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  1. Going by Gamlin 15 with special permit. Meanwhile Powan Howan in Macrooss VF-X is already a bridge operator at age 10. Mylene got her drivers license at 10. Emancipation herself at 14. Hayate has been moving from job to job,planet to planet at a young age. Know what I amused while Freya was bewildered that old people exists in Macross 7 Basara is shocked their audience are a bunch of retirees. Then you realize these are Space War 1 survivors. There is not much old people really.
  2. Did it? My impression is that the Mobile Fortress lifted off but was stopped cold before it Space Folded to Earth. The biggest ships the rebel Zentradi had were heavily modified Quel-Quallie. Their plan was either use the main gun of the Mobile Fortress or do as much damage with it. Earth I think would've used its fleet, defense satellites and Reaction Weapons to put it down. The Valhalla III Commander relented to Milky Dolls request that Aoi that is still prisoner be rescued. As said who has custody of this thing is concerning considering what we know a couple of years down the line with Lactence in Macross VF-X2.
  3. Going by Macross 7th Code Gamlin is in charge of Sound Force as its director. If there is any place where Fold Receptor Factor users can be found its Macross 7 as it is basically already an institution. I imagine Macross 7 veterans are consultants when it comes to Song Energy. Miho Miho was assigned on the Special Forces ship Valhalla III which was equipped with Sound Energy systems. The dress of the Milky Dolls are just more compact version of Basara's Song Energy Converter harness. By the time of Walkure their Fold Amp is their brassiere.
  4. A Main Fleet has typically 20 to 50 factory satellites supplying them. The one in SDFK where they robbed Dagao was a Regult factory. The Supervision Army damaged the Glaug factory satellite so it is rare. Factory Satellites range from the Soldier manufacturing at 5 km, to battleship class manufacturing at 50 km and main command ship class manufacturing at 500 km. It is said there is a Mother Plant that builds Factory Satellites somewhere in the Orion Arm. So around Earth's general sector.neighborbhood is around 20 Factory Satellites NUN stole from the 118th Main Fleet and who knows how many acquired through the years. The Protodevlin Arsenal is in the possession of Fasces. That Factory Satellite does not need drones to mine resources to process as it can make armaments without them. Except it has a Protodevlin password that needs the same Spiritia frequency as them. (Neat thing about the word Protodevlin the word Proto means Old while Devlan means Enemy in Zentradi. The Protodevlin are literally the Old Enemy.) If that is concerning somewhere out there is a second hand Mobile Fortress in Macross VF-X and we don't know what happened to it. It is still relatively intact as the Zentradi Commander who is as big as Golg Bodolle Zer was killed. It wasn't self destructing like the one in DYRL. UN Spacy did not use a fleet just one VF and a small stealth ship to stop this Mobile Fortress from attacking Earth. Operation Sound used what was learned from Macross 7 with Song Energy. It was originally just a rescue operation of the Milky Dolls. Think Proto-Walkure.
  5. 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army stole a VF-X11 aka YF-11 with a Fold Booster in a mutiny in 203p, during the Second Defensive Battle of Macross City. According to Macross Chronicle Technology 3B Emigrant Ships several tens of thousands of Anti-Earth Zentradi informally left Earth in solo emigration ships and almost always contact was lost. Was 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army which reappeared in Macross VF-X in 2047 one of those groups?
  6. Sea Cats are a thing on Ragna. On Zola they have Cats that do not have primordial pouches but marsupial pouches! Voldor is plain Cat People.
  7. While Gubaba is a thing. The Zolans have Cat-Snakes who for some reason not only can talk to their Zolan owner but also read ancient writing! No mention of Protoculture ruins or relics at Zola but it has been determined the Nupetiet-Vergnitzs-Class hull was based on Galactic Whales form.
  8. Moa went civilian after her last mission. A journey to find herself. Well her last mission involved facing a clone of hers. I can see why the NUN banned clonning under treaty after they had a sizable starting population. The Stray Zentradi are literally using children to fight their war for them. Which makes me wonder if Ariel Jiffon in MF is another clone of Moa. As for the relation between the Protoculture there is an implication the ones in the Brisi gr Cluster is related to Altira. Berger Stone's presentation showed Star Singers over Altira. The Song of the Stars had bits of Do You Remember Love song in the original Protoculture language. There is also the implication the Protoculture would leave women that will procreate with the natives. Roy Waka came from the blood of the Bird Human coming from its neck when it's head separated from its body. The head is a cockpit. The Nomes has the same super rare blood type as the Bird Human. And they've passing around Fold Quartz earrings for generations. Unlike most of Terran humanity they kept their Space-Time Resonance Ability which is another way of saying the Fold Receptor Factor. The special ability of Terrans is to regenerate life-force with songs. Gepelnitch got excited over this as they never noticed the Protoculture do that. Basically guys like the Nomes and Basara are energy boosters with their songs. Fold wave System is a natural direction towards systems similar to the Bird Human and Evil Series. Meanwhile the Windermereans got their royalty supposedly descended from the Star Singer. Unlike Terrans they sing too hard they wither quicker. Further reducing their lifespan. So the Nome and Windermere families are hereditary bloodlines connected to systems left behind by the Protoculture. The Protoculture did leave Mina Forte to secure Fold Evil in the Fold fault. Just that she was an amnesiac. Oh while the Protoculture Stellar Republic sounds nice it is also known as the Galactic Empire. The SR tried to centrally govern the galaxy but even with Fold Quartz not everyone will fall into line. Especially with a very well armed Galaxy churning out weapons left and right.
