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  1. I agree that if the final song of Wings of Goodbye doesn't have proper audio it will severely hamper the effect it has. That said... While I don't have to stomach Fathom's reputation in other things, if they are the ones bringing Macross events to western term, then I will continue going to these releases because I'm doing this to support the product and tell Big West I'm paying attention. I want official blu-ray releases in the west among other things. I have seen these movies before and my copies, such as they are, are better in audio as I can control it. I will watch them again in the future and enjoy them. But last night and 2 weeks from now will not be a waste for me regardless.
  2. My experience was overall positive but I felt the audio was off too. It sounded alright and I could hear everything but it was kinda low... Which was ok except during the songs and concert scenes which really benefit from the volume being pumped up. So a lot of the music didn't have the normal punch. I spoke to a few friends in other areas that said it was the same for them.
  3. That actually is what I was thinking. We know for a fact the Protoculture were not exactly the most cohesive unit as far as a single civilization goes.. in fact all the problems in the galaxy are the direct result of them not being able to get along with each other. The Zentradi, the Fold Evils leading to the Protodeviln invasion, the setups to ensure later species didn't make their mistakes, attempts to psychically unify everyone into a hive mind to repair that discord.. it all tracks with them just not being one group of people but.. a bunch of people who just couldn't agree on basically anything.
  4. Well others can get A VF-24, but it will be a monkey model of the Earth version still. And no one is getting a 27 cause one it was made illegally, and two it's host fleet collapsed from corporate conspiracy and an aircraft carrier to the face.
  5. I as I was before and always am for event movies, have to drive 70 miles to see it but will gladly do that trip for something important to me such as this.
  6. I actually kinda want it in July cause I don't have a car that can travel to the theater I'd see it at until then lol. I can find a way probably.
  7. They say June but Fathom still has nothing. That is either a mistake or concerning.
  8. Yeah the arms and the wing tabs mainly. The arms required getting the bicep panel set just right and it can be annoying. The wings required actually filing the tabs down a bit to fit. On the whole not terrible, and they are fixable, but the issue is no customer should have to deal with it at all. I'm more relaxed than others on it but I get the issue.
  9. I'm not really the especially impatient honestly. I just want to keep LP accountable cause they didn't move on Hayate for me until I actually bugged them lol. That's why I think they need to be poked, cause they do have some issues as has been stated. If I wanted it sooner, I wouldn't have gone with them, I'd have braved the madness and likely done HLJ or something. I'm willing to wait a bit.
  10. I posted about it last page. I poked them last week (they tend to work faster when you bug them I find) and they said it should be shipping after Golden Week which should have just finished. We'll see if they hold to that. I certainly will keep on them.
  11. I poked Luna Park (it worked before lol) and they told me it would be shipping after Golden Week. Admittedly they didn't say when after, but it's something.
  12. Good write up there @no3Ljm. I think at this point I'm more interested in ordering US just to support having the option, I didn't get the 25, but I do want to get Max's 29. I can live with waiting a bit I think, and the upcharge is not nothing but I think I can eat it for the purpose of being able to get it Domestic.
  13. The wait is fine for me.. I can balance out purchases better lol. Also I still need a new shelf.
  14. I only have the YF-29B so I'm not collecting 29s for sure.. don't even have one with supers.. but also Max is my favorite. This is best of both worlds. I don't really want to play the PO madness game anymore but this one looks like it has domestic options anyway so I'm more than happy to see how that goes.
  15. That's not too bad, I can wait a few days after the 28th to see where Max shows.
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