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  1. So I started watching Kaiju No.8 recently. I'm liking it so far. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Not a problem! It's anime! You know how it is. You don't have to like everything everyone else likes. I certainly don't. But there is most likely something for everyone! Spicy Wolf is on my "Maybe I'll watch it later" list. I'm mostly watching sequels this season. I'm not too sure if I'll pick up any new titles to watch.
  3. So I watched Astro Note. Feels like a twisted Maison Ikkoku to me. Not too sure if I will stick to it. We'll see,,,
  4. I seem to like clockwork things. I rarely spend on it though. That Conversion Kit seems to be in excellent shape.
  5. I still want my VF-1A Brownie.
  6. That one is on my "maybe" list. Maybe I'll give it a go when time allows. Currently enjoying Apothecary Diaries & 7th Time Loop.
  7. She looks more red in the images. At least to me anyway. I guess we'll find out when we find out.
  8. Just happened upon this on Amazon.com. Do with it what you want. I might be good for donor parts, customization or just to fool around with. Reviews claim that the plastic is pretty thin and nowhere near as robust as the official products. Happy-Well Robotech Hyperspace Fortress 7 Skeleton Fighter Xbot VF1 Model Arcadia Handmade Skills Mix Hasegawa 0d (RED) Ships from Amazon Sold by 一本商行 $35.00 USD
  9. Now I seriously need to think about it. I passed on initial release. With my luck Amazon is going to try to ship it in a plain plastic bag.
  10. DewPoint

    Macross figures

    Well... at least the shipping is free. Amazon.com has been skimping out on packaging lately. I'd be worried. There's a lot of little bits that could break off during shipping. With the current exchange rate, you might possibly be better off buying it from Japan from a retailer that packs well.
  11. Well Hametsu no Oukoku looked promising at the beginning, but the story started to go downhill almost immediately. Episode 7 looked like it was going to turn things around. Episode 8 continued it's downhill slide with a bunch of failed humor. I really don't care about any of the characters. There really isn't much that is likeable. I probably should have dropped this show sooner.
  12. I avoid DHL for that very reason. It has happened to me all three times I use DHL to ship anything from Japan. I will use DHL if I have to, but I'll pick any other option 1st.
  13. Because it is. At least if you grew up Japanese or in Japan. For those who don't know; apparently different cultures split up colors and hues differently. There are some videos on YouTube about it if you are curious. It can get weird.
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