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  1. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    I pretty much got the same treatment as Dr. Momma Cat on the same item from NY. Part of me hopes that it is held at Japan Post and I might get it one day. But I'm not holding my breath. As shipping costs are approaching crazy, the total cost might end up pretty close depending on exchange rates and shipping costs on one year's time. We'll find out when we find out.
  2. And topics get locked that way too! Just wanted to remind everyone that kit bashing existing and older designs in to a "new" model is a time honered tradition in other franchises.
  3. G-Reco was all kinds of weird! I honestly don't remember if I made it past the 3rd episode before I dropped it. I totally remember that toilet scene. It is burned into my brain forever.
  4. So as I have gotten older, availability of bathrooms have become more of a concern to me. So 10 minutes at full thrust feels adequate to me. Which leads me to "how do you go to the bathroom in that thing?" 🚽
  5. Lighting really makes a difference in what color she looks to be wearing. That and my phone's crappy screen. I gotta say though, her feet seem a bit too narrow for my taste. 🤒
  6. Once I noticed that the legs were backwards on the Revell kit, I just can't unsee it. Not to mention that "fins" on the legs are also backwards. I think I've spent too much time on these forums, I'm nit-picking too much.
  7. It's always good to hear when collectibles hold up well.
  8. I would totally pick one up on a re-release if that ever happens. I got into this a few year after they were released. I guess one of the questions should be "how have these held up over the years?" There seemed to be some Valkyrie breakages early off.
  9. Just making sure you tried all the easy fixes before spending money: Reboot the entire system. Update all the firmware.
  10. Package theft and even shipping container theft happens all over the world. Your area of the world seem to be a bit more exciting in that regard...
  11. I been waiting days for someone to post a "two left feet" joke. I guess I'll have to keep on waiting.
  12. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    I pretty sure HG can only get a cut from Macross TV and DYRL products. Macross Zero should be HG free. Unless I remembered that incorrectly.
  13. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    Hopefully it is an unrelated issue, but the current VF-31AX QC issues are giving me some concern about this. It is a simpler transformation so hopefully everything sets together properly.
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