  9. Goodness Milia got an expy on Tenchi Muyo! just for that. Milia is a conservative on the whole family thing as her generation had to repopulate the Human species. Shammy popped out 11 kids! I imagine Mylene was the Sisters sacrifice to their mother as they left home! Emilia went to be singer.The guy she liked flew off after hearing who she is related to. Therese dyed her hair green and went with a pseudonym. The guy she liked got the fatal mentor role. The one with the most normal hair among the sisters, Miranda, got married. We don't know if any other children of Max and Milia got married. We know at least Max writes letters to Mirage in Delta Mini-Theatre asking for Walkure signatures. Though I think it was more he can talk something relatable to Mirage other than flying. In Macross 7th Code he was still supporting the latest iteration of Sound Force. It would be funny if the reason why he is at the rim of the galaxy not the core region of it is that he is a doting grandfather.
  10. It was more Gamlin asking why does Basara have a VF-19? What is his connection to the military that is so hush-hush that his computer terminal goes dead. I'm guessing Gamlin is not a movie buff or at least a history one that it would be obvious. Except it is not an idol but a Rock Star. The original mission of Operation M was to pacify Zentradi. However at the time and still is conventional wisdom is that You Leave No Witnesses when it comes to Stray Zentradi. Pilots who are few compared to Zentradi are getting killed or suffer PTSD . I can see why CnC Higgins was enthusiastic about the X-9 Ghost.
  11. At least the faction of Timothie Dadalton are mercs. From Macross Glossary 21A translated by Sketchley. Black Rainbow [Other] ブラックレインボー A Unified Forces-designated terrorist group that has great power in the remote planetary systems. There are several factions within the organization. The faction that looks up to Timothy Daldanton as its leader operates like a mercenary unit. [Source: Macross VF-X2] And I think Macross Delta Mini-Theatre mentions Ernest Johnson worked for Black Rainbow. Later switching to Lactence. So he's been a mercenary since the 2050's at least. Then having a brief stint as instructor and advisor to Gramia before going to Xaos. That guy stuck his fingers on a lot of pies.
  12. Ray probably just paid for that space truck rental that Varauta wrecked too! And Basara tells the Zolan Galaxy Police to charge Ray over at Macross 7 for the rental. Know what totally see this how this could've snowballed to become Xaos. All that business from Fold Communication, to transportation, entertainment, PMC and food delivery just to support singers like Basara. .
  13. About Black Rainbow in Macross VF-X2 it is classified as a Zentradi terrorist group but functionally is more of a mercenary company with scruples. Timothie Dadalton their leader opposes Earth UN Spacy oppressing Remote Planets. Not your typical Zentradi rebels that fight for the sake of fighting. Timmy opposes Earth supremacists in Lactence. Some Black Rainbow members like Ernest Johnson joins Lactence after.the group was dissolved. So my question is how did Timothie Dadalton got his hands on the Sound Jamming System? Did Critical Path just gave it to him to test in combat? Manfred Brando double dipping in the conflict supplying both sides?
  14. If I read it right the Queadluun Alma was built during the Protoculture's heyday.and the current one used by Angers is a customized version adding characteristics from the Feios. So the high speed mode. Just as Max or Milia is about to ask the answer is always:Yes! This is the same couple that got VF-25 from Frontier, which they later use to help rescue said fleet. Leaving Exsedol to mind the store on Battle 7. Meanwhile Elma Hoiley has the VF-19 Wind Valkyrie a reproduction of the Fire Valkyrie. Xaos just uses the power of money with their VF customs.
  15. Which reminds me the VF-17 of Diamond Force under Kiryu engine output was increased by 20%. By the time of Macross Dynamite 7 the VF-171 should be starting to be distributed among fleets as a replacement for the VF-11. However we see Teal versions of the VF-17 flying by. Diamond Force has already switched to the VF-22S which is a special operations fighter. I do wonder if one day we will see either the Zentradi Variable Glaug or Feios Valkyrie in a future anime series. The Zentradi has kinda been mooks in Frontier and Delta. Having them will make Zenteadi more of threat. The Variable Glaug is a Battle Pod concept VF. While the Feios much like the VF-22 it's design was inspired by the Queadluun series Bartle Suit. However the Variable Glaug works better with Meltrandi piloting it. While the Feios is for Miclone sized Zentradi.
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