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  1. It's the latter, the Zentradi were designed to not know stuff like that and just use stuff made for them by the factory satellites. After the Protoculture were gone that stuff kept working making new stuff based on existing designs. Nothing changed or upgraded, just got replaced.
  2. From what I've heard from March on discord and Facebook he is planning the Delta section to come out soonish. He's been stalled by a lack of proper line art or something. Still eager to see that site of yours Seto, lol. I of all people can respect the job keeping one busy though.
  3. I wasn't aware 2 weeks of inactivity constituted a revival over just another post lol. Guess it's subjective.
  4. Honestly, watch it all. Good and bad. Most of what is either is subjective. Delta and 7 do have some objective flaws but both have things to like too. I will admit Delta was a big missed opportunity though. You gain little from avoiding things that don't actually hurt you though. It's not like the good parts of Macross are lesser after you see it lol. MII is worth it too. It's a different timeline but I finally just saw the whole thing myself and.. I dunno why I took so long, it's pretty good.
  5. If 06 is Bogue.. it could be part of a treaty arrangement and Windermere is providing fold quartz to Xaos... cause they did kinda lose a war... badly. Also Windermere doesn't have much other bargaining power with it's sorry economy.. might as well trade in Fold Quartz. Question is, is NUNG overseeing that or is Xaos skirting laws? .... Again....
  6. I feel ya on the supers in the show thus far, and the armored indeed. No bueno. I like how these are laid out more though, seems a bit more like the VF-25 Supers. I didn't notice the name placement until it was brought up recently but I admit I wouldn't have known that's what it says on the tail without being told first. So not just you lol.
  7. Frankly I like these colors more, and the new supers are much better.. I might actually get one now. (I have a 31F and 31A but no supers or armors).
  8. I like it.. is this Arad though? His colors are more muted.
  9. Considering this is intentional, no I'd say you aren't, lol.
  10. The helpful answer is, yes it's ok to not like something in the franchise even if a lot of others like it. In fact it's not considered that big a deal in Japan either. I don't understand your reason too even though I personally do like it. Though it isn't my favorite.
  11. Only Flashback 2012 is on there available in the west right now. You might be looking at a bootleg channel with the name "Macross" that's been circulating lately. It's all fansubs (and not always good ones even) on there. So not official.
  12. Duration? Like how long do they wear or display them? They wear what they need until they need to change I expect. If it's a virtual outfit as we know they do in concerts I expect.. they keep them active until they change it. I highly doubt there is a time limit.
  13. Seto beat me by a few seconds, lol. I was gonna say the same thing about how the lildrakens are mounted. It requires an extra piece if I recall.
  14. The wing tips always did fold as such for transformation but the mounting is different for sure. I like this better cause it looks more in like with the centroid than before and more stable like the VF-25 was.
  15. I doubt anyone was unclear but more importantly that news dropped a couple weeks back and was linked above a couple times. It's only known it's a short ahead of the Delta movie. I imagine like the shorts with Pixar movies.
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