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  1. Know what with the Western market open maybe Shoji Kawamori can finally get his VF racing competition anime. I would not mind if Macross VF-X2 or Macross R were adapted for OVA streaming.
  2. Since Netflix in Japan does have both those series to stream I am expecting them to show up internationally with subs. *Does Happy Dance!*
  3. Since we are getting a double bill movie like the old days and Ranka looks older is the short film set in the same year as Macross Delta?
  4. Roid speculated it was an attempt to control Zentradi. The Protoculture lost its comm system infrastructure during the Protodevlin War. That major casualties meant the chain of command that Zentradi followed was broken. Which led to few fleets reinstating Do not mess with Protoculture protocol. However the whole Ruin system seems to be an experiment involving Windermereans as a hivemind. Do note the only reason the Windsinger and Starsinger songs work on other species was because Vajra introduced Fold Bacteria to humanoid species without killing them.
  5. The situation between the Protoculture and Humanity is different. The Protoculture at their height had a population of hundreds of billions. Zentradi which are their proxies were in the billions per Main Fleet and there were thousands of them. Millions of Factory Satellites pumping out war material. There are two known reasons for conflict. The Stellar Republic/Galactic Empire over extended itself to control it's territory. Cloning brought conflict. The Terrans are not even in the billions. Cloning has been largely stopped because of hereditary complications. Terrans do not rely on dispo
  6. Thank you for the answers. Well that sucks. Chelsea can't be a pro singer as she can put people in a coma. And she can't be a fighter pilot as she doesn't like killing. When she does get a vocation where she can excel a bunch of terrorists want to use her to operate their Star Forge-esque Factory Satellite. No wonder she went to politics!
  7. Macross the Ride questions: 1. Macross the Ride wiki article mentions the 20581976 Reconnaissance Squad of Koper Main Fleet. What was it's role in Macross the Ride? 2. What happened to the Protodevlin Heritage Factory Satellite?
  8. I say such because the EU isn't either a Federation nor a Confederation. The proposal is that there would be varying levels of integration to the EU. The NUNG may follow such a form of decentralization. This may explain the concept better. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.eu/article/an-eu-for-full-members-only/amp/
  9. It occurs to me isn't the NUNG basically the EU with different levels of membership? It sorta explains Zola and Windermere's status as Associate members. Windermere went for full independence. While Voldor having something closer to full membership with NUNS forces. It is also said the NUNG doesn't have much influence in the Brisingr Cluster despite being colonized by NUN. Plus the cluster has its own association with the Brisingr Alliance. It is noted that Federal NUNS can't just be sent in the cluster. We know there is a decentralization giving fleets and planets more autonomy. P
  10. Well we have never have seen non-natural born Zentradi children with exception of Moaramia Jifon and her fellow clones. The Zentradi Variable Glaug has a small cockpit so it is fit for small build Meltrandi or a Zentradi child. If we go by DYRL the Protoculture went for cloning to reproduce their species that led to a gender based war.
  11. Yeah it is pretty much like that as it is two factions within the same military and government. While the Second Unification War was won on a decisive battle over Earth there are still Lactence remnants such as Fasces and those on planet Cashew that is in civil war with local NUNS. While rebellions or insurrections aren't something new as seen with Dancing Skulls and Isamu's career civil war adds a new element. In Macross Delta's episode on the origin of Walkure we learn that Kaname's home colony Divide is in civil war. Why we don't know but it could very well be like the case of Cashew w
  12. I wonder if the setting for this series is Sephira given how much it is referenced. Plus both SMS and Xaos has branches there. A friendly competition between those two PMC perhaps?
  13. Still applicable as last we saw being chief executive in Macross 7 Fleet doesn't have a supreme commander position in military forces. In Macross Frontier's case the President is also supreme commander. Macross Galaxy besides being run by an executive board has their NUNS contingent also called Macross Galaxy Corporate Army. If we go by the Glossary linking Max to Vindirance he still has that position in 2050 to 2051 presumably giving support. Macross VF-X2 is a more significant event than we thought as it is referenced in Macross Delta Mini-Theatre ep 9 and Macross Delta Vol 2 Windermere
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