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  1. I think she was 16 in the show, 18 in the movie.. same as Max.. not a clever fact but.. that's still the truth.
  2. I'd bet this is on point. Toei does the same with their Tokusatsu youtube channel, it's pumping out classic shows from across the genre, including lesser known Metal Heroes shows and the much more locally famous Kamen Rider franchise. No Super Sentai there though, likely cause Shout Factory seems to have a licensing deal now. Toei has also been hammering down on fansubbers lately too. Still it tells me that plus Seto's note on Gundam gives an idea of how Japanese media companies seem willing to use Youtube as a viable source of international release aside traditional international licenses. I for one am all for it, but I am a bit biased I suppose lol.
  3. Probably depends on when you are asking that. I don't know if we know who is head of the Spacy as of 2067 but it seems around 2059 Kim Kabirov had the title of Commander of the NUNS. As in one of the original Bridge Bunnies. Plus everything Seto said (kinda surprised he didn't mention Kim, though Commander of NUNS admittedly is a really vague title).
  4. That part isn't entirely inaccurate though to be perfectly honest.
  5. I dunno.. the preorder for Hayate's AX already passed so you might not need to worry about one of them at least lol.
  6. From what I recall cloning and some genetic engineering was used to beef up human population mostly for the emigration projects but after a bit (I think in the 2020s) genetic diseases started appearing as a result and by then they had enough numbers so they decided to put an end to the practice since they could continue the traditional way.
  7. Thanks for this, might be a bit pricier than some of the others will be on preorder day but skipping the madness and being up super early is worth it I think. Made my order.
  8. Actually maybe that's it... Maybe they cut the Siegfried's and gathered the fold quartz together to make a YF-29 and thus have to drop down to the 31AX model for standard use while they set up one super unit?
  9. Yeah but that was like the 2nd time Hayate had ever flown. That's a really low bar lol. I like Mirage a lot, but kinda because she's not the archetypical Jenius and would have to work harder for any skill, which so far she has proven she does not possess innately. There is a lot of potential character depth to explore there.... Not that Delta actually explores that much character depth in anyone. She might be the poster child for "the enemy of being good is being perfect." I.e. she tries too hard to live up to a legacy of amazing pilots that she can barely break even.
  10. It's common in sci-fi amusingly. TVTropes calls this the 'Neglectful Precursors' phenomena. They weren't necessarily bad people, but they had their own issues and when they ended up leaving this plane or died out they just left all their crap behind to be someone else's problem. The Protoculture aren't innocent but they are far from the worst. At least they had the forethought to put some warnings and traps in place for the worst things. They don't compare to the utter neglectful ineptitude of the Ancients from Stargate, who not only have the gall to leave Galaxy destroying devices lying around that are easy to operate and use.. they aren't even technically dead! They are 'Ascended' to energy being and fully aware of everything going on still. They just don't give a crap anymore cause they're jerks.
  11. It's the latter, the Zentradi were designed to not know stuff like that and just use stuff made for them by the factory satellites. After the Protoculture were gone that stuff kept working making new stuff based on existing designs. Nothing changed or upgraded, just got replaced.
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