only ever seen Macross II once and it was many years ago. Needless to say I didn't care for it, but I'm building a VF-2SS profile now so I'll need a bit of help. First off, I need to know if I got the colors correct. All the pictures online are very deceiving about the VF-2SS and some seem to give the fighter a blue tint. SO I've creat
  9. I keep hearing the Mac II is not canon. I'd like to know why but first I'll state my position: I don't accept SK's non-involvement as justification for it's non-canon status. Dislike of characters plot etc. also doesn't disqualify it. The model number of Valkyries doesn't do it for me either. F-101s served in the air force long before F-16s. What exactly about Mac-II makes it "impossible" for the story to be part of the canon along with Mac+ and Mac7?
  10. I watched DYRL and just finished SDF. SDF was great! Question is what should I watch next? (and any ideas where I can watch for free would be great too)
  11. I have acquired two posters from Macross II -- Made by US Renditions, marked 1992 BIG WEST. L.A. Hero, US Renditions via an estate sale. They are full sized. (39 x 25) and from what I can feel, it is textured, like canvas. VERY, VERY nice quality and have never been out of the shrink wrapped cardboard backing..... Would probably have be to removed and rolled into a poster tube for shipping. I can not find much on these other than they seem to be the original posters -- copy of text I've found thus far listed below. Per rules, I'm asking $36 plus shipping (in large poster tube) for both
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