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  1. From Mirage's reaction I venture to guess she did not know her grandpa was working for Xaos. She just recognized his flying style. Last we heard of Max was in Delta Mini-Theatre where Mirage is writing letters to him. Also he asked autographs of Walkure. Some 9 years ago in the Wings of Goodbye novelization Max and Milia was part of the resminforcement fleet in VF-25s. So there is precedent Max has connections to get 5th generation VF.
  2. The first movie is a retelling of the TV series. The second movie Macross Delta Zettai Live is a sequel to the first movie with a new plot post Windermerean war. The movie doesnanswer who Lady M is more on where Lady M is.
  3. Plus Gavil is still around when we thought he left this galaxy. And he can turn into a bird... What's funny is that Frontier doesn't know where Macross 7 is. Like there is some cover up going on. And lo and behold here Max and Exsedol still kicking ass when they should be retirees. When you think about it Macross 7 is Florida in Space! As it has a number if Space War 1 veteran retirees. Retirees that got their Valkyries and Destroids as part of their retirement package.
  4. Well Japan, Italy and UK have announced they working together on a Sixth Generation Fighter called the Tempest. The projected characteristics of a real world Sixth Generation Fighter is AI assist and Manned-Unmanned Teamming. Something that is fictionally presented in the Macross franchise with AI like ARIEL and Ghosts being a VF's wingman.
  5. It was supplied by Epsilon Foundation the same Megacorp that supplied Windermere. After another intergalactic crisis thanks to them I can see NUNG want to break up this corporation.
  6. Heimdall opening Fold Gates over Earth, Eden, and Vajra I get. These are strategic planets as two are core territories and the last one is a source of Fold Quartz. But why Libera aka the 4th planet in the Varauta system targeted? Yes the place has Protoculture ruins but is there more to it? Like exploitable tech for making Evil Series or Fold Quartz?
  7. I was wondering why it is said the VA-14 was made with a bigger fuselage for Zentradi pilots. Since we never saw it on screen our only reference is the Az-130 Panzerzorn. Then I realize there are Terran-Zentradi hybrids like Ernest Johnson and Ian Cromwell. They are not full sized Zentradi but they are not typically sized Miclones either. So the VA-14 is for really big guys to pilot.
  8. That was the Varauta Army which was brainwashed from the Megaroad-13 colony initially. The Supervsion Army was the Protodevlin's ancient brainashed army that the Zentradi Army has been mopping up these past 500,000 years. They are giants just like the Zentradi.
  9. Why bother as Macross already has analogs to Battletech setting? The Protoculture Stellar Republic is the equivalent of the Star League. The Zentradi are both the equivalent of the Succesor States and Clans. In Macross the Ride Naresuan a Zentradi views Earth culture is the legacy of the Protoculture as such seeks to unite all nations under a centralized interstellar government with Earth calling the shots. In short a Second Stellar Republic. In 2031 tens of thousands of Anti-Earth Zentradi left Earth in exile never to be heard from again. This is a year after the Second Defensive Battle of Macoss City a revolt which led to a ban on Earth of giant sized Zentradi. Mutineers of the 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army left Earth and came back in 2047. Kidnapping an idol group Milky Dolls which is a precursor to Walkure only under the UN Forces and reactivation a Bodolle class Mobile Fortress that was buried in an abandoned colony to invade Earth. Rogue Zentradi are still a threat as mentioned in Macross 30, Macross Delta prequel manga Black Wings, and Macoss Zettai Live!. And there is the Supervision Army which as far as we know the NUN has not made formal First Contact yet.
  10. I am amused that the Siren system just gawk at what Max just did in the YF-29 analyzing it. Sydney Hunt wondering what it is now learning. Copying and countering Walkure is one thing but Max is quite another. I think Max got himself a fan.
  11. Well SDF Macross and DYRL are dramatization of Space War 1. In Macross 7 we get a reference to DYRL as a movie when the Protoculture Ruins came up and Emilia talking what inspired her to be a singer. Macross Delta is a bit more vague with Berger Stone's exposition showing Altira in its heyday and suggests Ai Oboeteimasuka Protoculture plate is real as it was a popular song 500,000 years ago The Song of the Stars sang by Mikumo seems to suggest it is in the original Protoculture language.
  12. Around 8 years ago Macross/Battle Astrea disappeared. So Ian Cromwell went pirate stealing the ship and having Epsilon Foundation heavily modify it. Around 8-9 years ago Megaroad-01 managed to get into contact with Xaos Ragna branch hence when Lady M appearing on the scene according to Berger Stone in the TV series. However Cromwell went into a conspiracy rabbit hole blaming Lady M for AI laws and cybernetic laws. Also the conflict Cromwell is involved with may line up with events happening in Windermere. In 2060 according to the manga Macross Delta Black Wings the Aerial Knight were being deployed as reinforcement for NUNS against Zentradi. Which Gramia IV recalled as he declared war on NUNS as negotiations for exceptions to treaty restrictions for Fold Quartz mining fell through. And later the Brisingr Alliance NUNS dropped a MDE on Windermere. I can see possibly why Cromwell can be crossed with both Windermere and the NUN.
  13. I don't think so. Naresuan upon obtaining the location of the Protodevlin Legacy disappeared. With his team SVF-473 Etoile Filan was basically wiped out with Hakuna Aoba a survivor that rescued Chelsea Scarlet as a child. Next thing we know is that he is playing space pirate using Protodevlin brainwashing tech to subvert ship crews. While Operation Stargazer was meant to wipe out the Protodevlin Etoile Filan's mission was infiltration and espionage. This suggest to me at least this is something Max did not sign on but orders came from Earth. And it turns out Naresuan is an Earth supremacist. This suggest to me as early as the late 2040's lines are already being made the Earth supremacists and Pro-decentralization faction. Which exploded in open conflict in 2050 to 2051.
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