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  1. So I happened to be looking into stuff related to the Jenius family anyway and this actually depends on the ending to the game Macross M3. Apparently there is a 'good' and 'bad' ending based on player choices. So assuming the good ending is one most would consider canonical (which of course means nothing because this is Macross), she mostly likely retired right after the game and just went on to live a normal life.
  2. Magic... Or whatever they are calling their made up particle physics in each show. I don't follow too many but I know some literally invented fake physics to excuse certain things.
  3. It's important to recognize what Seto means by amount of time engines can deliver maximum thrust though. In space they do not have to constantly run the engines, they only need bursts of thrusts to change their vectors or accelerate and decelerate, and not always at max power. So a VF-1 could operate longer in space if the pilot is careful. Of course in a battle that can be difficult sometimes. Recall in episode 6 of Macross Delta Hayate in a VF-31J with super parts actually did run out of fuel because he wasn't being efficient or paying attention, but others were still doing alright.
  4. Yeah after this conversation I remembered I used BiginJapan to get the Hayate supers and they had the ghost set for preorder (13k yen before shipping but I expected some upcharge) so I went ahead and used them again.
  5. Thanks @MKT and @PsYcHoDyNaMiX. I think I'd done this before cause I got the AX supers for Hayate but just totally blanked on how I went about it. I think I can figure it out now though.
  6. Well that answers the first part... Now I just gotta figure out where to order it. I couldn't find it on my phone following links from the Tamashii site. I'll try to look again on PC later.
  7. So I'm having some trouble understanding this cause I don't often buy the Tamashi exclusives that don't appear on the usual sites. If I want to get the super ghost set, and I missed the original order time in November, is this saying I can order it again in February or that I can order it now until February? And for either case where and how, cause I certainly can't find it on any of the associated sites referenced on the Tamashi page for the product (if it's not available for order yet that makes sense but I want to be sure).
  8. There's really nothing to worry about. They are a busy company. RightStuf has been putting out anime sets consistently since that announcement and Crunchyroll buying them. It's actually rather common for anime distributors to not be super transparent. There's really nothing to tell us except when the final release date is and that likely will be shortly before that date anyway. We know it's being worked on, the official sub of Macross 7 episode 1 has been played at conventions already. They are a busy company doing more than just Macross stuff, sometimes we just gotta trust things are moving.
  9. While it's technically a Frontier movie, FB7 is basically a Macross 7 clip show being watched (on the beauty of VHS) by the Frontier cast.
  10. I think the Sv-303 is probably not that powerful really. It's good some built in advantages. Being unmanned makes it able to do a lot of things manned systems can't even with the ISC (which it doesn't need, so energy savings) and it clearly has some type of fold wave system installed to interact that is being boosted by the Siren system. We don't know if it's the proper fold wave system the Durandal uses (which doesn't actually require a musical helper to resonate with super dimension space if I recall) or a budget version like Xaos uses (which does need extra help, hence Walkure in part) but the tech regardless improves capability. More importantly... They were fighting Xaos and Windermere who are... Kinda bad at this... We never saw Max having trouble with them cause he's like, ya know, good. Yeah he has a better VF but it's Max he could do this with less. I think the Sv-303 is one of the most advanced Ghost systems to date maybe, but not Uber powered VF-24 level stuff probably.
  11. Nah they're busy with lots of stuff. Macross isn't the only thing they are working on and they didn't promise it this year. I don't expect the sets before next summer at the earliest personally but I'll be glad if it is sooner. It's easy to think things should move faster but really they gave a lot of info up front. There's not much to keep us updated on except when they are releasing, and they probably haven't decided or done the work needed to confirm when the right release window is for them. Aside maybe Delta which had subs already they are doing a lot of work to bring these shows to the west. I think it's perfectly natural to take some time. There is some chance the Crunchyroll acquisition of RightStuf may have affected things too but I don't really think that's worth worrying about. I think it'll get here, just takes some time. We've waited this long already anyway lol.
  12. There isn't a given reason for the crash but orbital dynamics can give us a guess. We know the ship was damaged so likely it's sublight engines were dead already. It likely then defolded into an unstable orbit and gravity did the rest. I'd bet the crew was already dead and the ship has emergency folded right out from a battle with Zentradi.
  13. I talk to March on Discord a lot lately. He's in the Macross Fan Central discord which is an offshoot of the Facebook page but I never interacted on the Facebook page before joining that so that didn't seem to matter lol. I thought he was also in the discord for SDCon but that one isn't as active once the con passes and I don't see him there but I didn't look close.
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