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  1. I could take a photo of mine for you if it will help, but what they say seems accurate. I doubt it will have what you want.
  2. Well, I still like it. The issues are real and they are annoying and shouldn't be there at all. It still looks amazing though. I also have Mirage on order and hope it's better but even so, it'll look good. I display these most of the time, so while I will have to deal with some modification or frustration during reposing or transformation... it's not gonna bother me when they are on the shelf most of the year. This is my story of course, others have valid reasons why this is a bigger deal.
  3. Got mine in hand finally. And yeah, the arms are gapped bad out of box and the wings barely peg. Also so many sharp points.. one of the canards stabbed my hand, lol. Haven't transformed yet but soon. I'll play with it a bit in every sense of that, probably try to file the wing pegs a bit, see if I can get the arms more agreeable. Admittedly I was more interested in Battroid for this so these issues may not affect me too much. Ultimately, it'll go on stand and look pretty. It does look great though, issues aside. Yes my 31F and 31A are much better on construction. Yes Bandai should and have done better. Ultimately, I'll live. Hopefully Mirage AX is better, but likely same story.
  4. I did get vibes of this in Dynamite 7 though when he flies a VT-1C into space to go sing to whales and manages to fly perfectly fine by nudging the throttle and control yoke with an acoustic guitar. He definitely has some skill.
  5. Yeah honestly, As much as Bandai should do better and hopefully does in the future... all this I'm hearing... it's trivial to me. I know not everyone feels that way but I will transform once in a blue moon likely. Same for my 262.. it's a pain to work with yes but most of the time I just admire it where it is. I haven't got my AX yet but next week I will and see how it measures up.. but even if I have to put some work in, I'll learn to live eventually. But yeah they should do better.
  6. I kinda hope they have time to incorporate the fixes for Mirage if at all.
  7. Mine had too, I just emailed them again about it and they finally updated it and now it's moving. I think they just hadn't done anything yet... which is not great... but.. they at least respond to complaints in a timely manner I guess.
  8. It's actually normal in Japanese works to not recast characters who's VAs pass away. Don't think Kawamori is doing anything unique. Whether that is why certain characters mentioned in the spoiler are in the new movie at all is debatable in my mind though. I think they wanted them there regardless.
  9. As one of those who have met him, can confirm. He's just a really good translator and professional nerd like the best of us, lol. A weapon to surpass Metal Gear Variable Fighters!
  10. EDIT: Seto beat me by a hair again! lol.. I thought I was gonna win this time too, heh. In order: The answer is both, the canon is broad and Kawamori doesn't tend to worry about it. Big West does and in general the TV version of events is canon but a lot of the visuals and some events in DYRL (like the actual song DYRL) did happen. Often this is explained by DYRL being an in universe movie made c. 2030 and also that every entry in the franchise is more or less a dramatization of some unseen real history, thus explaining discrepancies. In DYRL the Supervision Army is replaced with the Meltrandi, aka female Zentradi. They are basically in a forever man vs woman war as that was easier to explain in a movie than an unseen 2nd power that is never seen in either version. The SDF-1 (or ASS-1 really) was a Meltrandi gunship in the movie. Maybe? He won over Milia at least. There is certainly a lot left to the viewer imagination there about how Max survived let alone became a giant that flew with them. The city was built before the transformation system was developed to fix the main gun power issue after the fold engine vanished, so it was later rebuilt to work with that. Other times it was more due to damage and attack and yeah realistically they likely wouldn't be able to fix it perfectly every time but it is a show I guess. Kakizaki and Roy's deaths were meant to be dramatic punches to the hearts of the viewers, and largely succeed in that. No one likes Kaifun.. his death wouldn't affect us the same way. Sure many may cheer but the show isn't about that. They want to use him for drama by making him a total ass people have to deal with. If you've seen Delta (and actually liked it, which congrats I suppose, heh), Frontier is the most similar... but way better. Frontier is also a bit more tonally similar to SDFM, which is why a lot of other people like it, lol. You wouldn't go wrong with that. Macross 7 has a lot of rich lore but it also has a lot of poor pacing, stock footage, the main character is really hard to like, and if you don't like the music as you imply... that's one of 7's biggest draws. It might be tough for you. I'd still recommend trying it one day, but as far as next go, I'd vote Frontier.
  11. Thanks for the info, that explains a lot. Just gotta continue to be patient I guess. I have to go through this with Mirage as well lol. Ah well, I don't need to be the first to get these figures really.
  12. My Luna Park order still seems to be through DHL as they told me a week ago when I asked but I haven't seen updates. Maybe they changed it and that's why the tracking is showing nothing new. That said I'm not particularly worried. Worst case is it arrives without me knowing exactly when.
  13. I kinda want that Ghost just to display on its own, I think it looks cool, but yeah popping two on the 31 seems too much and I've already said I don't like the armor pack on the 31 at all. It's like the wrong lesson was learned from the Armored 25, IMO anyway.
  14. I have but only because I asked them. They basically told me the holidays are delaying their processing to DHL and everything would be moving on January 4th, which is presumably when notices will nominally go out. DHL apparently is working and moving packages now (despite LP claiming both they and DHL are off for the holidays) but Luna Park clearly isn't as active now so it's safe to say you'll hear about movement in January.
  15. I dunno, even if that was just an excuse it was enough to know they were working on it for me and that it fit my personal time table so I'm not gonna fuss.
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