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  1. Which now leads me to: What are my TWE purchasing options? Tenso or similar? What if I don't want to use a pseudo Japanese address?
  2. I'm half way through season 2 at this point. Fairy Tail filler remains Naruto levels of bad. At least there aren't too many of them. I may have to skip the 2 25 episode filler blocks coming up. The story is just interesting enough to keep me going. I'm mostly just watching that show for Erza at this point. I just might make it to the end!
  3. It's sad because they were the "Go To" site for a lot of people for Pre-Orders and web-exclusive items. They were great until the VF-31A incident. It was all downhill from there.
  4. I haven't watched Southern Cross in forever! Can a Zor ship take on a Zentradi ship? I don't recall Zor ships having that much firepower.
  5. Where I come from, if you hear banjos, you start running as fast as you can. It seems as if the Protoculture just pursued science, engineering, and technology, for the sake of science, engineering, and technology. You make things just to prove that you can and to show that you have mastery of the knowledge.
  6. Their Twitter and Facebook are still up, but they haven't been updated in over a week. I know some people made recent pre-orders with them before their website went down.
  7. I was told that they could not ship to me because I selected SAL. COVID shut down SAL and I have never been contacted by them since. My last ticket got ignored.
  8. Planetary scale bombardment can make most stories very short. Or you could start a story that way...
  9. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    So the Strike Roy Custom and the Regult Scout as a two-pack never made any sense to me. While the Scout is uncommon, Roy's Strike is unique. The Regult Scout packaged with the Elint Seeker would had made more sense as a two-pack provided that it wasn't already released. Because army building! So for my own reasons, I hope that the Regult Scout and re-release Strike Roy are sold separately. I missed Roy the 1st time around and I refuse to pay 1:60 scale prices for it. I could use two scouts, I would really need two Roys.
  10. Most reviews seem to be mostly positive for the Valkyrie Factory KOs. I'll probably get one to play with if I can ever find one for $100 USD or less.
  11. Well I do like how it looks. Its just that I would never buy it. Not my type of thing. Maybe if I ever won the PowerBall or something. Plus... all the powered armor bits are missing or totally intentionally left out to make it look pretty. I probably should just say that there are other things missing other than her butt plate.
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